Milestone leaked froyo -- about Milestone Froyo leak, quadrant

As proof that you can't keep a hacker from besting anything you design, the G.O.T. team wrangled themselves a leak of the upcoming Android 2.2.1 update for the Motorola Milestone, made it better, stronger, and faster, and then released it for the community long before Motorola and the carriers ever will.  And as you can see from the benchmark above, they did an amazing job on the year-old hardware.  In the words of someone who's been running it for a bit "I've been running it for 6 hrs now with no problem. And it's really fast!!"

A few things do need saying here -- there doesn't appear to be a version available for the Cellular South Milestone, and the installation instructions aren't for the timid -- thank the locked-down bootloader for that one fellas.  Have a look at the source link and digest the instructions and decide for yourself if its something you can work out.  There's video (in Korean) of it in action after the break.  [G.O.T.] Thanks for the tip, Sean!


YouTube link for mobile viewing

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umbrella man says:

omg!!!!!!! i hope its possible on the droid

jxcgunrunna says:

We have had 2.2 on the droid for a while now. And it benchmarks just as well. Do you mean 2.2.1? I have not heard that there is really a difference between that and 2.2

JeffDenver says:

This looks fishy. Even with 2.2 a Droid or Milestone should not be benchmarking as fast as a 2,2 Nexus One. Unless maybe the Milestone is overclocked?

jbulluck says:

Is this possible for the Droid also??? Please advise!

DubA says:

Looks like Jerry is stuck with the weekend shift again.

intheb0x says:

motorola SUCKS,

why would u guys even support or buy from a company that locks down its bootloader but then runs and advertises devices that run on a "open" OS...

come on guys.

ai4281 says:

While I agree that locking the bootloader is not right, it's almost a non-issue now. You can still flash ROMs with a device that has a locked bootloader. As a Milestone user, I'm perfectly happy with my device, and I'd probably buy another Motorola phone given it has stock Android OS on it.

What other choices do we have, really. HTC, with it's Sense UI and shoddy hardware? Or Samsung with its craptastic Touchwiz Skin? Sony Ericsson with its last year Android version?

jerbear says:

I tend to stick wit HTC. My Evo is my 4th phone made by HTC over the years and I wouldn't describe it as "shoddy" by any means. Probably the most solid phone I've ever owned. Also, Sense UI is fine if you like it and you can easily take it off if you don't. I've run both "vanilla" ROMs on it and ones with Sense built in. Right now I'm using a Sense ROM but I use Launcher Pro as my launcher since I like it better than vanilla or Sense. Nice thing about Android is that you can usually find a ROM that is set up the way you like.

Smokexz says:

This will most likely mean Droid users don't have to update, for this seems to bring everything you could want out of Froyo and then some...

dwt10 says:

lol this website copied this article EXACTLY! Its kinda funny its a link i got from the GOT website:
Edit: Lol the only source listed is this article.

Grrrrr. Scrapers.

level32 says:

Woot! Thanks for letting us know.

Works perfectly on Telus Milestone!

sambine says:

was it hard to get it done? I've got the telus milestone too and I'm pretty new to rooting and all. How difficult it is, it is risky for me to do it?

AWESOME! Enjoy your "new" phone ;)

Whoa. Those results are better than the ones on my HTC Incredible! Good job!

jelly roll says: