Android 2.2 Froyo home screen

This one's certainly the most obvious visual change in Android 2.2, but it shouldn't go without mention. Froyo has added icons for the phone dialer and browser on either side of the launcher icon, clearing up (for me, anyway) a couple of icon spaces on my main home screen. It actually brings a bit of functionality already found in third-party launchers such as ADW and Launcher Pro (and they offer more customization than the stock launcher), but it's nice to see a refresh for those who prefer the stock route.


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Froyo Feature: Home screen tweaks


Froyo sounds nice, I wonder if they will actually ever put it on Droid, words and features are nice, actions are nicer. :)

Motorola already announced the Moto Droid would get it, "in the near future."

We all know how this goes, but at least they are supposedly working on it. Yay!

No big deal so far ? Nothing earth shattering with Froyo at all ? Is this what everyone waited for ?

The launcher visual tweaks are just one aspect of Froyo. Have you completely missed all the reports of the tremendous performance increase in Froyo?

I wouldn't call it earth shattering, but the JIT compiler will dramatically improve performance (2x-5x) of apps, and I for one, am a fan of my apps running at a minimum of twice as fast as before.

The WiFi hotspot is only an improvement for those of you who haven't rooted your device- this is old news for those that have rooted. To have it as a stock option is a very good move by Android.

Moving apps to the SD card- eh, I'm a little mixed about that. It will slow down applications, most likely, even with the JIT it should still lag while loading the application into memory. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. Hopefully I'm wrong about this one.

Even if it does slow down loading apps from the SDcard a tad, simply reserving more ram for frequently used high-volume apps in main memory and putting the less used apps on the SDcard would be of value.

You can buy pretty fast microSD cards these days.

"and I for one, am a fan of my apps running at a minimum of twice as fast as before"
most apps will not run twice as fast as before, you will see the 2x-5x speed improvement in cpu bound code, meaning that the benchmarks like linpack will see tremendous improvements, normal applications will see only a small increase in speed.

The apps2SD also brings somethings else: the beginning of better apps. Now that developers know people won't hesitate to buy a 20MB or higher game (because of limited memory), they will probably start making more and better games.

So I think Apps2SD is pretty important.

Bigger isn't better when it comes to software. The last thing Android needs is bloatware.

Games could always manage to get their data stored on the MicroSD card when needed, as could navigation apps which carry on-board maps.

When you move from one home screen to the other, there's a very subtle bounce animation as the screen comes to a stop.

I'm noticing this in 2.2, maybe it existed in 2.1 also? :-P

wow i downloaded the ADW launcher and weather widget-free form the market on my ERIS and looks very nice and stable. i tried to upload the screenshots but couldn't. if anyone knows how to please let me know. now i can have landscape home screen too. looks exactly like 2.2 however i have 2.1 and the phone is not rooted.