Android Central T-Shirts

It's Friday, and we're feeling generous. So let's give away a few T-shirts, shall we? That's right, T-Shirts. Android Central T-Shirts. With Lloyd on them. For wearing, and such.

Couple things to note:

  1. The shirts run a little small, so consider going up a size.
  2. Let's open this up to everyone. Outside the U.S.? Shouldn't be a problem.
  3. How to win: Just leave a comment in this post. We'll pick five winners at random 5 p.m. EST today and e-mail 'em for more info.

Good luck!

There are 861 comments

Pengtoss says:

I would like a Medium-sized shirt, if I do win.

Thanks! Love Android Central! :)

ixtreme says:

Need some ac swag! Medium pls

pepe86 says:

Sign me up

raven8405 says:

I hope i win one XXL :)

SpookDroid says:

Any of those T-Shirts would make all my coworkers go Lloyd-green with envy :) Please pick me!

Blauman says:

Put me down for a Large PLEASE!!

Humantelope says:

ooo swag! lol, not as good as a phone, but an xtra large shirt always is handy to have around ;)

jeide68 says:

Sure, I have in the neighborhood of 100 T shirts, but one more couldn't possibly hurt.

mkleiman says:

Being the Hulk, I find myself often in need of new t-shirts. Thank you.

- Bruce

cerob says:

That shirt would make an awesome addition to my wardrobe. :P

MitchRapp says:

got them in size "AWESOME" ? :p

ChaosShadow says:

I'd love one! 3XL for me please! :-)

41Fireman says:

I want one!

jdhardy says:


Large please.

Lucky A says:

Nice shirts! Medium size, please!

raven8405 says:

I hope i win one XXL :)

3.juan4 says:

I am poor! XL please.

psipher says:


Tuffgong4 says:

Please take a big fat Large Shirt right on my chest!

Does creativity count?

rockigirl says:

I would so love a large t-shirt. Thanks!

I would love a medium!

johnnyr333 says:

XL for the fat kid B-)

markntravis says:

I wear nothing but T shirts.
My phone is Android.

X-Large please.

Nicketmaster says:

My body would like to have one of those on it.

dougswass says:

I'm gonna need a double wide (2XL)

lilhill says:

On the off chance that I'm not chosen as one of the five... I'll probably just buy a shirt!

theMehi says:

TGIF! Can't wait to rock one of those tees :) MEDIUM pls

zomac says:

I'll wear it with pride. XXL

Dame95 says:

I would love me some of that sweet Android lovin. I would definitely rock that on "Casual Fridays" here at work (and probably get dirty looks from all the iTurd fanboys).

osc707 says:

I'd love me a cool Lloyd shirt! XL please

edd247 says:

I would love one. Thanks!

icemanhcj says:

Funny how nice everyone can be when a feeble is involved. Any other time most are chewing your butt.

VyprNoch says:

Cool that you have opened it for people outside US. I am one of them going through every contest rules to see if anyone outside US could participate. Thanks for opportunity.
I know being nice only woudn't help win the contest but that's just what I feel.
I would love one.

sinkinglow says:

Sweet... Are they under the GPL V2 :)

dprice95 says:

Naked here! How about an XL?

late_boy says:

God Bless Me ~❤

Wicket says:

Cool! You guys are the best! XXL

I'm four of five...

dannyreese says:

The black one would be awesome!!!!! I hope I win!!! ;-)

Jayblodg says:

Awesome! I would love to wear Lloyd out and about!

Jish92 says:

That would be so epic! Medium

I would love to get one!

Want. Large, please.

Love to have one!!!! XXL for this hardcore Android user!!!

dunivan says:

yes please, if its small, maybe x-large?

Robinson_78 says:

android newbie here. Would be awesome to get one.

jboog083 says:

hello new t shirt...nice to meet you

do want. large.

fifty-eight says:

It's time for Android to rock! That t-shirt would be a simple way to attract attention - and curiosity. And hopefully gain more fans and followers. Break the chains of Apple and the others - think free and be free - with Android!

Koui says:

XL for me, thanks!

Sgtcody says:

My other shirt is a pancho.... Hook me up with a large amigo!

izzybrexx says:

With this shirt,ill definitely b androidified!!!!.... :)

batrad says:

XXL or XXXL please ;)

wanted one at the Samsung meet in NYC, but there were none available


Andrinia says:

I'm sure Lloyd would enjoy to travel to Romania, on a women medium T-shirt :)

smccloud says:

I definately need one of these. I'm running short on shirts :(

DaEXfactoR says:

Need some of this Android Central swag...

carlosg2002 says:

i want one XL

genaow says:

I want to wear one while I make sweet love to my girlfriend. I know Lloyd will really turn her on. ;-) Android Central 4 Ever! Extra large please

cipher916 says:

I would love to win!

yamatime says:

This would be sweet! I would sport this everywhere! Android FOREVER! XL please.

emceeprotech says:

hook me up, pls! XXL just to be safe :D

loudaccord says:

Large for me! I'd wear this to the club!

jalba3 says:

I would love to receive a t-shirt in order to represent the android central community!

one_red_eye says:

Pick me! Large!

rans42 says:

I could really use a T-shirt. XL would do the job

I could use one of those! xP

NHLou says:

Have I mentioned that Android Central is, hands down, the coolest site on the web? XL, please. And why is it that almost everyone is requesting XL???

Dorkfish92 says:

So the tshirts?

stkman7733 says:

UM...heheh PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

SmileyXX says:

could really use a new awesome shirt XXL for me

wehrlebird says:

Papa needs a new bit of swag! XXL please!

Would be happy to sport Lloyd's image on my chest.

tkerugger#AC says:

My wife is pregnant with our first baby! Let's get her in one of these shirts! (xl, please)

Amazins71 says:

It would be nice to win a t-shirt. XL for me.

bawboh86 says:

AC t-shirts. You have them, I want them, need I say more?

dualshock says:

gotta look good at work. medium please. thanks.

ar_garza says:

I sure could use a new medium sized T-shirt.

bgoo419 says:

A shirt, I wish to have XXL. I'm tall, not FAT! Don't call me fat!

deercreek says:

I like free t-shirts.

adzrules says:

Large for me please! Love you guys!

gksmithlcw says:

Count me in!

VallenAG says:

XLL!!! please!!

justpimpntel says:

I hope I win! I never win anything .______.

jroosen says:

I would like to be the coolest_2 year old kid in Canada, and out will drive my wife crazy

DragginTat says:

AndroidCentral is everywhere, now I can have it on my swag too... I better take a XXL...

kssporty says:

Man I needs me a new t-shirt. A little small? No prob xxl please.

Okrasean says:

Dude the washing machine just broke, need a 2xl shirt to get me through the weekend. No kidding the motor just burned up, filled the house with smoke. Please!!!!

reeper55 says:

I'd love a new T-shirt, XXL please!

tag617 says:

PICK ME.... PICK ME!!!!!

derande says:

I need some AC schwag! XL :)

moelsen says:

Gimme gimme gimme! I love me some android anything!!!

lraed74#AC says:

I never saw who won the previous t-shirt contest?? Are you going to announce who wins this contest or keep it a secret like past ones?

XL please~

mooserman says:

It would be so awesome to get a Large androidcentral t-Shirt!

yankees2323 says:

Thanks AC!!
I'll take a Large if picked. I'd much rather win one of the EVO3D's you are giving away though. :)

madcrabs says:

Been viewing the site since I got my OG Droid. Great source for info.
Love the podcast too.

UTSkiBum says:

Pick me pick me pick me

tubbypop says:

Love me some Android Central!!! Pick me please! XXL

pff1029 says:

XL with flames, plz

hojofan says:

I'll take a Large here in London Ontario!! Rock On Androidcentral!

vanndrage says:

android central rules. i like free t-shirts!!!

I guess I have to beat probability to get my own Android T-shirt....

lexvc2011 says:

Android over iPhone ANY DAY !!!! :D

zerogear88 says:

me want tee please

odd1 says:

I would love a Lloyd tshirt XXL please

Braun00 says:

I hope I win this time...

djesse02 says:

GIVE ME A SHIRT!!!!!!!!! please...

lantern20 says:

Just leaving a comment in this post, because I'd like a shirt. :)

dewijaro says:

I'll take an XL. Please!

dewijaro says:

I'll take an XL. Please!

diggitydigs says:

Hook it up

trooper54 says:

The AC shirts look sick!

jellodog says:

I want! You give. Okay?

lexvc2011 says:

sooo keen for one of these i might poo my pants XD

Comineeyeaha says:

I will wear this in my leisure time.

rockyjay says:

In Lloyd we trust. xs or small

captain_dl says:

I would be proud to show Lloyd off to everyone. Thanks for the contest! Android Central rocks.

coolted says:

Would love to rock an android central t shirt... hope i get one!!!

md616 says:

A new shirt would be awesome!

bigdaddy405 says:

I would sure like a XXL T-shirt please.

mr3000watts says:

Cool shirt!

peterbonge says:

XL please ;-)

pjtighe says:

Duh. Hook me up!

IFv6 says:

I would love a new shirt to match my Evo 3D! Especially just in time for Linux Fest! I'm a medium! Thank you thank you!

SenorDeuce says:

I need a new shirt. My current one has a hole in the armpit. Thanks.

SamPix#AC says:

Greetings from Germany! =)
Got my SGS2 yesterday and would love to win one Android Central T-Shirt (XL)! Keep up the awesome work!

staker#AC says:

The T Shirt would get me girls!

Anonamoose says:

Phil... the moose will love you long time for a free t-shirt...loooooong time!

Jonesy1366 says:

I would like one!!! I am a 2XL!!

level32 says:

Ordered one already... wouldn't mind a second :)

tlower says:

Android Central Rocks!

codeman6100 says:

Sweet always wanted one!

cssplat says:

Androidcentral.............PLEASE? Large, btw.

sunyata says:

I hope this is my first win, one Large please.

delynnie says:

I would love one Please size L!! And Thank you.

Can I have one plx, failing that can you tell me where to buy them

hopefulfarm says:

Pick Me! XXL

drinkandswim says:

Large please.

This shirt would ROCK....

wesst says:

Ooh! I'd love a size medium, please!

campbell.0 says:

I want one of these tees to promote Android Central here In the UK.
Plus they look sharp!

Glerp says:

Sign me up! I'm interested. XL

zna03 says:

Totally in for this :) I'd love a XXL

I Hear Black says:


covac8 says:

i'll take an XL yo

MA2GA28 says:

Sounds like a fun little contest. Count me in. I'll go with an XL.

WiAlPoII says:

I would love to win one :) Love listening to you guys! XL if they are running small. Thanks you guys!

Sign me up for a medium please! :-)

calrayray says:

Sweet !!

wezknowles says:

I love you AC!!! :-D

Yay, clothes!

1966cah says:

A Lloyd tee would certainly be another snub I could deliver to my iPhone cow-orker...

Cezarslice says:

XL thanks mAaAaAaAan

steven252000 says:

Count me in for a chance.......thanks.

I need one soooo bad...(yes i said NEED) Android Central, give me one so I can sport it at the beach!!!


I need this shirt to rock with my Evo 3D in my profile picture, me and andy go back since the G1 days lol...

Xxxl for me

i wonder what the chance is of me being picked as one of the five ?? please pick me !!!!

f1nzup says:

Sweet!! I LOVE logo t-shirts and I have been looking for one of these. XXL should fit just right! :-)

itskenhmu1 says:


andy7777100 says:

Shirts look cool, hope I win

AnAm85 says:

Me win.

bitbank says:

Count me in for a Large :)

Lok3sh says:

Sure! I'll take one if I win... Size M!

kjparfekt says:

Love these Android Central give aways and would love to rep Android Central with a free shirt!

flynn4021 says:

Steve Jobs sucks! Lloyd is AWESOME!!

andy7777100 says:

Shirts look cool, hope I win

lldsandsll says:

i love free! one large please :)

my74034 says:

Large for evo 4g user.

Brenardo says:

I need one in my life. XxL would be great.

djfoo000 says:

I want one!! size M please.

gnipeh says:

I actually would like to know how winners will be picked (some "random" number generation algorithm? the first guy + the guy who wrote the (20% * total)th comment + (40% * total)th comment etc?) as well as a free t-shirt :)

apark says:

Need to show the iPhone fanboys around me my true colors! XL Please!

alemkr says:

XL will be fine, Thanks

thevancooten says:

PLEASE LET ME BE A WINNER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ScottG says:

It would be nice to have an AndroidCentral shirt :D My size is a Medium.

hsiller says:


itsdollar says:

I will gladly accept one and wear it for my birthday this weekend. Thanks for the contest! 3xl please (2x alternate)

DanielV#AC says:

Cool beans ill take an xxl please

rockneo says:

It took me a while to scroll all the way down here. xD

I like the large. ;D

pgoat06 says:

Love the shirt and the website...Large please.

cguella says:

I love the website. Now I would like to love the shirt. If you include a Tablet with the Shirt that would also be great. XL and the tablet 10.1 preferably a Thrive or a Transformer. Thanks.

farhan001 says:

nice.. a t-shirt my girlfriend can wear a night ;)

make it a large pls

ironick7 says:

Nice. Need a shirt to show my android pride.

octacolover says:

Would wear it proudly!!! (Medium)

kashif#AC says:

dying to get the white one :)

tx_jaycee says:

I'm always up for a new T!!

incubusjc says:

Let me promote lyod!! Thanks you!

bridic says:

I will take an XL, thanks and look forward to the PM.

cchapman says:

From the beat place on the web? Heck yeah I'll wear one, everyday! XL Please.

sigvoror says:

I'll jump into the game.

dchawk82 says:

t-shirt me!

MeridianSun says:

I'd love one for my awesome wife, medium size please!!!!

rookie84 says:

You could let me have a t shirt?

theking79072 says:

Guaranteed to wear it allthe time!!!!!

cpatel112 says:

A large for me as well.

Matt120- says:

I would love one of these! Medium please :)

I would be proud to sport Lloyd on my chest!

I like T-Shirts......large

RonD says:

I need a large.

gwtiff54 says:

1x for me Phil!!!

matburt says:

I'd like a Large sized shirt :)

Jak2732 says:

I'm in!!!!!!! XXL please....

schremer says:



I LOVE Lloyd!!!!!

gerri1454 says:

Want one! XL please.

ojocell says:

Make mine an XL please. I like 'em loose.

cron912 says:

I would love an XL shirt!

coopere#CB says:

these shirts are so cool. would love to have one to show everybody how i rock

xMatter says:

I would love one of these

booberthecat says:

I need a new t-shirt! PLEASE!

CountryDevil says:

May the t-shirt God's grace me with their generosity....

That said.... (With hand reaching up into the air as far as possible)

Me, Me, Me, Pick Me, Pick Me!!!! Pleeeeeeeese!!!!!

chepeliyas says:

Yeah, I want my T-Shirt please!!! XXL will do fine!

igeekman says:

Yes!!! Free 3D Tee Friday!!

radgatt says:

Scrolling on the mobile website no easy task with over 500 comments before me full of people trying to win a t-shirt. It's worth it though!

Bmic22 says:

I would totally rock one of these, maybe everyday!

maddmenz says:

Please, i give me a shirt i'm naked. Medium.

ScottColbert says:

I'd love an extra large please!

BigHouseFan says:

Bighousefan for the win! Size 3XL please!

The shirts, they are groovy. I'd love one. Thanks! :D

briangde says:

i've never won anything in my life, would love for an Android Central shirt to be my first.

Magni2000 says:

T shirt to show my appreciation of your site. Yes please.

soldierblade says:

I would proudly sport one of these and pimp the site to anyone that asks about it. 3X please?

Tb311 says:

I'll take an XL please!

subminimal says:

XL one of these worn around the midwest US would be a great idea!

DikaiaKnight says:

Ohhhh let me get one one please!

Wickee says:

Free Android Central swag? Yes please.

apklein says:

1 here... XL! Thanks!

hurang says:

Woot android central on my lunch and breaks!

mdlsimpson says:

I would love to proudly display my favorite web address on my shirt! (no sucking up at all in this post)... I would like a XXL or XXXL since they run small :)
Great job guys!

therick311 says:

Free T!

99accordv6 says:

I am anon, please pick me for an XL :D

Hatshepsut says:

Pick me, I would love to win. XL please.

ipsoflatley says:

I will take one....... XL

Ekreed says:

Go LLoyd!

JoshuaExline says:

I'm having a good day, winning a free Lloyd shirt would seal it as a really good day. Lets make this happen.

mikeymop says:

Oooooh, I'd love an Android tshirt! It's getting too hot to wear the Android Sweatshirt I'm always rockin'

bahbah says:

I need an XL please

XL for me and thanks in advanced :)

timmytron says:

Sweet, I love free swag!

krispy521 says:

Please pick me. You guys are the best Android website ever.

Ooh! Ooh! Pick Me. Pick Me.

hmmm says:

yum, yum , gimme some!

Johnston212 says:

If they run a little small, I guess I will have to ask for a XXL if I'm one of the lucky 5. Here's hoping.

colman999 says:

Love these shirts, would love to win one.

Much like sodas, free stuff reeks of awesomeness.

Robert30082 says:

XL...your site is better than cnet and g4!!

iamShogun says:

Best android news site hands down, please help me get my Lloyd swag on

merchione says:

Me please XL!

El Cantante says:

I'm on a winning streak. Recently won a hundred clams on amazon. Bought myself an iron. Perfect tor a tee. Plus. I know babe Ruths gay brother. Gabe RUTH. XL for the kid. Love the site.

getlo06 says:


Rawkit says:

Beep, beep I'm a jeep. Who happens to need a size 'L'

Pete V says:

I would like a shirt to wear on dress down fridays please.

mjkinny says:

I really would like an XL Android t-shirt to go with my Android phone.

smalldice says:

If I win this shirt I will wear it to go to the apple store with my evo 3d in one hand and the htc view in the other one. Lol.. Can I have loyd taking a piss on an apple please. Xl

ewvarn says:

Yes, please! This would balance out a terrible week at work.

Aleksey_US says:

Want one

Franzen#AC says:

You guys are awesome!!!!

bjn813 says:

I'll take one!

The200sx says:

Por favor

would love a 3x I will wear Lloyd

blade111 says:

XL for me please.

Bobman says:

I would wear it with pride! XL please

affliction says:

i have android everything else it would b great to have a awesome shirt

bobert says:

I love giveaways. I need to parade around Lloyd. XL

sonrep29 says:

*wonders* do you guys even have 4x? If so ... You should REALLY consider giving me a shirt ... Itd be amazing advertising on a guy of my size, EVERYONE would see me! :)

booom shaka laka

dabaum says:

I'll wear it proudly!

Thanks for the chance to win a size L shirt from your very helpful website!

AniJapster says:

i'm down for winning a shirt!! ;) medium sized

fanxdroid says:

I like the blue one...

headswim says:

There is no better way for me to help the Android using, yet clueless masses. I walk around rocking a badass androidcentral t-shirt, and people ask me what androidcentral is. I explain to them that it's an awesome website that will help them learn all about the potential of their Android device and Android in general. They get curious and check the site out on their phone, before going home to check the site out from their computer, and as a result the site gets more traffic, and more money. Consider it my way of paying for the shirt.

everyday17 says:

Me! You guys don't have enough contests ;-)

jhpdroid says:

One large please

TXSpazz says:

I'm in!

10ZeiglerC says:

My friend has won 2 online contests in the past week. I need something to hsut him up. Help me out please

refsta says:

Men's large Lloyd please. Android Central rocks.

trotsky#AC says:

I'll take a free t shirt. Thanks

wraith404 says:

I'd like one.

MengTian says:

Im in need of a new t-shirt...

Pagan#AC says:

I'd love to have an XL Android shirt PLEEASE. :P

El Jefe says:

Pick me!

bduran727 says:

Awesone, Been looking for a Android T-Shirt! #ThatsSWAG

bduran727 says:

Awesone, Been looking for a Android T-Shirt! #ThatsSWAG

sardonycus says:

I'd love one. thanks

sdhakko says:

Pick me pick me!

gdmacdo says:

Make me an Android tease with your xxl Android T's

jcmyers79 says:

Gimme gimme gimme, please!

jcorv58 says:

Nice, Would love to show off Lloyd out and about, Medium

jphaunef says:

Give a big boy a new shirt please. XXXL

I would love a Lloyd shirt. :)


Oops, are we supposed to leave the size in the post. Large please.

baltwade says:

If I win I'll be your best friend.

icu says:

Many of my shirts seem to be running small lately. I would like more shirts. That's where you come in.

Vazzago says:

I'd love one!

reggierox13 says:

I'm in on this one XL for me. You guys are the best

parampreet says:

One for me please !

megabyte682 says:

Count me in! Thanks AC!

thoughthalo says:

Me Me Me... XXL Please

blackhammer says:

I have owned 4 Android devices but 0 tshirts with Lloyd. XXL please.
!¡ Vote for me Jerry. Convince Phil!

fradster says:

OOooooooOOOooooooOO!!! Pick me! PICK ME!! PLEASE?

Uncle Louie says:

Please! Pretty please!