Froyo running on Droid X

Last we heard about the Motorola Droid X getting some Froyo, the date of "early summer" and "by early September" were being thrown around. That might be about to change, as a forum poster on My Droid World seems to have gotten his hands on the DX's Froyo release. In addition to posting some pictures, he goes on to promise that the update is "less than 24hrs away." Now, this is completely unconfirmed by anyone, and we have seen many-a rumored Froyo release date on Verizon come and pass sans update, so take this with a healthy dose of skepticism.

That said, we won't blame any of you Droid X users if you mash on the "System Updates" button (Menu > Settings > About Phone FYI) throughout the day. Just try not do get your hopes up too much, ok? As a DInc owner, I know the feeling far too well. Check out another picture past the link. [My Droid World] Thanks, Josh!


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Froyo for Droid X leaked; can't be too long now


I thought he meant he would release the Froyo build he has in less than 24 hours not that VZW would be.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what's going on. He has a leaked version that he's giving out to the masses within 24hrs. Nothing to do with VZW's official 2.2.

what about froyo on my Droid. supposed to get it a long time ago. beginning to think it was just another rumor

don't believe it. none of my friends got it. I went to Verizon store and looked at demos. they didn't have it. I think people lie and spread bullshit. but whatever

Relax, it really is rolling out. My dad got his update this morning, my brother got his on Monday. Verizon is rolling it out slowwwly.

LOL sorry. just seems like everytime I hear of people getting it its always "I got it this morning" or " I got it the other day" the roll out was supposed to happen starting August 3rd till the 18th with a week break. its now Almost the 20th.

In store display phones rarely get updates. In fact most are blocked from getting up dates. They come with what they come with and stay that way.

lol yea this has nothing to do with official verizon froyo for droid x the is from p3droid he is releasing a version of froyo

Well I am just stoked about the possibility that Froyo is coming to my X. Had to tell Phil as soon as I saw it. :)

So is this dependent on a cracked bootloader? Or can i just install this like a normal update? Also is it going to prevent me from installing the official 2.2 when it drops?

No it will not stop you from getting the official ota when it drops. As long as the ota is not the the same rev number. Since we dont know what the final rev of the ota will be this could end up being the same as the ota.

From what I was reading it will be the unofficial/official release of froyo. It will update just like the 2.0 to the 2.1 did on the original droid.(if you were to much in a hurry and downloaded it instead of waiting for the ota) Download the files put it in the root of your sd-card and install. You will not be able to be rooted and do this update.

Can't wait. I think if others are" testing" froyo on any device that it would be nice to offer it to whoever wants it. There are lots of users or advanced users who r willing to help and submit bug reports just so they can have the latest and greatest to use. It not like the phone is being rooted.

In store phones, demos, do receive updates and get the same update as your phone would. Verizon makes sure all their demo devices for customers to play with are current.

What store were you in that had 2.2 on their X's?

My hubby's Droid, my former phone, just got the the 2.2 update. I hope this really is a DX update so I don't have to regret giving him the Droid.

I have the DI also, and I want Froyo as much as anyone here. But if the X gets it first, I say its a good thing. I feel your pain, but no one should have to wait any longer to get theirs if another phones testing process is going slower.

As a former Eris owner which also had a locked bootloader for the longest I would suggest holding off on any leaked software till they crack the bootloader. Otherwise you might get stuck on a leak version just to have them crack the bootloader a few days later leaving you stuck.

amazing how apple can update phones in 2 days but it takes a month to update just the Droid 1. honestly how many people have this one android phone? not 4 million i'm sure. super ridiculous when you think about it. funny how they will put out a faulty phone on time, but an update? yeah they need to test it for 8 months to make sure it's right. i guess if it doesn't make dollars it doesn't make sense to put it out.

I hope it is released soon. I don't have a DX myself, but the more phones we have with Froyo, the faster we'll get widespread A2SD support.

for those of you who say they got froyo on ur Droid 1. what state /region are you in. I still haven't got mine.

To the individual mentiong iphone its a totally different ball game guy. Apple has to release updates for one type of phone not a butt load like android. Plus they only have to go through one carrier not ALL of them. Think about your comments before you whine and complain.

thanks bud but like i said there is a lot more iphones out there than D1's hopefully you pay attention this time. if apple can update how ever many million iphones without a hitch why is big red having trouble with just the D1. they squirt this stuff out slowly to protect their system. i didn't get the opportunity to pay for my phone over a months time to protect my wallet. making us wait for an update so you can say this new phone is the first to launch with something is not good. updating phones is not a different ballgame we just have a worse team.

To the person resposible for not getting the update on time:
You don't need to come and confess, we gon find you, we gon find you
So you can run and tell that, run and tell that, run and tell that
Home boy Home Boy Home Home Home Boy! - Antoine Dodson

I ordered mine a week and a half ago still no shipment info and said it won't ship till around the 30th. I'm hoping they are waiting that long because that will be after the 2.2 release and it will come installed on mine.

I just ordered mine last night and they sent me a tracking # that says it's in transit already. I'll believe it when I see it though.

anyone know how if the official update 2.2 comes out, will we still get an update? hit me up