Google Music apps

Here we have our first look at the new and improved Google Music app, which -- surprise, surprise -- is pretty much what we saw tucked into an early Ice Cream Sandwich build. Really, not a whole lot has changed in the whole Google Music experience as far as using the app goes. It's been spruced up a bit, is all, and themed more for the ICS crowd.

Take a look at the video after the break, update in the market at your leisure, and hope the updated Android Market app -- which you'll need to buy music from your phone -- hits soon.

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radef says:

Good review. Google Apps accounts do work, but you're still limited to the first account on the device.

lindycu says:

When setting up it asked me if I wanted to add additional google accounts...?

JoshP says:

They finally added the ability to rate (thumbs up/down) a track from within the mobile app.

keith2k1 says:

Already dl'ed 5 tracks.. #goodbyeitunes

mesysg says:

All I can say is, Phil, I have a new respect for you....I noticed Lamb Of God in your music library!!

Magellan says:


KingGinger55 says:

Yea I noticed a lot of bands that gave me renewed respect for Phil.

kaufmansm says:

Just down loaded on my tbolt. dont have the new menu. WTF?

eksoccer99 says:

same here, SGSII

mrrobotanger says:

I think this plus the ability to buy music from Google will tip the scales. Bye bye apple.

shingi_70 says:

Still Gonna use itunes. Gmusic is just my mobile source.

icebike says:


Sure you still have your purchased files on your hard drive somewhere, but who needs Itunes any more? I haven't used or even launched iTunes since I pointed my Google Music Manager at the iTunes folder.

It just offers nothing but the most poorly written misbehaving interface possible.

Everything else I do on the web, including finding album art for obscure recordings, tagging, classifying, creating play-lists.

Since I haven't purchased anything thru iTunes for over a year, I will probably just uninstall it.

MrBucket85 says:

Why on earth would you ever want to use itunes? It's a giant resource hog and you get a much better deal from Amazon mp3.

jason821 says:

Any eta when the mobile market will be updated?

Nirvana328 says:

the presentation from said within the next few weeks, but no official word or specific date yet.

I like the new app. No lock screen controls though.

Install WidgetLocker and put the regular app widget on the lockscreen, problem solved!

Comineeyeaha says:

Radiohead, Deftones, LCD Soundsystem... Phil, I'd like to buy you a drink.

fantasma4 says:

App itself work great... but ever since I downloaded the new music player... I get a force close every time I try and play a song via streaming. When I play a song that is on the sd card (offline), it plays normally. Anyone else seeing this? And more importantly how to fix the issue? A 1 Star rating in the market also mentioned this same issue. I am on a DX running CM7.1

I unblocked ads via Rom Toolbox, and now I can stream again.

Hmm, my personal belief is that if you gonna buy an album, buy it in an actual physical form - CD or vinyl. You get the best-quality music, and all the goodies inside, like artwork/photos & lyrics. If you gonna download it, download it for free!

envoy510 says:

Will GMusic do the upload trick that iTunes does, and save you having to actually upload the majority of your music because it's already in the cloud? I uninstalled it on the day it was announced when I realized that uploading 70GB through my home connection was gonna take a LONG time.

Saneless says:


And yeah, it stinks to do that initial upload, but after that everything's great. 4 days of waiting and then you'll never have to do it again. That's a pretty fair tradeoff for free AND streaming. Let's see apple do that "trick"

fantasma4 says:

FYI - If you cannot see the music section in the market on your phone... just go to Google+ and find a song someone shared with you... click to buy it, then it will take you to the music section of the market.

Go Android! says:

Or you can choose a song in Google Music on your computer then do Chrome to Phone and when the link pops up on your phone, view it in the Market.

acehomey says:

I didn't download the update but when I opened the app, it was already updated. Could it have happened when I restarted my phone earlier? Odd.

Saneless says:

So far it seems like the "Make available Offline" bug is fixed. Previously if you set an album for offline, it would constantly re-download it everytime you rebooted/remounted your SD Card.

I still wish they had an option within to build playlists and "Send all songs to your phone" to basically "sync" like you would in iTunes. It's not until they do that that they'll be able to get people to be fully comfortable with the service

RENCH32 says:

Should this work on droid incredible with Cm7.1? Received 1 maybe even 2 updates today, but no menu to sync.

zhecht says:

Force Closes on my Hero running Gingerbread.

mrtonk says:

Still no option to create a playlist based on thumbs up songs, even though it gives me the option to rate thumbs with a thumbs up? Frustrating....

Kimo91 says:

For some reason I keep getting error messages about package can't be installed...anyone know how to fix this? I've done fix permissions in CWM and through bootstrap

tejasoffroad says:

I'm getting this same messasge. It tells me 'package file was not signed correctly'. on a samsung captivate running the collectives mosaic 8. Are we not allowed to update for some reason.

BTW: since i got my captivat (first android phone), i deleted my itunes and haven't looked back.

Magellan says:

I had that problem also. I had the leaked ICS version installed and after I uninstalled that, the new one installed fine.

RENCH32 says:

Can anyone confirm if this will work on a rooted phone?

MrBucket85 says:

Works just fine on my OG Droid running Bugless Beast.

Mathparadice says:

First ms used the song music is my hot hot sex, then apple used it, maybe google will use it for its commercials too

ReggieTee says:

Music store gets Podcast and we'll be cooking then.

android06 says:

still no lockscreen controls?! wtf google?!!

dannychaos says:

You have some really good and some questionable taste in music Phil. I was impressed that you had AFI.

zelendel says:

Am I the only one seeing people complaining about going over their data limits alot more soon? Already I have seen someone get nailed for tethering when all they were doing was using google music but sense it streams it from the cloud it uses alot of data if you use it all the time, now add in the carriers removing unlimited data and your left with an app that you can hardly use.

skitchbeatz says:

Performance is a lot better now. They seemed to have removed the dynamic backgrounds (which was cool but seemed to make the app unnecessarily slow). I wonder if the music pinned will survive a restore from Titanium backup now. Also, I wish they hadn't removed the play/pause button from list view.

Also... where's the API?

RichardClark says:

Has anyone seen a detailed comparison between Google's music service and Amazon's?

Eazy123 says:

It's nice, but far, FAR away from making me want to drop PowerAMP. No EQ, this crappy blank album artwork template, no lock screen widget...I'll pass.

scribe4food says:

Anyone knows when the Music store will be up?