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Stick a fork in us, folks. We're done. It's been quite the week, with the half-announcement of the Motorola Droid X, the official announcements of the Samsung Captivate and HTC Aria on AT&T, the Droid 2 made another appearance, the HTC Desire is coming to the U.S., and Froyo is scheduled to launch on the Nexus One in Korea in mid-July. So let us reflect, relax, and get your comment on below. You've earned it.


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Friday free for all: Comment at will!


Evo usere here.

Evo wins in sexiness.
Besides that, I think the Droid X wins. It has better implemented 720p recording for example.
Another thing is the GPU power. It should have a STRONG gpu in it.
The Evo's Snapdragon has an Adreno 205... It's good and has a lot of potential, but the thing is... many games have not been optimized for it.

So game-wise, 3d, and overall multimedia experience, I would like to see where this goes.

On top of that, 30 fps cap... Please fix. Can't stand stuttering framerates on Raging Thunder 2 when on other HTC devices it runs as smooth as butter. It's optimized for the Snapdragon... why does it stutter sometimes?

Isn't the hump for the camera? Because if so I'd rather have better pictures with a hump on my phone, or even worse would be if they made the whole back of the phone flat with the camera.

I have thought about HTC Sense, its not needed on any phone, it delays updates and, yes it does give you more stuff but do you need that stuff, the Android system on its own gives you everything you need.

It makes me sad that some people have HTC Sense have no idea what it does and do not how great just the stock Android system is on its own.

If it ain't broke don't fix it, so why did HTC go against this theory?

I cannot wait for the Droid 2, getting rid of this horrid BB! I do hope it comes out sooner than intended though.

Please! Can T-Mobile give us some HTC Android goodness already? Why oh why does it seem like every other carrier is leaps and bounds ahead of the T on that front?

Love my evo! Anyone else have issue with playing music over fm radio with transmitter plugged in to headphone jack? Talked about it a bit in forums. Wondering if it will be fixed in some sort of update, or if I need to take my phone in.

Please we need FROYO! right now! beside EVO, Desired, Moto Droid X, Incredible and N1 the rest are low end phones...so I dont get it why HTC still making dumber phones mean less than 1GHZ, 3.2 display, and some with 1.5 android, 5 mp camera, even at&t blocking free install app from non market...its a mess. we want Froyo

Droid X , the new King and it will be released with Froyo , a little inside info from Verizon says so !!! Bye bye HTC Incredible , hello Droid X !!!

Droid X if you like a big Screen with a freakishly huge hunchback and have big pocket and hands may be for you. Sincerely I don't think that those new huge phone include the EVO can beat the Incredible speed and performance as well the perfect size. my opinion

Look started rockin the evo it definitely kicks ass...But at this point all these 1ghz phones kick ass! depends on what reception and service you have for these phones and they fly! Piece out players...FROYO PLEASE

I don't think regional carriers, (excluding Cellular South) should get the Desire. Personally, the Desire is a great phone, and when I think of "Regional Carriers" and "Smartphones" I think of phones that last generation, or almost last generation. In example, myTouch or Dream, Eris, and the Droid.

No way! The only way regional carriers will ever grow up to become name brands is by offering the phones and service people want. Plus they roam on the National carrier's networks anyway, so it's really a moot point, it just comes down to who you pay the bill to.

+1 for the desire on US Cellular.

It's become clear to me that AT&T will cripple Android phones, at least until they lose iPhone exclusivity. I know for a fact, for example, that they will continue to restrict non-Market builds on all their Android devices going forward.

Once Verizon launches a few devices I've seen in pre-release form, I'm out of AT&T.

I don't think they are "crippling" it. I do think they want the iPhone to be the BEST phone they have, and they won't have anything competing with it. The Galaxy S HAD a front facing camera, guess what?? It doesn't now, why...? The iPhone has a front facing camera. Oh so I guess the Captivate is going after the iPhone, oooh we can't have that, can we??

The best Android phone you can buy on AT&T's network is the Nexus One, because AT&T cannot control what Google does to their phone. Suck on that AT&T!

Please, let there be love among android. Evo, droid, nexus we can all get along and save the hate for apple:)

seriously, i just got my incredible like 2 weeks ago, and i already feel like it's outdated with the x just around the corner. dammit!

I've been with ATT/Cingular for over 10 years and have owned several Palms phones. Always loved the Palm OS after owning their first and several touch screen phones. I made the big move to the Blackberry Curve then Bold 9000 and thought I had finally found a great company to stay with...then enter the EVO. Never owned an Android phone so this was my first experience and I have to say...LUVING IT. Can't believe I waited so long. The EVO is a fantastic phone even for a beginner. I actually have great reception in Sacramento...better than the Bold. Canceled my att account and working on an ebay add to unload my bold and all my accessories. Yeah! Now I just want the Froyo update!

For those who have totally underestimated and written off the myTouch 3G Slide as a "low-end" or "last generation" phone really have something to learn. The EVO and Incredible, other then size, have very little, if anything at all, over the Slide. The Slide is the sleeper phone of the year... without question. I have had numerous smartphones over the past few years and this is by far the best one I have had. And yes, I have played with both the EVO and Incredible. I found the Incredible very cheap in terms of its plastic build. I could not believe how cheap it felt. The Slide on the other hand is metal... not plastic. And for those of us who like a substantial phone, this is it! Also remember, it is running 2.1 with a customized version of Sense on it. As far as speed is concerned, the Slide is in some respects as fast or faster then either the EVO or the Incredible. They must have over-clocked the processor. I am not sure, but this thing is very fast when moving within Apps or from one App to another. I think the only issues that some people have is the physical keyboard (which I aboslutely love) and the size of the screen. On the other hand, I don't want to carry around a book size phone like the EVO, I think it looks goofy in that respect.

The bottom line is that no one should underestimate the Slide. It is one hell of a phone and without question the equal to the supposed "high-end" EVO and Incredible. Enough of my rant for this Friday night! One last thought... by the time this is posted one of the manufacturers will come out with a new phone that will make the EVO and Incredible the newest "last generation" phones.

Very Good Phone....but

My touch 3g Slide
Screen size (in pixels): 320 x 480
Screen size (in inches): 3.4
Camera Resolution (Pixels): 5M
600 MHz ARM processor
HVGA display looks too outdated

HTC Incredible
480x800 WVGA AMOLED Touch screen
3.7″ WVGA OLED capacitive display
8 MP Camera Double Flash
1GHz Snapdragon Processor
HD Display

Moises1204 I would gladly trade you. I would rather have the Galaxy s Pro on T-Mobile. Because I want the keyboard.

So besides Froyo, how about anything decent as far as accessories for EVO (or most Android phones) like:

1. Charging Cradle (that we've seen advertised but not sold)
2. More selection of hard cases
3. HTC (or OEM) "fitted" car mount (again advertised but not sold)
4. More extended batteries to choose from

Where are these?

And finally, why doesn't someone from either HTC or Google explain 100% the deal with the battery drain so fast on EVO. No matter what you say, no matter what you do, you have to admit it effects all of you. We shouldn't have to trade functionality for battery life, or else they should have packaged this phone with a larger battery. Maybe saving grace will be whatever battery improvements Froyo will give. Has anyone done a comparison of 2.1 to 2.2 as far as that? *looks at Phil*

Straight up, SPRINT needs better(and newer)android devices NOW!!!! especially without 4g, i dont wanna pay $10 extra a month. i hope SPRINT gets an HTC Legend or something.. VERIZON is the only one thats keepin up with all the newest DROIDS, Props to them..

Wow the Droid X looks epic! So I got the Moto Droid on release day back in November, first time Verizon customer and I am loving the service and the phone! I'm afraid once there is official full specs and more info released on the Droid X that I'm going to want it bad!

I've never done this before, but is it worth paying full price for the phone and upgrading? I know that's my only option since I'm not even a year into my contract. Dang the X looks like the king of all Droid's!

Also is it confirmed for the N1 and EVO (the only two confirmed Android phones with 802.11n chips) that Wireless N speed/range will be activated from Froyo? Enquiring minds want to know...

It would help if the developers at Google would give us at least a bullet list of all things that will change/upgrade besides a relatively vague "this will be better and this will be faster" description.

I don't think we as a collective (supportive) group ask too much do we?

Being a previous Palm webOS convert, I have no regrets moving to Android and so far have no major complaints (besides the battery drain).

We all WIN going with android, look @ all these great phones coming out every month.. Thanks for the great coverage in one place guys.

Ive asked this on several posts with no response. Why is the droid x underclocked? if it has a better processor the incredible why would they underclock it battery life? also which will run smoother i dont care about looks sense ui moto blue which phone will be more capable ie games processing web pages etc?

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