Although there are plenty of online radio apps on the Android market, nothing can really replace an old fashioned FM radio. If you own a Droid 2, you can thank XDA for yet again figuring out how to implement one just by following a couple simple steps. As with most things of this nature, a little command line work is necessary, but beyond that it’s easy as pie. Just make sure before you try that your Droid 2 is rooted or else this will end in failure. You’ll be jamming to your local stations in no time. [via XDA Developers]


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FM Radio now available for Droid 2


Meh, On the X its pretty static-y. I feel like the Tune-in app is a much better way to get your FM fix.

I agree, the TuneIn Radio app is awesome! What I like about it is there's not just local stations
but you can listen to stations from all across the country, and even the world!

FM radio is only good for one thing, sports. Most stations (or is it the league?)blackout the online live broadcast of games. Maybe battery life too but I can live with that, it's the live games that I miss.

I live in an area where FM radio leaves not just something, but everything to be desired so, to me, it certainly is not worth rooting for this one.