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Development continues apace for Flipboard for Android, as the app has been updated to version 1.8.4 beta 2. The latest version is a relatively minor update, bringing bug fixes and a handful of new features to the digital magazine app.  Sharing via Android's built-in "share" API is a welcome addition, and we're always partial to the occasional performance improvement, though we've experienced no slowdown in the app so far.

Here's the full change log for Flipboard version 1.8.4 beta 2 --

  • Added sharing via other applications
  • Fixed authentication bug which could cause repeated logins
  • Remember the position in a section if you accidentally leave it
  • Improved stability and performance

Samsung Galaxy S III owners and beta participants on other phones can grab the 2.5MB update to the latest version by firing up the app as usual -- you should get an update notification like the one in the photo above.


Reader comments

Flipboard for Android gets update to version 1.8.4 beta 2


Shaping up to be an even better app than I hoped it would be. I never could get in to Google Currents, but I love this.

I've been enjoying this program; my only 'complaint' is the Facebook updates are over-sized. Any pictures posted seem to be too big and you can't view them properly. But as a way to view news etc it's great (I like it better than Stumbleupon).