Android 2.2 Froyo call log

Ex-wife calling you over and over again at midnight? Froyo can't really do anything about that, but it does keep repeat callers from taking up space in your call log. Android 2.2 introduces threaded calls -- if there's a repeat offender (controlling boyfriend, creditor, etc.), multiple calls are collapsed into a  single pane. Tap it, and the calls expand so you can see just when each one was placed. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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salilraje says:

Does Android Central or anyone have any word from Google as to when the FroYo will be released on nexus One to general users? All this teasing of new features is getting too frustrating :) The excitement of finding out new features will no longer be there :)

UncleMike says:

For those not wanting to wait, this feature is available in Dialer One, a free app in the Market.

Seems like Google copied this feature from WebOS 1.4

leonffs says:

iPhone has had this feature since release in 07.

eric.atx says:

My crapberry 8330m does this, although probably slightly different, also and it was released before the Pre was so they copied it from RIM. Who probably copied it from someone else and so on and so forth down the line. Sure some companies do it slightly different but the basic idea is hardly new. Good ideas get copied and altered. That is just the way innovation goes.

storm14k says:

I agree. Some things are just gonna be copied. It wouldn't have even been an issue (and really isn't for me) with the iPhone now copying Android features if it weren't for Apple and iPhone zealots bashing Android at all costs. Now it looks stupid that you have to add the features of the OS that you swore was so terrible.

I'm just happy to see the features roll in and make life easier. If that means grabbing some of the good things about other platforms and rolling them in so be it.

jfultz14976 says:

My first caller ID on my home phone did this 15 years ago. Nothing new, but still a nice feature.

JAStark87#AC says:

I'm just glad its getting added. I hated have the g/f cover a good chunk of the call log. Love the g/f but hated having to scroll down to find someone else I called or have to search for a # instead of it being just a flick away

Oobu says:

The threaded call feature in Froyo doesn't show up in my Motorola Droid X. (I'm running Android version 2.2; the system version is Version 2.3.15MB810.Verizon.en.US). Is there something you have to do to activate the threaded call feature?

skim210 says:

Same concern as Oobu above regarding no threaded call feature for my Droid X after update to Android 2.2. Are the droid x owners being skimped out, or is there something we're not doing to activate it?

heguje says:

same problem as above, no threaded call feature for Droid X. Can some one help?

J T M says:

May as well add my two cents in here, and say i don't have this feature on my DX either.