Foursquare update

Android's Foursquare check-in app got an update this evening, bringing a few bugfixes. They are:

  • Bug fixes for the 2-08 release.
  • In-line commenting on Check-in Details.
  • Updated language translations.
  • Android Beam now redirects to the Android Market if receiving user doesn't have Foursquare.

Snag it now in the Android Market or at the link in this post.




Reader comments

Foursquare update brings bunch o' bugfixes


I've had the location refresh problem for the past 2-3 updates. Basically it's stuck on one location unless you reboot or are on airplane mode for a little while (like 15-30 minutes). Force closing doesn't fix it although it used to. I'm on an Epic 4G Touch. Lots of users have had it for too. Just check out the Market reviews.

Still doesnt fix the fact they made it slower to check in a few updayes ago. At least four clicks now is about 3 too many for an app whos main deal is To Check In.