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It's kind of teasing posting up photos of a device most people can't buy, but when it looks like this it's definitely worth a mention. What we see here is the first shots of the Verizon employee exclusive Droid DNA, obtained by the guys over at Droid-Life. It's a regular old DNA at heart, but instead of the black back on the regular one, Verizon staff get theirs in a pretty impressive shade of red. And, since Verizon devices aren't short on logos, this DNA is absolutely no exception. In addition to the usual stuff, it also comes stamped as a “Verizon Employee Limited Edition.” It's not likely to hit everyone's tastes, but it sure stands out in a crowd. 

Source: Droid-Life


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First images surface of Verizon employee exclusive Droid DNA


EXACTLY! I was going to same the same thing.

Big freaking whoop. It is red. Maybe if it had some reasonable local storage options, it would be worth having...

I think it is cool when they do stuff like this, but most of them just end up on ebay for some ridiculous price, that people WILL pay.

I have the corporate edition RAZR. These phones are nice because they are different. Not to mention they usually include high end accessories for free. However, nobody is allowed to sell them. They can only be traded back in.

If that were true, you wouldn't constantly see them for sale on eBay. Do a search for Droid Razr HD or Razr M - chances are good you'll see a limited edition phone for sale. I've seen a half dozen of them for sale over the past two weeks.

They should come out with one with the red back for everyone, add at least another 16GB of memory and/or micro SD, and a 25% or more larger battery. Then call it the DNA+ and sell it for no more than $50 more. I would buy one then.

You want them to sell nearly $500s worth of hardware for $50? Basic maths fails there.

The butterfly has an SD card.

Where did I say that? I said I wanted maybe $10 (HTC's cost) more hardware for an increase in retail price of the phone by $50.

"More larger battery"? Not to be a Grammar Nazi, but...

And the AC review of the phone said that battery life is fine. Not so with the One X. Really the only problem is the lack of storage (aside from the large screen, which is more personal preference). If they sold a 32 GB option for $50 more, or complaining would stop.

Actually, if you reread what I wrote, I believe my grammar is fine. Maybe I could have worded it better, but it's only wrong when you remove part of the sentence. But thanks for your concern. Now read your last sentence...

Of course the battery life is "fine," but I would like it to be better. I would like to not worry about ever having a dead battery before midnight. What's wrong with asking for more?

i was just at a verizon store and i can say that this phone is really good wow and its not too big like i thought it was going to be.. compared to the note.. i have the evo lte but if i was on verizon i would get this

And yet Verizon employees are buying Note IIs. You can always buy a colorful snap-on case.

The funny part is that VZW employees don't need a large amount of storage space. Since lots of them still carry an unlimited data plan, even after upgrading, cloud storage takes care of the rest.