Light on details and heavy on hype, here's the first official teaser trailer for the Samsung Galaxy S4, due to be announced in New York City on Mar. 14. The trailer introduces the young Jeremy Maxwell, guardian of a magical box of Galaxy S4 secrets.

Check it out above. We'll be live from NYC on the 14th for the main event.


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First Samsung Galaxy S4 teaser trailer emerges


It's just more PR propaganda that reveals absolutely nothing about the product. Samsung will probably release half a dozen similar videos between now and March 14.

no you were right, it was lame. I like it better when they were doing those commercials making fun of the Apple hipsters in barista's. At least those were witty.

Another Rolls Royce complete with shiny painted plastic doors, plastic windows, plastic wheel trims and plastic pretty much everywhere else.. I can't wait.....

Oh boi, am i a terrible person if i was kinda wishing they'd show the boy good ol' d***-in-the-box trick? "Ok, you can have just one little peek..." ZING!

I've got bad news for you.....and besides, for those saying that it's lame : the add does what it should, bringing the maximum interest on the incoming phone.

This does absolutely nothing to get me excited about
the S4!!!. . .Nothing!

Besides, the S4 isn't going to have the Snapdragon 800.

Sorry. Not impressed with this whatsoever. Every freaking second was annoying. Especially the kid and douche-bag looking exec.

Maybe it's just me, but I think it's a pretty good advertising ploy , it has the hallmark of everyone out there anticipating the release of the most ppopular android phone line. It could quight easily have been one of our very well known bloggers given the task... Secrecy contract in 1 hand & the box in the other with the biggest grin you could imagine.

I'd tend to agree.

What is it? A low dollar Youtube video created to keep a little attention between MWC and the actual unpacking event. Also, it's targeted at the larger market of regular people that can just take it for what it is; a little silly, over the top, humor involving kids.

No, it's not a video targeted at the tech nerds. No wonder everyone here is so antsy about it.


Screw you guys... I thought it was clever... lol. But nonetheless had nothing to do with the actual product. Like every teaser ever made.

Making fun of hipsters is so much better. I guess they are now trying to win over the soccer moms that carry iPhones.

Terrible. I hate when companies use kids to advertise products that are not meant for kids. Makes it seem childish and foolish.

I'm fine with all of this as long as Samsung really delivers. I do think its funny how everyone moans about the plastic when the real design flaw was the garbage glass they used. My wife HTC EVO LTE (takes MASSIVE amounts of abuse in purses, kids etc) hardly has a scratch on it while my damn S3 looks like a T-Rex has been chewing on it for 6 months. I just don't get it. Anyways, here is hoping its awesome and not just a lame refresh.

Ha Ha. Everyone complaining about the commercial is doing exactly what Samsung intended: getting people to notice and comment about the S 4. Any publicity is good publicity in the marketing world. Samsung thanks you naysayers.

Maybe Samsung are insinuating that this phone will make you feel like a child again. Excited about what might be in the box, anticipating something amazing!Not wanting anyone else to see or touch until you've had the chance to enjoy it. Let's hope we're not let down lol!

And like most I wanted just a glimpse of the phone so I can decide whether I should wait or get the Xperia Z! Going to have to wait a little longer to compare... ah well!

If you look very closely you can see the reflection of what's in the box in the kids eyes...Just a bunch of paper and a light. You would think they could have at least put the real S4 in there!

That was atrocious. And the 3 people who spoke in that commercial were a terrible casting choice.

I'm expecting to be disappointed.

Funny that some mention the light in the box and screen brightness... I know someone with an S3 and it only took a few seconds to be unimpressed with how dull the screen was at maximum brightness, the S3's Super AMOLED HD has nothing on the S2's Super AMOLED Plus, so what they need to do is combine both into... Super AMOLED HD Plus...

You people really don't know what the s4 will look like? It is a smart phone, it will look like every other one on the market lol.

Following the rumors that s4 will have many versions. I am assuming that the kid on the video means there will be a mini version of s4 also. Just a guess.