Foursquare for Android

After two years, 7.5 million members and some 500 million check-ins, Foursquare is turning 3. Version 3.0 that is, and it brings new features for users and merchants. For those of us doing the checking-in, there's a new way to discover venues using the "Explore" and "Me" tabs. For businesses, there are new analytics, and new ways to reward customers for their check-in loyalty. And Foursquare says there's more in store. Check it all out in their most recent blog posts, and we've got download links after the break. [Foursquare, 2]



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Foursquare 3.0 brings a world of new check-ins for customers, businesses


I am loving this new update. Also Phil Ive been able to eat at Five Guys Burgers and Fries like three times after traveling to the East coast to visit family and the food is just out of this world. Thanks for the indirect recontamination :)

I still can't install the new Foursquare app on my Xoom. It downloads but immediately fails on install. Maybe it's just my device.

Foursquare has to be the most pointless app ever developed for devices. I know a lot of people use it but again, I don't see the need.

Josh just checked into his crib
James just checked into his toilet
Andrea just became mayor of the McD's Drive Thru.

Phil stayed up late on a school night so he gets a naughty badge....

So you're telling me the the pros of possibly getting free stuff don't outweigh the cons?

Like for instance I got 15 % off @ Starbucks and tonight when I order Pizza Hut (I'm the mayor) I get free breadsticks don't warrant a use?

Granted...checking into my crib is dumb and I don't do that. I'm sure some do.

I checked it out this morning and the new features totally ROCK!!Especially deals around me and the explore tab. Great and welcomed additions!

For larger cities yeah I can see the discounts, etc.
However, people checking into pointless locations is exactly that.
I have been using Yelp's service which is a ripoff of Foursquare but the benefit of such programs is hints, tips, etc.

having never used this app,
what's the point of it? --not sarcasm, actual curiosity--

unless i'm missing something in the screen shot, are there really enticing coupons in it? why do i want to broadcast to facebook/twitter or whatever where i am & whatnot?
i don't care where anyone is.
if there's awesome undeniably better coupons/deals than in the sunday paper--then sure. it's allowable.
"and new ways to reward customers for their check-in loyalty"==better be more rewarding than 10% off a large drink wit the purchase of $15 or more. seriously.

to me, FourSquare is for people who think everyone else wants to know what they're doing constantly. FB status updates is one thing, Twitter&FourSquare are just egotistical extensions.
i could be wrong. please share the benefit(s) of this app--and i'll retract.

I've used it since last March. It's great for discovering things about places you've never visited. It's also great for discovering new places. I've used it as a history device as well if I'm trying to remember when I went to x on November 12.

As far as telling everyone what I'm doing. I have those alerts turned off. I have a few friends who can see where I am, but I don't broadcast it to everyone. Facebook and foursquare are two different things.