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Android Central at Mobile World Congress Not a day goes by in which we don't get an e-mail from you fine folks out there asking about antivirus and security applications, and which one we'd recommend. That's a tough question, because it's tough to judge which one is the best at spotting malware. We caught up this evening with our pals at NQ Mobile (aka NetQin Mobile), makers of the NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus app. And they've got a convincing argument for using their app over the others -- it was designed and developed in the world capital of viruses and malware. (Bonus points if you can guess the country.)

Check out our video above, and check out the app in the Android Market. Basic features are free, and premium features cost on average about $5 a month, depending on where you live.

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Lanhoj says:

Not sure about you guys out there, but I sideload all the time on my Kindle Fire & purchase tons on my Galaxy Nexus ... I've yet to come across any viruses.
Just don't go installing Apps / Games that look like a scam, always read the comments & check the permissions instead of wasting 5$/month on "premium" anti-virus software features.

Kennyb123 says:

Especially at around 5 dollars PER MONTH!?!? What are these guys smokin'?

baykes says:

what those two said. thats stupid. Smartphones are nearly targeted enough to warrant any of this.

PSUGradAtl says:

Just Googled malware capital of the world: according to a Symantec 2010 report it is Shaoxing, China. I was thinking it was Nigeria but that is reportedly the email scam capital of the world.

icebike says:

That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, and want to run right out and install this. *cough*

DrDoppio says:

If you believe that you need AV apps, I've got a bridge to sell you.

Ironzey says:

Man, I HATE these posts about "antivirus" apps. Seems like a boldfaced scam especially when you look at the price $5/month. I think I rather see reviews of fart apps.

"it was designed and developed in the world capital of viruses and malware"
- China and/or Russia

sbenson1189 says:

As far as i know, there are no virus's for android. So imo all virus scanners for android are a scam.

DrDoppio says:

Of course there are malicious applications, but the way to avoid them is not by installing some crapware or by paying subscription.

mr nruz says:

omg not another antivirus app

thegeester68 says:

So would the consensus be using AVG and/or Lookout is unecessary if you only download applications that are well reviewed/highly rated?

bsbllfn38 says:

That is a valid viewpoint from the stance of simple antivirus, but apps like Lookout also have backup and GPS locating features available in the free version that make the app worthwhile. My wife uses the "Scream" feature all the time because she always loses her phone and it is on silent 90% of the time.