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Syncing just got easier with more Android devices

Fitbit has just announced that their products will now sync with even more Android devices. Previously Fitbit devices only synced wirelessly with about 5 Android devices, all of them Samsung, so it was a bit inconvenient for many users. Today they have announced that they will be supporting 12 more Android devices.

Fitbit has not hit all the devices, but they have added support for many of the most popular devices. If you own any of the Fitbit products, and one of these devices you will want to grab the app update now to gain wireless sync. We hope that Fitbit is able to accommodate even more devices in the future, and soon there will be no restrictions and users can easily sync regardless of device choices. See the list of new devices after the break.

Source: Fitbit

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jwyche007 says:

These guys were no better than Nike before this. Nice to see them progressing and covering more people.

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Ry says:

Still waiting for the iOS notifications update so I can turn my wife's Force into a smartwatch.

Bryan Lucas says:

I don't see the Moto G on the list, but mine tried to connect to my wife's FitBit flex. I didn't actually do it, but I wonder if it would work.

jonovw says:

Should be possible since the Moto G has Bluetooth 4.0 and has Android 4.3/4.4.2

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S-Doo-1965 says:

It has been on their sight since before Christmas. I bought a Flex on boxing day.

BuJ_14 says:

Once again, it's there for the Nexus 7 and no love for the Nexus 10
And also where's the Moto G?

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j.bergthold says:

Actually been working on the Droid Maxx since it received the latest Android update. Glad to see it public now, as this makes it that much better.

endofrico says:

Does it recognize the Fitbit as a trusted bluetooth device?

bearda says:

"Updated: December 19, 2013"

So yeah, old news.

GothBoyUK says:

Too little, too late. I returned my Flex to Amazon after 6 months of broken promises of Android integration, crashing hardware and shoddy wristbands. Not surprising they replaced it with the Force within months of release.

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MrSmith317 says:

Not to say it's your fault, but the Force is so much better than the Flex. If they made the Force waterproof and gave it heart monitor it would be perfect.

GothBoyUK says:

I agree, the Force is *much* better than the Flex but it's still not available in the UK and Fitbit support stated that a US model (which would be significantly cheaper) would have problems if based in the UK. Don't ask me why though!

My point was that their customer loyalty and support can be lacking. Mind you, this is UK support, USA seems better.

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appmy says:

This might be a dumb question... Why is this so difficult to do? Isn't is just like any other Bluetooth connection?

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They lost my custom to Withings over their lack of support.

GothBoyUK says:

Exactly what happened with me. I now have a Withings Pulse and WS-50 Scales. They just work. Unlike the Flex.

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TurboFool says:

Considering the device requires Bluetooth LEP, no, they can't merely open the doors and let it connect to any device. It will ONLY work with devices that support Bluetooth LEP in both the hardware and OS revision they're running.

This is different from the Nike band which, until the latest version, did NOT use LEP and yet still refused to support Android. NOW they claim it's due to LEP, but that wasn't true previously. The FitBit's stuck with LEP the whole time.