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The Foursquare app for Android has been updated to bring back an old feature called Nearby Friends. As you might expect, it showcases which of your friends have checked in nearby recently, and what they think about the locations you've been checking into. All you have to do is scroll all the way to the top of your news stream, and use that tab selection bar that pops up at the bottom. 

Though it's only really the one feature (in addition to the usual performance tweaks), it's a pretty significant one, and those that are active on the network will be happy to see Nearby Friends again.

How often do you check in to locations using Foursquare? Do you have a lot of friends on there from out of town? Has Facebook proven to be more far-reaching, or do you see all location check-ins as excessive and useless information to share? 

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Foursquare brings back Nearby Friends feature


Maps or Local has all the recommendations I need.

I don't stalk my friends, even if they want me to. (Especially if the want me to).

As a regular foursquare user, I'm happy they brought this back (and wonder why it was removed to begin with), but I believe for most people, it would just be confusing to have "friends nearby" vs "all friends". It's not that much more/less to scroll through.

I think it should be "all friends" by default, since an average user might add a not-nearby friend, and then that friend's checkins would never appear on that user's feed.

I don't use foursquare (Foursquare? FourSquare?). I tried it out, but I realized I only hit the same few places week in and week out (that includes work and home) so I deleted it. No sense boring other people with my life :)

Glad to see it back. I'm a 4sq junkie...and I'm ok with it. I enjoy seeing where my friends are and what they're up to. Many of them I don't speak with regularly...local or ones that are far away. It's nice just keeping tabs. It's evolved into more of a recommmendation app over the last year or so. Sure you still unlock the badges and can get points, but I use the Explore feature regularly. Whenever I'm in a place I'm unfamiliar with and I'm hungry or want a cocktail, I just hit Explore and it lets me know everything around me that I might be interested in..and seeing the tips that are left behind at those venues is also helpful.

Where's the damn report button?

I use 4sq, am new to it. Seems a bit glitchy and buggy (what a pain to add your home) but I'll hang in there a while and see if I can stick to it.

Wish more places offered stuff for 4sq users. some sandwich shops do.