Android Central T-Shirts

It's Friday, and we're feeling generous. So let's give away a few T-shirts, shall we? That's right, T-Shirts. Android Central T-Shirts. With Lloyd on them. For wearing, and such.

Couple things to note:

  1. The shirts run a little small, so consider going up a size.
  2. Let's open this up to everyone. Outside the U.S.? Shouldn't be a problem.
  3. How to win: Just leave a comment in this post. We'll pick five winners at random 5 p.m. EST today and e-mail 'em for more info.

Good luck!

There are 861 comments

acidbuzz3 says:

I could really use one of these T's

jroosen says:

I would like to be the coolest 32 yr old kid in Canada, plus it will make my wife crazy

PhilHay#AC says:

Shoot, I'll take one.

ls108 says:

Thats Cool your paying it forward! Good deal

nocaldawg says:

Would love to have one of these!

Sniper1087 says:

I Would Love to get one of the shirts from the website i get all my android news and advice from

Jude526 says:

This would be fun to have thanks !

dannyrube says:

this is my comment: any idea when the original droid inc is going to get gingerbread?

clayshaw says:

Well, I would most certainly enjoy a free t-shirt. Count me in!

Seven2k says:

big daddy size please!!

Ginbill says:

Android swag, yes please.

orbitup says:

XXL for me!

spidy says:

can never have too many shirts or swag

rattlesnake8 says:

yesss ! free t-shirt , i'm in

valorian says:

I'll take an XL please, thanks.

deltatko says:

I'll take mine in XL please Phil.

Awesome! Thanks for the chance to win! =]

leep90 says:

Shirts are awesome

bbroecker says:

I'm in

pnd1125 says:

i sure could use a new shirt to promote one of my favorite sites to my coworkers. xxl would be great.

Spudwrench68 says:

Free swag??!? Count me in! XL, please!

ogie987 says:

XL. Thanks in advance for the shirt. I will rock it.

Thanks for the giveaway! Looking forward to possibly winning one of these bad boys.

Jugzwei says:

Free shirt, Hellz Yah!

kartikbansal says:

1 for me pls..

sublimez says:

Free shirts rock!!!

Luce says:

Would love an XL shirt!

brandidai says:

I would adore a new shirt! Thanks for the opportunity!

nateysmith says:

Never can have too much android advertising. This is great!

sfbates says:

Fire off a medium this way!!!!

Oooooooooooooohhhh I want one, I want one!!!!!!

Random eh? If I win one of these, I'm grabbing a lotto ticket tomorrow. I would love to rock a and cen shirt

shiftid says:

Androidcentral rocks! I will wear a Large proudly.

bubbanoy says:

Me please XXXL

jithincissac says:

Great!!! Android T's !!! :D

maxexcloo says:

I would love one of these shirts :)
Large would be sweet :p

fvineyard says:

I like my shirts big, so a 2XL please :)

I would love a shirt, please. :)

Xxq TZ pxX says:

I luvs me some Android shirts

cigarjockey says:

On the small side....Sure hope they weren't made by Garanimals.

I totally want an ANDROID CENTRAL T-Shirt!!!!!!!!!!

Dilpickle1 says:

I'd love one!

lumpy211 says:

I'm in the US, but I can appreciate that you're opening this to people outside of the US.

Count me in :-)

shedamon says:

How about spelling "Android" correctly?

Shotine says:

ooooo pick me

ecaggiani says:

I'll take a 2XL please since they run small :-)

bikedogrun says:

Would love a shirt...Large please.


iLLusive says:

Zomg Android Central Swag! WANT! What more needs to be said. Always giving back to their community is why we love you so much! GL to the winners!

GRRemlin says:

I was just browsing Android decals. T-Shirt will go well with them too ;)

brandhill says:

A shirt would be nice :)

jswenson3 says:

OH SNAP!!! I might actually have a chance to win something? Nah, couldn't be... PICK ME PPPPLLLLLLLLEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rizzay1 says:

Swag! Xl please. Props to you guys for doing this.

alpha752 says:

Awesome! Thanks gang!

iunknown#AC says:

are the Tee's tea-proof

f150fan says:

I'll wear one proudly!! Thanks for everything guys!!

kevinwska says:

Everyone loves a free T-Shirt. I'd enjoy showing some Android love.

Sounds great! I'll take one.

triangle8 says:

Oh yeah. Large for me please. That black one is really nice.

dgarmon says:

Awesome, would love to throw Android into my friends face (Just kidding), they are a bunch of Apple fans....I'm take an XXL and rock it in style...:)

vdubtx says:

Do Want Android Central Swag!!! :)

SMAK says:

I need one, hmy better half keeps taking them..... I am running low ..... Lol

magicboo says:

I want to rock Android Central Tshirt swag! (size Large...thanks!) *\o/*

skribbles505 says:

Sign me up and I could use a XXL thanks! Hope to score this one!

androinerd says:

This would look super hot and sexy with my Android Beanie!!

I would rep this EVERYWHERE!

brianprsly says:

I would love a shirt :).
Large please

matt57017 says:

i would like a shirt please!

ChanceM says:

ANDROID CENTRAL SHIRT DO WANT!! PS Thanks for the review!

ChaosKiller says:

Outside the U.S.? Shouldn't be a problem


rocktoonz says:

I would be proud to wear one of these!

sumyunguy says:

Ceci N'est Pas une Comment!

traiton says:

Sweet contest! 3xl so I can properly advertise this wonderful site!

eupher says:

2x for please...thank you

wbogacz says:

I just saw this 10 seconds ago - and already over 50 people ahead?

I want one!

xxxxKylexxxx says:

Android Central Rules! XL please :-)

dec3ption says:

Insert witty and clever comment about needing an AC t-shirt here! :)

faizank says:

I'm just getting my new sensation today and it be my first phone after 4 years realllly excited and having a t-shirt with android on it be the best thing ever so I want to have one!!!!

would love to have a Lloyd t-shirt

awesummi says:

Let me get this freebie..btw, XL please

draken says:

Android swag, how could I pass that up? Make mine a large, please. ;-)

rdgill says:

sign me up for a XXL

pjjanak says:

I like shirts. :)

I'd love to see my GF's big boobies in one of these! She likes her shirts tight, size S will do!

Great Giveaway Guys!

skywalker363 says:

I love free tshirts!

svocke says:

Lloyd Shirts!

Jaymonds#AC says:

I love free stuffs. Please enter me in this random drawing.


kde says:

Would love one! L maybe? ;)

mkstringer says:

Nice! A Large for me!

SdotA85 says:

Its T-shirt time

Keegsta says:

I hope I win! XXL

kismet769 says:

I want one! :)

chrisains says:

I would love one of your beautiful Andrid t-shirts, so much so I signed up especially - that's gotta earn me extra brownie points! :-)

Magellan says:


CMRobinson says:

Count me in! Good luck everyone!

Those shirts are the shiznit! I want one!

elf#CB says:

I need one! I'll rock it in front of the Apple fanboys I work with!!

Gonna love AndroidCentral for being so cool!
If I win, large would be nice (:

dwmurray57 says:

I would not mind getting an XL or L please?

Have a great day,


MowDownJoe says:

Sounds awesome. I'm a large.

nipcarlover says:

Can i get a T-Shirt plz!!!

bkell says:


sprunka says:

I wear my Whovian status proudly enough already. I should really own a few Android shirts, so I can show the world with equal pride my love for Android. If selected, I would wear it (it would be a XXXL/3XL) until the colors fade away ... although I would not wear it constantly until then, I would endeavor to wash it after each day of wearing.

jloftis27 says:

would love to have one

jimbo says:

Haven't won a smartphone perhaps a (medium) t-shirt will be just fine.

Cares says:

I spent all of my paycheck on my phone bill. I can't afford clothes. Gimme free clothes!

Size L if they run small!

kadmanMusic says:

I would love to wear one of these into the Apple store when I get a new computer.

tadgill says:

Sold! Sent it, send it!

chrismey says:

I would love a picture of Lloyd on my shirt

mrdreamer says:

I would love to get my hands on one of those! Medium for me please! :)

keebler0617 says:

Count me in

freddyc says:

I normally wear a 2x, so I'll take a 3x. If not, I'll make the 2x work. Yes, I'm confident. Thanks!

lfnsr says:

Could always use new t shirts. :)

rmourar says:

I would love one for me!
Thanks for including people outside of the US!

tbenturner says:

XXL please! Thank you!

Army21 says:

XXL FOR ME. I didn't know the things name was Lloyd.

luvscats36 says:

I would love one of these tshirts xlg please

Shay D. Life says:

I'd like to win one. Who doesn't like android gear? Free android gear.

butta269 says:

1 Large...I love freebies.

raef says:

Would love a Lloyd shirt! Please!

cooper3 says:

Right here guys!

nctrnl says:

Shirts are required at my job so I will need one. I would like a size fat XXL :)

"Lloyd is my homeboy"

htcman724 says:

Lloyd is my hero!!!!! xlg for me plz

AnnaAdams77 says:

I would luv a shirt such a huge fan, xl pls

finanandroid says:

Man I work as a technician and always do demos and recommend Android OS love it .

coraphise says:

Sweetness! Would love to show off Lloyd around town. ^_^
On the off-chance I'm picked, 2x... but that just means more room to show off Lloyd!

jhotmann says:

Dear random picker system...pick me

orlanka says:

XL for me and really hoping I win so I can put off laundry day for another week

KrisReynolds says:

Just got my first 'droid... Pick me! Pick me!

rprather says:

Oooh! Pick Me!! XXL, plz. :)

2xl please.

Baumbach#AC says:

I love Androidcentral... This is the first place I go for all the information and latest news... Keep up the good work guys !!!!! Oh and yes a T-Shirt I would wear proudly :0)

Androidpwns says:

TB battery beats Droid Charge battery. Thx.

I would have to wear it around my brother and sister who have iPhones. And I'm on here so many times a day I would look more like an employee.

I would have to wear it around my brother and sister who have iPhones. And I'm on here so many times a day I would look more like an employee.

Granter says:

Large for me, well if I am lucky enough to win.

sebianoti says:

they look amazing! i need to show my androidness when i'm on holiday! i'm powered by android =)

droid user, XL

rodneyharris says:

I'd love a shirt, please! XL!

rodneyharris says:

I'd love a shirt, please! XL!

liquidfx13 says:

Always love a new t-shirt

fatal99 says:

Pretty please with a cherry on top?

meWho says:

Eh... never win these anyways (XXL) but, got to keep trying. :) Love the podcast!!

Lloyd and t-shirt - together?! What a winning combo. I'd love to have one! (an XXL one please!)

knation says:

Hook me up... Android 4 life

oh. friday freebie? this is interesting. :D

lsmunoz says:

I want one please!

jediman says:

I say to myself, I says, Jedi, I'd really like a android central t-shirt. So I reply, yeah that would look really swell.
I definitely agree I say.

Demodocus says:

In for one!

graffix31 says:

xl for me please. if its free its for me!

AjStone says:

Thunderbolt, Medium, please! Thanks.

EvoMCS says:

I will wear Lloyd with pride!

cwill0303 says:

I never win anything! Please hook me up!

Sign me up! XL please...

f1ddy#AC says:

sounds good to me XXL

erabrohm says:

Pick Me!!! Large Please!!!!

donoldo54 says:

Oooh. Sign me up! I'm a Large one.

enthuz says:

As a BB to Android convert, I would love to show off my new love. Cover me with XXL Android Central glory!

bicknell11 says:

Please hook me up with a Large shirt

androidjake says:

Count me in! i'd love a T-shirt!

sash06 says:

I'd love an XL tshirt :)

csierra72 says:

I'd love one to rep for AC. Size XL please. Thanks.

BrianTufo says:

A free shirt from the best Android news site on the internet? Sold!!!

roketman600 says:

Do u have xxl?

RetiredJedi says:

Ok, so you didn't pick me last time so now is my time. If I can't win somethign as simple as a T-shirt then I can't win at anything...=-(

presence06 says:

I waste my time at work all day browsing this site and forums. Would love some swag!

scottabutler says:

Put me down for a large, Please! Thanks

SeverePlains says:

No better way to welcome a new member to the AndroidCentral family then giving him a free large t-shirt!! Thanks...

davidg14 says:

I want one please!

3xl for me please!

Profete162 says:

I'm there!

I could use a nice light colored shirt. I have too many black, and I could use a nice unique shirt.

drhere says:

I would like a M if possible. This T-Shirt would compliment my wardrobe.

climo says:

Wow freebies! Count me in! AC rules on swag giveaways!

Deacon#AC says:

Put me down for a XXL please.
If I win that is.....

cjp85 says:

1) The shirts run a little small, so consider going up a size.

-I'll take a XXL por favor

2) Let's open this up to everyone. Outside the U.S.? Shouldn't be a problem.

-No problem receiving anything in Houston, TX

3) How to win: Just leave a comment in this post. We'll pick five winners at random 5 p.m. EST today and e-mail 'em for more info.

-I didn't win last time, so I gotta win this time ;-D

CodeToJoy says:

*throws name into hat*

Mobius360 says:

Would love to rock out in the Apple Store in one of these.

dstout66 says:

Count me in. I would love a T-shirt!

dlakin2007 says:

Yes please

deandino2359 says:

HELP I'm hopeless and I'd really love one of these awesome T's to keep my ass warm!

Hook me up with an XL, AC!

danibal says:

ooooh, ooooh I wanna win, I wanna win. Okay fine, can I just have a t-shirt? XL should be good.

Anon_Emus says:



disbthai says:

Pick me, pick me!

elbarrows says:

One "L" for me please :) Its summer time here in Pakistan so need some new Tees ;)

rediroc says:

Thanks for the chance at some free sway. Another great reason to love you guys and thanks for the 3D post earlier. It helped make one of my favorite and most fuzzy pictures better. Wish I had known that before deleting some other pics though. I would need a large shirt please.

joshied99 says:

I could use a Sweet T!

My T-shirt supply IS running low. I would love one in XXXL so that I can really broadcast the site to everyone around me!!!!!!

asantanajr says:

Pick me! Pick me!

frmorrison says:

Looks nice, I wear an XL.

krystra says:

i would love another tshirt from u guys! i have a blue one that i wear and i get good comments on it all the time. the largest u make please!

Derelict says:

I would love some AC swag!! Large please!

sed51329 says:

Please!!!! Large!

rediroc says:

Typo sorry

dajunya says:

I would love to get a free shirt. Sign me up

maxkobi says:

new shirt to wear to the gym? heck yeah!

rediroc says:

Sway = swag ...damnyouautocorrect

CMoore says:

Send a Medium my way! PLZ

corematter says:

Medium for me please. Thx in advance

ClinchDroid says:

I'm up for an XL. This would be great, I was thinking of buying one anyway.

scheske says:

Mmeeeee! Totally an Android fan and a huge fan of android central. I guide a lot of my friends to the site :)

I want to the whole world to know how much I love the Android Central by wearing my large Android Central shirt everywheres.

Jameson42 says:

I suppose I'd like a Large.

I want a free shirt! :D

stevechui says:

The black one looks cool!

sajjadashraf says:

please count me in also.

NJSooner says:

Send along the swag please! XL

mrcrandell says:

Count me in for a large.

IMBigWillie says:

Definitely would love to win a shirt!

Marshy says:


john_v says:

SWeet! Consider me in! Need some Lloyd apparel!

I'd like one.

In for one!

(large please)

I like free stuff!!

wpmetts says:

Count me in!!!

MaulikPS2 says:

Wonderful way to spread ANDROID domination........BTW an XL would do ;)...SGS2...Android \m/

npoc says:

Oooh more free clothing! XL.

MotoMan78 says:

Sign me up for a XL

md0600 says:

Pick me, Large!!!!

jddavis11 says:

As per your request: "a comment".

sajidwasif says:

Can I have one of these shirts so that I can wear it while I eat my Apple and try to figure out what's wrong with my PC?

XL by the way...

crazace says:

Sweet!! If I win I'd like a large please and thank you!!

googol says:

Show Canada some Love :)

COOL contest awesome tshirts

Ihoncen says:

When i'm chosen, please hook me up with a 3XL please!

spepi says:

I could really use a non-alcoholic branded t-shirt...and one that i can where at my nephews grad party with all his iPhoney friends

XL Please

moosc says:

oh my this would b awesome to win. thanks AC

IAmSixNine says:

I am a huge fan. Literally, 6'9" tall and 375lbs. :) yeah a shirt on me is a walking billboard.
I need a 4XLT or 5XLT..

mlevi98 says:

Large please, i never win anything

Brianadfl says:

Hook me up! XL please.

Centinel says:

Count me in! I guess I'd take a medium if they run a size small.

If I win, I promise to walk into my local Apple store and make the iFans iRate.

lou2cool88 says:

Hope I win! XL

jrnlytn says:

I'm in. XL would work great! Thanks AC and Lloyd ROCKS!!!!

pmjohnson99 says:

In reference to note #1: I think all shirts run a little small for Phil now a you might not have to size up people. ;-)

dcreed says:

I need an XL Lloyd on my chest.

Gerardo1 says:

i'd like one

dvesh says:

Would like an Android t-shirt. Cool.

evoANDY says:

I hope I get picked!!!

i would love to win one of these shirts

chase1963 says:

Love Android Central! T-Shirts are cool too!

Snoww3d says:

I would love getting free stuff but does not.
Just remember that shipping to Mobile,Al from Pensacola is Cheap. :)

eric.porter says:

I'd like an XL t-shirt. Your android logo is great.

daabsolute1 says:

XXL for me. Pick me!!

GPFboyJS says:

XL for me please!!!

Cenzo says:

Shirt good for me win.

ceriem says:

I'm down for a free tee

androish says:

Cool tees for Cool peeps!! I want one please~

bhorstmann says:

I would proudly wear an extra large one.

kjj-bolt says:

Lloyd needs to be spotted in Colorado!!!!

noacess says:

Large would be awesome!

merlin3212 says:

Would love a Medium T-shirt, thanks! :)

xeroglock says:

Just to let you all know that Lloyd Rules!!

NareshT says:

android central rocks....amazing reviews and android quick app's are awesome..

pCoelho says:

They look really nice :)

rpitts9999 says:

Would love to sport some Android Central swag. 3X for the big boys please.

camocritters says:

how about me X-large .. Camocritters

pjspaws says:

this shirt would come in handy, considering I'm currently shirtless.

UncleMike says:

I guess that means I need XXXL. Yikes!

wiseguywood says:

oooh yeahhh XL please!!

Yes sir would love to Rep AC.

rstephenrrtx says:

I could use a XXXL. I'm still working on that...

dannychaos says:

Doble Equis!!!!! Por Favor!!!!!!

sungchang says:

New to Android (Droid Charge)! I would love a t-shirt to go with it :) And I need a 2XL.

nickf126 says:

Love you guys, and love the podcast. I would LOVE a shirt, thanks!

Slayers says:

I would wear this to the gym everyday

Andrax says:

Very cool, please add me to the pool of hopeful candidates. :)

kstichno says:

I'm in

onumis says:

I need some Android clothing to pimp sign me up! XXL or XXXL :)

dkmartin says:

AC for life!!! Medium here

jackdw says:

I would like a shirt. (Size Small)

amusick#AC says:


myriad46 says:

XL Please. Thanks.

MsAnn82 says:


Cav3000 says:

I'll take a large one... perfect compliment for the new android phone I'll be getting soon.

pimpinmcd53 says:

Android SWAG OD

pimpinmcd53 says:

Android SWAG OD

I love Lloyd the Droid!!!

Freebies for non U.S citizens are rare. I hope I got this one.

NDchem2014 says:

I'll be a billboard for you any day. :)

2X please.

Yes please. I heart you.

mrdale says:

it would look good with my new galaxy s2!

Sounds good to me, XL please.

frostbyte32 says:

Free stuff? Yes, please!

zshen says:

I love me some free T-Shirts! XL here.

dtanderson says:

XL for me....

I love Lloyd the Droid!!!

emathews says:

XL my android brotha's and sista's!

tbaptista says:

How sweet it would be to be rockin one of these T's with my iPhone friends!

cdg341 says:

I want one!! Maybe I'll get lucky this time :D

Pick me :D 2xL!! I will shoot you a invite to Google+ If you do! haha!

SDBB_kick says:

One of these in black (XL) to go with my Evo 3D would be great.

mahzerwrath says:

OOOOOOOOOO pick me ^-^ I want the epic space one haha.

josuecedeno says:

Yes please! Medium

mysticv6#AC says:

I'd wear it everywhere!

mitaino9000 says:

Would really like one of these shirts, make mine a Medium

markculton says:

Love Android Central and would love a shirt!

Signewton says:

Chance to win a XL T-shirt and Harry Potter in the same day?!! Count me in!

E-POTS says:

I'll take one, I'm a medium so either that will fit or

tje77 says:

Large please

WebDev#AC says:

I sure would love to have one of those XXL Shirts! (:

tburrows94 says:

Sweet!! Make mine a XXL!!!