If you're looking for a fun game to check out over the weekend, then Halfbrick Studios' Fish Out Of Water is certainly worth checking out. The game has now arrived on Google Play as well as the Amazon App Store after hitting over 5 million downloads on iOS. Aside from the pleasant look of the game, Fish Out Of Water is simple to pick up and get into.

To get started, you can pick from six different 'fish' to skip across the sea as far as possible thanks to the one-touch gameplay but they each have their own unique properties: one explodes into a school of multiple fish, another has smooth scales to maximize distance, the whale is light (for some reason) and bounces particularly high, while the dolphin can dive beneath the waves and come out the other side with plenty of velocity.

To add some difficulty to the mix, the game's weather changes hourly, so during one match, you may have perfectly calm waters, while the next day you may be wrestling against massive waves. Fish Out Of Water is a free download but it does include some in-app purchases like most games these days. They're not intrusive or pushy, so it has that going for it. Give it a go and let us know what you think.


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Fish Out Of Water from Halfbrick Studios arrives on Android


The game was not up to par with what I've come to expect from this studio. Compared to jetpack joyride, this was not nearly as polished, and totally ruined by ads. If it was more polished, I would pay for it, but there is no way in heck that I am sitting through a 30 second commercial for a TV show designed for a demographic with the IQ of a rotting vegetable.

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Halfbrick is known for their educational games. I think I could work at NASA JPL after all the time I spent playing Jetpack Joyride.

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that video (as well as some of his others) has brought me many tears of joy and laughter.

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I have to try this game. Seeing the pictures reminded me of Whale Trail. I used to love that game but its been so long since I've played it I forgot all about it. I swear it has the best soundtrack ever!

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ive tried it its actually good, some of the fishes (well the mammal mostly lol) are kinda useless though (or i just dont know how to use them lol). any reviews for leo's fortune?

The in game ads are over kill and some of those ads are not child/age appropriate.
A piss poor effort from Half brick

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