Endomondo 10.0

Endomondo today announced version 10.0 of its popular fitness application, adding a wealth of new features both on-screen and behind the scenes.

Let's break 'em down:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy — This is the big one, allowing for better connections to Bluetooth devices while conserving battery on your smartphone. Endomondo says some 200 beta testers helped get this one ready to go.
  • Better graphics for premium and pro users. (Note the ads on the free version you see here.)
  • A lock screen widget has been added, so you can peek at your stats without having to unlock your phone.
  • Proper Google+ sharing once your workout is over.
  • And all-new implementation of ANT+.
  • And a getting-started tutorial.

Definitely an update you'll want to get if you're a current Endomondo user. And if you're looking for a new fitness app, it's absolutely worth a try.

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Reader comments

Fitness tracker Endomondo gets a major update, adds Bluetooth LE, more features


I've been using lose it for years and don't wanna lose my data. I love that I have charts of my weight changes going back 3+ years. This makes me not want to switch. Same with run keeper. I have YEARS of running data on my phone and online...it's just so awesome. These companies definitely have me locked in as I want to keep adding to my data and not start over...

Maybe if the other companies had an easy way to import data I'd be more open to trying new things, but I doubt anyone would want to allow that...

Phil, are you back on the One? Do you go naked with your devices? I never see a case in your pics.

Posted via Android Central App

The funny thing is that there's only 1 notification (from Endomondo). The rest are statuses of the phone: GPS, Bluetooth On, NFC on, phone is silenced, alarm is set, wifi on, mobile data status, phone reception, battery, time.

What does AT&T have to do with anything? Only one of those could be blamed on them: LTE icon still being shown while on Wi-Fi (most other phones/carriers just hide 3G/LTE indicator while on Wi-Fi, which is a lot less confusing to the average user IMO). The rest is all HTC's fault...

I loved all three EVOs I had, but for as much polish as Sense adds it also makes a mess of some very simple UI interactions, and this is one of them. I'm not just saying that because I have a Nexus 5 now (although the stock Android status iconography is both more compact and concise).

One of the first things I used to do on my rooted HTC devices was to disable the pointless NFC and location services icons (most people have those things on most the time, they're a waste of space), along with hiding the alarm clock icon (just one recurring alarm it's always on as such it doesn't tell me anything).

The dialer showing up two and three times under the multi tasking menu was another big HTC quirk, specially when they had the cards UI for app switching... Stock Android is so much more polished in this regard, never thought I'd say that.

Why do all the fitness trackers have social bs built in? I just wanna run and know my stats. Running for me is my time to get away from everyone.

And I'd rather have all my data on my phone in a simple CSV file. Thank you.

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.

Because the social component has been proven to be successful regarding motivation. Once again, apps are not written just with you specifically in mind though many seem to think they should be.

Absolutely I do NOT think apps are written with ME specifically in mind. However, I CANNOT be the only one who wants a scaled back version of a running app.
Some people don't need 'social' motivation. We have enough SELF DISCIPLINE on our own.

Not enough self-discipline to refrain from using all-caps.

Why don't you simply count the steps you take during your run, mulitply it by your stride and you can get your distance. Take that number and divide it by the amount of time you were running and bingo, there's your average speed. That should be no problem for someone so self-disciplined. It sounds like a perfect low-tech solution and you could earn the right to be even more smug the next time one of these new-fangled socialfied apps is mentioned.

You can call it what you want. It's an odious Internet trend and a horrible crutch in use by too many people.

They are built in for people who use them. If you don't use the "social bs" then don't. When I run and work out none of my apps report to Facebook or G+.

He was exactly right. Plus, You said you were done with me. So much for your vaunted self-dicipline.

Yes. But you don't have to use the social features. You are just thick as a brick aren't you sport?

This is awesome. I've been using this app for a couple years, have logged over 5000 cycling miles with it and they keep making it better and better.

Sigh, I gave up 4 months ago with Endomondo and moved all my data to Runtastic, since I wanted Bluetooth Low Energy support. Had to do it manually and it took while so... Nope, not gonna bother returning any more, since they are so bloody slow to add stuff.