Integration still limited to an in-app browser, but it works

In an effort to become more of a "one-stop shop" for all things restaurants and places, Foursquare is now integrating with GrubHub Seamless (formerly two services, now combined) for food delivery. If you're not familiar with the services of GrubHub Seamless, its a company that works as a middleman between restaurants and customers to deliver food. At no cost to the recipient, GrubHub Seamless will pick up your food at the restaurant and deliver it — hopefully from the restaurant's point-of-view increasing sales.

Now when you search Foursquare for a local restaurant in one of the hundreds of cities where GrubHub Seamless is available, you'll see a small "GH" or "S" icon under the contact details if the delivery service is available. Unfortunately right now that button simply loads up the mobile ordering site inside the app, but it does work. If you want to narrow down your search and have a better chance at finding a place that has delivery available, be sure to append your search with "delivery" — i.e. "Chinese food delivery."

You can grab the latest version of Foursquare from the Play Store link above.

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Foursquare now offers one-tap delivery ordering with GrubHub Seamless


Has been becoming more and more amazing lately. You can search and look at a restaurant's entire menu from directly within the app. What one was just a fun app to play around with is now becoming super useful

This doesn't make sense, isn't Foursquare for checking-in to a place once you arrive there, not searching for information about it? If you're at home, why would you open Foursquare to search for a delivery restaurant among all the other check-in places when you could just open the GrubHub or Seamless app (I don't know why there are still separate apps), see only restaurants that offer pickup or delivery, and order in an app that's designed for just that instead of in a browser inside Foursquare?

Yeah I was thinking that.. If I've fired up foursquare I'm already in a restaurant so what would be the point of offering me home delivery for a different one?

I always wondered how foursquare makes money though.. Maybe this is an attempt to go from a check in/review site to something they can charge for. Unfortunately they're competing with Google since Google search returns a decent list just from its home page (and Maps will tell you how far away) and for take away just-eat and the like have dedicated apps and functional websites.. Why go to foursquare?

Edit: tried to use it for discovery.. As I suspected completely useless for that purpose as it's all crowd sourced - searching for Chinese food resulted in no hits under 5km away.. Because who uses foursquare in a takeaway? (Clearly the local proper restaurant has never had a foursquare user in it, or at least never had one that's checked in).

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