Not everything in Android 2.2 is hardcore behind-the-scenes stuff.  Some of it is a bit fluffy.  Butt-kicking-cool useless fluff though, so it's all good.  Mix up one part fluff and one part function and you have the new 3D gallery and camera apps.  Like so much other stuff in Froyo, some of the changes seem very useful, while others completely random.  Hit the jump to get the run down, some handy pictures, and a video of something fun called pinch peek.

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The camera app

Phil does a great job showing us the camera in his walkthrough of Froyo, but there's no way he could have possibly shown us everything. [Ed. note: Not even close. :) - Phil]  Luckily we have you guys to help us track down some of the new features.  Our friend Chris writes in with a coupla goodies we didn't catch the first time around.

360-degree rotation

froyo camera app

You can now freely rotate the phone while using the camera, and the icons themselves even rotate.  This should make for much easier one handed photos.  The rotation is really responsive, and what just might be the coolest touch -- the thumbnail in the corner of the last pic you've taken rotates too.  Fluff!  Hot, amazing fluff!

Exposure settings

camera exposure android 2.2

This is a very cool and makes using the camera in manual mode much easier.  As you can see above, all it takes to set the exposure in Froyo is a tap of the thumb.  No more digging in menus, using three hands, and swearing under your breath to switch the camera's exposure.  Exposure data is also exported with the rest of the EXIF data, so image correction software that uses the EXIF information should work mucho better.

There are a few more changes that can't be caught from a screen capture:

  • 13 zoom levels instead of the mere five in Android 2.1
  • Double tapping the view finder zooms the whole way in, a repeat brings it back out
  • Video mode now uses the LED flash
  • Two new video modes -- "mms" takes 30 seconds of low quality footage, and "HQ YouTube" takes a nice HQ video 10 minutes in length
  • Clicking the last picture thumbnail takes you to the 3D gallery

Speaking of the 3D gallery

Two biggies here.  The first is the new sharing menu.  Select a picture that you've taken with the camera and hit the share menu.

android 2.2 image sharing menu

Really nice way to share your photos, with bluetooth sharing at your fingertips as well as a cool new feature --  opening the pic with Google Goggles.  Photo bookmarks anyone?

Next is the ultimate in eye candy.  Pinch peek.  Pinch peek is kind of hard to explain, so I'm not going to attempt it.  Instead I dug the grease out from under my nails and fired up the video camera.

Hot hot hot.  We love this, simply because it's so smooth.  Probably not something you'll use every day, but you could.  It runs great with zero stuttering or lag, and is a great way to showcase improvements made in the 3D effects in the gallery.

Anything we missed?  Each time we use it Froyo shows us a new surprise.  Holler out if you see something I skipped over.


Reader comments

Froyo Feature: 3D gallery and camera changes in Android 2.2


FYI - Google Goggles is available on my sharing menu in Gallery3d on rooted 2.1 Sprint HTC Hero. Seems bluetooth is as well...haven't tried either, but they are options none the less.

Not sure what's new other then it being available? Did I miss something?

Pinch peek is a nice feature btw.

Its not 360 degrees rotation. Technically 90 degrees are missing from the rotation. You cant switch the view to upside down so that's 90 degrees out of those 360!

The share feature is not new. Ive been using that since day 1 (on 2.1) to post pictures up on facebook or other sites...

My Htc Hero didn't come with 3DGallery, but I pushed the apk onto my rooted 2.1 and I have that menu as well. And I just tested the Google Goggles on a picture of Adriana Lima I had and it's functioning.

So speaking of the camera, how quick does it take a picture once you press the shutter button? The Hero sucks and the Pre has been the best so far.

If Verizon's past upgrades are any indication, the Droid Incredible will be getting Froyo (2.2) sometime around Christmas. By that time, the Nexus One will already be running Gingerbread (2.3).

I don't like the 3d gallery, its really slow. I wish Froyo kept the picture viewer that was built into the camera application.

Good write up, but some of the 'new' features you mention are already in 2.1

In 2.1, Google Goggles is already available in the Share menu in the Gallery. And double-tapping already the view-finder already zooms the image in all the way, and vice-versa.

I have a couple of questions:

1. With the "auto-rotate" feature, can it be disabled? I am only wondering because most times that I shoot a photo in portrait mode is because I need more "north-south" coverage, rather than the better "east-west" coverage that the landscape mode provides. For example, taking a head-to-toe shot of a taller person is tough in Landscape mode. It would seem to me that auto-rotate would make this a problem. Or does only the on-screen interface (i.e. buttons, thumbnail) rotate?

2. In 2.1. there is a big problem where recent pictures do not display in the Gallery immediately, sometimes requiring a reboot to display there. Now you say that clicking the thumbnail brings you directly to the Gallery now in 2.2. So does this mean that pictures that you took were now immediately visible in the Gallery?

3. Another issues was when pulling the side-shade on the left for the Settings. Once you selected a setting, like "White Balance" for example, there was no way to return to the previous list of different main settings without closing the shade and re-opening it. Has this been addressed?

for the third issue, in order to go back to the settings menu without closing out the entire thing. all you have to do is click your new selection again, and it will back out. so if you choose "White Balance" and switched it too "cloudy", all you would have to do is click on "cloudy" one more time and it will go back to the menu.

1. Only the buttons rotate. 2. Haven't seen the issue yet in 2.2. 3. It's not an issue, because the shade is gone. The settings buttons are all there on the screen, all the time.

Bluetooth and goggles sharing are available options on my incredible in both the HTC photos app and the gallery.

The gallery is still stuck on 16bit color though. Google/Cooliris said they would fix this in 2.2. Check out the infamous "sunset on Mars" NASA photo; it looks great on the browser, but there is clear color banding in the gallery view.

What happens to the resolution when you zoom in on a photo in 2.2? Previously, in the old 2.0 Gallery, when you zoomed in the photo would be re-drawn at full rez; so it would remain sharp and you could see fine details. In 2.1, the photo is not re-drawn at full rez in the 3D Gallery - so when you zoom in the photo looks blurry. Did they fix this in the 2.2 Gallery? I'm guessing not?


As far as I can tell you are correct. The gallery zoom is more like a "digital zoom" on a cheap camera.

I wonder if the gallery will be updated in a minor release (2.2.1?)like pinch-to-zoom was, or if we will have to wait for Gingerbread in Q4.

bummer, still no panorama mode. That was one feature I was really hoping to see coming over from BB.

I have two very minor gripes. First one is legit, second one is petty but I'll share anyway :p

1st issue is after you take a picture, to preview, it shows you in Gallery now (which is totally cool) but there's like a 3-4 second lag before your picture is rendered in full quality. I wouldn't mind this so much if the non-rendered image was at least decent. I also wouldn't bitch about this if we were never given an instant preview (2.1)

Second, the camera app is improved, love the features but the interface is still ugly. Whatever that texture is behind the icons, and that strip to the left of the screen just needs to go XD

How's the new Gallery's color?
Still 16-bit? Or upgraded to 24-bit?

Since it's N1 and AMOLED screen, I think it would stay at 16-bit, but I really want it to be 24-bit...

In 16-bit color, pictures of my brother's baby look bit strange.

I just upgraded my Incredible to 2.2 why don't I have the 3D gallery or the upgraded camera features? I see the 720d for video and my icons rotate for the camera but that's it. Would love the 3D gallery on my phone.

none of the above on DROID X??
-No new camera interface (ie menu options on right side of screen)
-Camera does not rotate with phone
-No 3D gallery and no pinch peek??

Are we being hated on?