Flip, the simple, easy-to-use video recording device, just released an app for Android but it's not what you think it is. They're making FlipShare, which is basically Flip's personal video sharing software, available to our Android devices. Basically, from what we understand, the idea is to record video with your Flip, post it to FlipShare, and then be able to view them through the FlipShare App on your Android phone. Hm, isn't Youtube good enough for mobile viewing? In Flip's words:

  • View favorite FlipShare videos and photos
  • Access their personal Flip Channels
  • Watch Flip Channels from friends and family
  • Share videos by email or on Facebook

Don't get us wrong, we love our Flip Video Cameras but we're a bit unsure of the practically of this FlipShare app. If Flip had put out a video recording app that was able to outpace the current stock solution on Android, now that would interest us. This? Not so much.

What do you guys think? Are we not giving it a fair shake?

[flip via androidguys]


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Flip Releases FlipShare App for Android


Why wouldn't you just record video with your Android phone (not your Flip) and upload it to YouTube? Flip is done.

Flip was done before it started. It will be a hot item at garage sales everywhere this Spring, on the $0.25 table, right next to the Twitterpeek.

My first thought is that requiring a specialized app to view videos on your site is a waste. Wouldn't it be easier to optimize a mobile site and make sure the content is compatible?

My second thought is having an app that would interface the phone to the Flip to allow videos to be uploaded on the go or even live streams would be more useful.

I don't know why people think Flip is done. They take great video, dead simple to use, and are pretty cheap. The video from my Droid Eris can not compare to my Flip.

Flip works best for me because it retains any background music we use for my daughter's ballet videos. Music is typical what you might find in any ballet or dance studio and is (from what I understand part of the "public domain"). YouTube apparently has a current policy of accepting videos we uploaded but deleting the music part because they're afraid of legal action by someone or some corporation possibly owning the music. Handel, Bach, Beethoven?? Good grief!

So here's the deal. Flip, so far, doesn't get into public domain issues and otherwise works fine for us. However, when my daughter sent the same ballet Flip videos (via groupshare) they could play well on my PC and MAC but not on my HTC Incredible. However, any Flip videos I took and put on groupshare do show on Flipshare and do play. Flipshare folks think the problem is with HTC and only recently are now saying the current Flipshare program only really works well with iPhone. They can't yet explain why my Flip videos play and my daughter's do not on my (shudder) HTC. Enought said. Any ideas?