Fring updated

Fring received a minor update today, which should address many user reported issues, but it appears the feud with Skype is still going strong.  Some of the updates include:

  • "Significant" audio improvements
  • The echoing is fixed (fixed, fixed)
  • Supports new Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S using the front camera
  • Many more bugs fixes

Seeing support for new devices is great, and we always love to see bug fixes and better quality, but please Fring and Skype, bury the hatchet and work together, video calling is so much more viable when it can be used with a cross-platform desktop program.


Reader comments

Fring receives a minor update -- but Skype remains missing


I'm happy to see that the echo is fixed, video chat between my Evo and my friends Evo was unusable because of the echo.

Ok so I'm not a techie newb but for some reason I can't seem to figure out, other than another EVO (or other phone with front loading camera) what other platforms or devices can I call using either Fring or Qik in order to do Video Chatting?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Fring can call any android or iPhone(that has fring installed), but if it does not have a front facing camera, they will have to use the back facing camera.

Really? Any other Android or iPhone? Interesting I'll have to try that. I have friends with other Android phones or iPhones but none but myself has the EVO (yet!) haha.

Thanks for the heads up.

Really Fring and Skype needs to get along somehow, I had to delete my fring after Skype was disconnected. I'm on the Evo, and I really don't have a stable Skype client.

I wish I had an answer for you. But the Reason I am responding is the fact that I to, also want to know if EVO to Laptop video chat is possible. I have spent hours starting new accounts on other providers trying to get it to work. No Luck so far...

I want to know if with this app i can video chat with my friend like from my evo to his laptop or pc is that possible oh and oh yahoo messenger

Very unfortunate that Skype capabilities were removed from Fring.

That was really the only reason I had downloaded this app to begin with. Come on people! Work things out!

Forget the video calling frou frou for just a moment. The Fring/Skype spat has eliminated the ability for an Android user not on Verizon to make Skype voice calls via the data network. Why does this matter? Well in my case, I travel out of the country frequently and use a GSM phone. After landing in another country, I could use the Fring/Skype combo to make calls over wifi prior to locating a local SIM card. This was a lifesaver for contacting hotels, making transportation arrangements and letting clients or friends know I had arrived. As far as I know, I can't do this anymore. Does anyone have a suggestion on what to use as a replacement in these circumstances (and, no Nimbuzz also does not work with Skype anymore, at least not for me).