Dress up your keyboard with some fancy new themes

Fleksy, the popular Android keyboard, has today pushed an update to version 3.0 which among other things opens up a brand new content store for the app. Available to its premium users, the Fleksy Store will provide themes and customizations for its users to download and dress up their keyboard to their tastes.

Initially 6 new premium themes are available and premium users will be able to claim a free bonus theme. Additionally, the standard look and feel of Fleksy has been updated with new colors and animations.

"The average Fleksy user uses our product 180 times a day, and spends 1.5 hours looking at the keyboard each and every day. We believe this exposure gives us a fantastic platform to offer premium content and customizations for the keyboard" said Ioannis Verdelis, Founder and COO of Fleksy. "By introducing Fleksy Store, we have an unbounded opportunity to expand with premium product features, while maintaining the clean and simple Fleksy experience which appeals to first time users".

Beyond the glitzy stuff Fleksy has also seen some under the hood improvements. 17 new languages – previously only available in beta – are now on board including Hebrew, Croatian, Lithuanian, Albanian, Norwegian, Tagalog, Catalan and more besides. And they've sharpened up accuracy on the total 40 languages the keyboard supports, too.

While the Fleksy Store is only available to paid up, premium users, everyone else can get a trial of the keyboard free for 30 days. It should be available shortly in the Google Play Store at the link up top.

We recently featured Fleksy as one of our top 5 keyboard apps for Android, but if you're curious to check out the rest be sure to visit the link below.


Reader comments

Fleksy keyboard goes fancy with brand new content store


This is what I've been asking SwiftKey to do for awhile, and they still haven't done it.

Posted via the LG G2 Android Central App

Unless it types for me, and brings me beer ... then I can't see me changing from either swift key or the android L keyboard

Posted via Android Central App

Seems like a lot of people are commenting who haven't even tried it. If you like your keyboard, then fine, but why comment about it here if you haven't even tried Fleksy? Human behavior is strange sometimes....I have tried Swype, Google, AI, Minimal, Swift....you name it. Right now Fleksy is the one I'm sticking with. It tends to lag less than Swift and I have to do fewer multiple inputs to fix auto corrects.

Same here! Been there, done all that, Fleksy is the one I use on a daily basis. I absolutely love the swiping to delete and I use is 1000000000 times a day. Might actually pay for it once my trial is up.

Tried it for a few days. No more accurate than Google Keyboard nor does it add anything special.

Posted via Android Central App

Takes more than a few days to get acquainted and really take advantage of the speed. Once you build your confidence in the system you really do fly through sentences.

Posted via Android Central App

I've been using it for a few weeks. One thing I wish they would add is a top number row.

Posted via Android Central App

A top row may be nice, but you can always long press on any key. It beats having to shift, then press the number, then shift back.

I gave Fleksy a try yesterday when it got support for Norwegian and I'm surprised to say that I'm actually considering switching out SwiftKey after being a loyal user since my HTC Magic days. The one thing that Fleksy does much better is the lack of lag which has plagued SwiftKey forever it seems. The Fleksy design is also quite nice, and even though it will take some getting used too I'm seriously considering buying the full version right now to get the reduced price. TIme will tell if I stick with it or turn back to SwiftKey.