Android 2.2. Froyo screen brightness widget

The power widget you see here isn't really new in Android 2.2, but it's been tweaked for Froyo. The screen brightness selector now includes an auto brightness setting (using the ambient light sensor) in addition to the three static settings (low, medium and high). It's a nice little addition for those of us who prefer to let the phone determine the screen brightness.

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Froyo Feature: Screen brightness widget


Thats BULL , I most certainly do have the auto brightness feature on my incredible , when I tap that widget it gives me 3 setting , 1st is lowest setting , second is auto ( minus the A you see above ) 3rd is manual or wherever you want to set it to , this is yet another copy of HTC Sense blended into Android 2.2

You may have the feature, but you are utterly wrong about it being a feature unique to sense.

The Acer Liquid has had this on stock 1.6 donut for 6 months. I was surprised when i discovered the N1 didn't have it. Nice to see it's there now.

I find Auto on the N1 bounces bright and dark constantly. Even when no motion and no light changes. Drives me nuts, so I just use the widget to set it myself.

i keep seeing these new Froyo features and I feel like my Incredible already has everything that is being mentioned....

Like what? Portable hotspot? USB Tethering? JIT Compiler? Updated Market? Apps2SD? Exchange Support? Pinch-to-Peek? Bluetooth Voice Dialing? Flash Support? Increased Browser Speed? Auto-Brightness option added to power bar? Full Screen rotation? 802.11n support? Chrome-to-Phone? Multiple Security Lock Choices? Among others...and its all NATIVE?

I think not.

Ok, can we get this widget on our Incredibles? I know I have a one from the Motorola Droid on mine... Can we pull that widget from 2.2 and put the apk up somewhere for DI (and other) owners? If all that's added is auto-brightness, it doesn't seem like there's anything really new that 2.1 doesn't support...


Y'know...if you install the Spare Parts app, it'll let you set brightness mode to auto, which I've got on my Droid, and it's great. I'll turn on the screen and the brightness will ratchet up or down as needed--it does a great job whether I'm in the dark or out in bright light.

Nice to know that they've finally made this hidden feature readily available in FroYo, but you can get at it now if'n you want.

You can already get at this incredibly easy... just go to settings, sounds & display, screen brightness, and there is a big check-box right there that enables auto brightness...

I would like this widget, however, because I like to use the "low" setting 90%% of the time (when indoors), then auto when I'm outside. Currently, I'm using 2.1 power bar to switch from "low" to "medium" when I go outside, and vice-versa when I'm back inside.

However, it'd be very nice to be able to go from "low" when indoors to "auto" when outdoors.

Spare Parts has some nice stuff in it... but the auto brightness mode is already easily accessible (at least, on my 2.1 HTC Incredible) right from the settings... is your Droid different?

D'oh! Right you are, there it is. I use the power widget, and used to use it to manually adjust brightness...then installed Spare Parts and saw the auto setting there, and turned it on.

Since I don't seem to have any need to manually adjust brightness, I reckon this isn't one of the items I'm dying to get in 2.2. Being able to put apps on the SD card instead of main memory and the JIT compiler, those are the ones I'm drooling over!

So say froyo comes out for EVO(high probability). Would I have access to this menu if I use sense? Or would I have to turn sense off?

As an add to this, don't know if anyone noticed on their moto droids but when it's docked and switches to dock mode, if you long press the screen brightness icon it blacks out the screen and the clock turns into green lettering. Nice added "night mode".