Moto G Grip Shell

I've got four Grip Shells here for the Moto G — check out our hands-on with them here — but not for long. It's time to find them a good home. 

If you want to win one, just leave a comment here, in this post. We'll take care of the rest. 

Good luck, and we'll shut this down at 5 p.m. EDT this afternoon.


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Friday freebies: Win 1 of 4 Moto G Grip Shells!



If I win it isn't for me, I have a friend who got a Moto G recently still in stock colour

Posted via Android Central App on Paranoid Android 4.4 Beta 5

Bought a Moto G for my niece for her birthday, does everything she needs it to do and she is very happy with it.

Yes please I love my Moto g :)

Posted via Android Central App from my Motorola Moto G

The red one would be a perfect gift this Valentine's Day for my wife's new Moto G.

I need to give something to my nephew, who turns 18 in no time. He has a Moto G, so this would be ideal. It's hard to find accessories for non-iPhone non-Samsung phones here in Spain

These look awesome, please please please pick me to receive one. I love my moto G but cannot for the love of goodness find anywhere here in the UK that is selling them and I'm dying to have one. Pretty please ☺

Posted From My Awesome Moto G

Hopefully one of those will help me stop dropping my phone.

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Hey Phil, would love to snag one of those for my wife's G! After all, I didn't get her anything for Valentine's Day!!!

Needing one like hell, these dont come to argentina (at least not yet..)

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I`ve just ordered a Moto G that will get here tomorrow, one of these... especially the white one would be great!

Good luck everyone. Moto G is a great phone. I bought one for my friend a couple weeks ago, and he's loving it.

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Would love to get the white one - the grip-shells are still not available in Germany :(

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I purchased the Moto G for my wife for Valentines day as her first smartphone. I have yet to get her any protection for it. This would make her day complete!

Got to get them all!

Posted via VZW Moto X on the Android Central App

I want the Moto G grip shell please :) I drop mine a lot and don't want it to break. Also I'm getting tired of my old shell :)

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Been reading everything you guys review about this phone and accessories. Truly is the best budget phone! Just read some reviews about the grip shell. You guys keep the great reviews coming! "Chalk" it up as a great job Motorola! :D

I surprised my wife with a Moto G for Christmas. It is her first smart phone and it is now her"precious"; in other words she loves it! This would be the cherry on the top (Red one please) if I could win one for her. Keep up the great work!

My wife would love one of these for her Moto G. Android Central could save my life this Valentine's day. ;)

ill take one, love my moto g battery last twice that of other phones i have had

Those are nice and would look very nice on my moto g...yes they would

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I bought two for my younger sibs this past Christmas. they love em and i love that even combined it didn't cost as much as even my already cheap N5! If i win id have a hard time giving only one of them a bumper. maybe ill buy a second if i win haha

Oh my moto g is supposed to be delivered today! A new shell for it would be pretty groovy.

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Blue and Green would be slick please;)
They're not available in the UK? Seems like crap marketing to me...

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I would love one of Moto G is my go to "yard work" media needs some extra protection.

I need one :) Moto G doesn't have many accessories in Guatemala

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JUst ordered my first pay as you go VZW phone. I didn't even know the backs were easy to smear and finger print until a different article here. Nor did I know about these backs. Count me "thrown in the hat". BTW, phones stuck in Charlotte right now and I am stuck at home. #snowMegeddon

My daughter LOVES her Moto G! And she'd love to have one of these shells. Thanks for the great contests!

i live in Canada and for some odd reason i cannot find them anywhere to buy online or in store. I bought the moto g for my girlfriend and it would be nice if i can get one of those protector shells, as she has already dropped it once

Am saddened that Google have sold Motorola but at least this case will brighten things up!

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Sweet!!! I wanted to get one of these at launch, but they weren't available, and your review reminded me about them.

Me please. Perfect for my wife who smashed her HTC One and has a Moto G now...

Oh man i DO want One -
If You give me the RED one I will have to give my phone to my wife...
If You give me the BLUE one I will have the best looking phone around...
If You give me the YELLOW one I will have a great summer...
If you give me the WHITE one I will try to keep it clean...

please send one here to India please please please! i really love the grip shell but sadly it was not released in india. only the flip and back cover are available. pls send one here. we are a great fan of android central :D. preferably the royal blue & green variant :)

I would love one for my fiance's phone. She isn't really happy with the one she has.

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Just got my moto its great sure would like a blue back cover so pick me
coming from the home of rock n roll cleveland ohio

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If I win im not even going to keep it im going to give it to one of my coworkers, its the nicest phone he has might as well protect it.

This is great! Especially since the grip shells are not yet available in India! I'd like the red one!

Just ordered my Moto G, perfect time to enter into a contest like this :D

Just bought 2 family members a Moto G, I know they would love a new grip shell to go with it :)

I'm desperately waiting for my Moto g, will double my happiness if I will get the grip shell just before that!!

My wife just got hers and she loves it! She just needs some accessories for it... Like a case....that is free....

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Can't buy them anywhere yet cause Motorola keeps declining my order

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Android Central, I love thee,
For giving away goodies for free.
It would make my Valentine's day bliss,
If you would kindly treat me with this.

I love High-end android phones, and I love the Moto G. I would love to get a nice personalized case for my Moto G!

Please may I have one I love my Moto G and coming from apple I'm enjoying the fanatical Google side of things a whole lot more!

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They are currently Not Sold in Germany and I want to protect my beloved G with something better that just such a cheap shell for five bucks from Amazon. Its rediciolous to leave such a great Phone in such a Shawn case. So Please give me a better one ;-)

i want one ,as I check online every day (in the uk )and can't get one for love or money ,so pretty pretty PLEASE ,i begging you ,its all my motto g is missing !!

Back in december, I had to buy a Moto G 16GB from UK to give as Christmas present to my wife because they were only selling the 8GB version in the Netherlands.
Unfortunately the Netherlands is always at the end of the queue when it comes to Google or Motorola devices.
I was hoping to gift my wife on Valentine's Day a Cherry Grip Shell to protect her phone but they're not even available in Europe even. And only Motorola US sells them where you require a US credit card and shipping adress. You would be doing me a big favor if you share one of these. It took me 4 years to convert my wife to use a smartphone, I wouldn't want her to be disappointed if it's damaged.
These shells are probably one of the smartest american made cases out there. Unfortunately we are unable to appreciate them because we can't even buy them!

i really want one. I got my moto g about a month ago. i used this site and eric schmidt has guides from switching from iOS. now the only thing i'm missing is a case.

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