FlightTrack Free

Some news out of the Mobiata camp today. FlightTrack -- which long has been one of our go-to travel apps -- now has a free version, with a beautifully revamped design. If you've previously purchased FlightTrack, however, you'll not see the redesign just yet. Included in the free version of the app, though, are the redesigned UI, including flight details and a rough tracking map (other apps give a more detailed flight path), real-time departure and arrival info, gate numbers and baggage claim details. Plus, there's viewing on Google Maps, and the whole shebang covers more than 16,000 airports and 1,400 airports.

So is the free version of FlightTrack the way to go? Probably not if you're a road warrior. It's lacking the all-important Tripit integration, you can only track a single flight at a time, you're missing weather info, plus other features.

But if you travel only once in a blue moon, it's definitely worth checking out. Let's just hope those of us who have paid for the app see an update shortly.


Reader comments

FlightTrack offers free version with new design; paying customers have to wait


Why would the free version come out before the paid version O.o? lol. Let's hope the paid version comes out soon.

It's smart really when you think about it. Work the bugs out in a free version before you push it to your paying customers.

So - looking into this I see flight track PRO is the version that has tripit integration. I have Flight Track ($4.99). To get pro is another $4.99 on top of this. So what does flight track ($4.99 version) have that Flight track FREE doesn't????