Sitting at home, and checking in on Foursquare as though you are somewhere else, just to claim mayorship, or to steal it from someone else? More people have been doing this than you think. So, the team at Foursquare has added a GPS fix that will not allow you to receive points, or steal mayorships if you are not actually at the location you claim to be at. While they have stated they are never going to take away the ability to check in virtually anywhere at any time, they do want to prevent people from wrongfully claiming and stealing mayorships, and earning points for checking into locations when they are sitting at home all comfy cosy. [via foursquare blog]


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Foursquare checking to see if you're cheating on your check-ins


Thats great and all but since my gps coordinates never match up I can be in the store and it says im 3000 meters away!!! Uninstalled

This would be awesome in the Philly airport, for some reason my Droid GPS seems to think the Philly airport is Frankfurt, Germany, so I could be in Philly one minute, and then check into Frankfurt seconds later. I smell a plot cooking...

Funny thing is I started using this 2 weeks ago and now sometimes even though i am there it tells be to fsck off. I have to reboot my droid and then it works. And yes after starting this I can see how people can be self-mayors of things like The can @ Company XYZ. I mean I wouldn't want to be the mayor of the toilet, you can have that honor.

What gets me is a co-worker i know I beat out for mayor. But I only check into work once a day. Then he took mayorship back.. no big deal. I continue my checkins as usual and it took 3 checkins for me to be mayor again.

I have experienced the same thing the last couple days. When I go to a large park, I cannot check in unless I am close to the original place the site was entered into foursquare with. So that means, when I am at Easley's Sports Complex, which is pretty large, unless I move to the center football field, 4sq won't allow me to get the points. This stinks... =(

Also, while getting coffee yesterday at a place in Easley, 4SQ said I was 300 meters away... No points. While stopped at a store (That *I* put in just a few days before), it said I was too far away, so no points... Then today, I got to my office, and had to stand outside for 10 minutes (I am not joking) before it thought I was close enough to check into my own office.

Bummer... =(

But my Eris's GPS is always like a mile off. =/

I hope the update fixes it cuz we're getting turn by turn, right?

Wish there was a way to fix locations and gps cords on venues easily. I try to check into locations, to find out I won't get credit because I am too far away. Especially when aGpa, GPS and wifi cords show you bouncing around on the map. So now I check the map first to see how far off I am to where the original creator's gps claimed them to be. Can a mayor stake claim over a location and make corrections? -CC