Calling all Angry Birds players!  If you've "3 starred" all the levels in Angry Birds Rio, you have some more work to do.  Amazon has released an update via their Appstore for Android bringing the current version to 1.2.0.  Well what's new in this update?

  • A whole new episode! It's time to Samba!
  • 15 all-new levels
  • New bird type

So start flinging those birds, especially the new one, and finish up those newly introduced levels. This update seems to be pushing out gradually so be patient if you haven't got it yet.  I've not received it yet so you can be sure I'm refreshing the Appstore every few minutes!  Shout out in the comments if you're liking the new update.

Source: Amazon

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Marshy says:

Woo! I was hoping the video had the new bird, but I just refreshed the amazon app store and it updated!

Edit: Except it shows carnival as locked. :(

Mr. Fisk says:

you have to beat all the levels then it will be open.

WallaceD says:

Not to be a spoiler, but the video does show the new bird.

(The new bird is quite useless, in my opinion.)

Telperion says:

Ugh, motion sickness on the moving background.

unclegeek says:

It shows up as an update available on my Xoom, but my EVO is still running ABR 1.0 and it says there's no update available.. Weird!

Alex949 says:

Market update?

Omg lol folks are still on Angry Birds? ...... Since Plant vs Zombies hit Android its been the main game I play..... stopped playing ABirds a while ago though.....its just played out

Cool story, bro.

revwill says:

I had to force Amazon App Store to show me the update. Open the store, Menu > My Apps > Update Available (tab) > menu > More > Refresh My Apps. Then it came up.

albokay says:

Had three stars and all fruit found till my droid x GB update caused me to reformat the phone and I lost it all.

Since im going Bionic when it comes out im not even trying for 3 stars on the new level. Ill redo it all when I get the new phone.

Love the rio game though. Prefer monkeys over pigs. Their screams of terror are great.

You can get 3 stars now and then just transfer your game data over. You'll be waiting for the Bionic for a while yet.