First alleged photo of the Moto E surfaces from Mexico

What we have here might be our first glimpse at the Moto E. On the left is the low-cost Moto G, and on the right is a phone we haven't seen before, bearing Motorola branding and the markings of a unit used for testing before release. It has a smaller screen and body, though with what looks like might be thicker bezels. But for a phone that's said to be thinner and cheaper, that's a small compromise to make.

The photo, as posted by Android Police, is said to have been pulled from Motorola Mexico's Facebook page (¿alguien cometió un error, eh?). In addition to the slightly smaller screen, the device pictured here also has a larger speaker slot (and possibly one under the screen). It also appears that there is not a front-facing camera on this device, which is both odd and understandable if Motorola's looking to save customers even a few more dollars here. That pill-shaped black spot is likely the proximity and ambient lighting sensor, as on the Moto X and Moto G.

If this is the Moto E, we expect it to be what we'll see in next week in London. Specs wise it's anticipated to be similar to the Moto G, though down a notch in a few places in order to attain that lower price for markets where that sort of device is welcome — like Mexico.

Source: Android Police


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First alleged photo of the Moto E surfaces from Mexico


Nokia still has brand presence worldwide. Motorola hardly has any brand recognition left outside of the US (and recently UK) l.

It's catching up in India. They've sold thousands of Moto Gs in a short span of time.
And the product is well worth the price. Better than any other manufacturers in the same range with clean, almost stock software.

Still wildly popular here in Mexico. It's not Samsung or Apple, but I wouldn't go as far as saying that it has 'hardly any brand recognition outside of the US'. Just sayin'

All the Carriers are selling it. Samsung is more popular because they sell more than 10 different models, but I see MotoXs and MotoGs on the street quite frequently here is Mexico.

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Nokia is just as bad when it comes to recognition. They're both seen as "brick" manufacturers when it comes to ignorant consumers around all of us.

Thank god...

But I am pretty sure they might have but don't feel like researching it. I think it was one phone....

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Depending on the storage options and pricing, I might grab one of these as a nice backup phone... Just has to prove to be better value than the Xperia E1 and I'd be sold.

I understand why they may have made this phone and I do hope that in that market it succeeds and people can get an experience of High end android software on lower end hardware for a great price. Best of luck

I just hope they market it directly in Mexico and make it low-cost IN Mexico. I still can't believe that a 300 or 400 dollar phone like the Nexus or Moto X goes for almost twice as much South of the Border. HTC One M8, for instance, is running at a little over a thousand dollars here in Mexico! UnBefreakinlievable.

htc should do something about that travesty. but then again that's when the worlds richest man hold a monopoly like grasp of telecom in mexico.

You do know those phones and those prices have nothing to do with Telcel, right? HTC should do something but with their marketing. The M7 got here eight months after the rest of the world and the M8 is only being sold through resellers and importers.

On a plan the X is cheap. I got my from MercadoLibre (our ebay) for 4800 pesos, that's about 370 dollars. The Moto G sells even at the carriers for about 200 dollars, off contract.

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Ignorant posts from people who don't seem to realize there is a global market outside of their tiny little bubble should be banned

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I wouldn't be shocked if the Moto G Cinema and Moto E are the same phone, just E is for Europe and other parts of world and G Cinema is for North American region.

I wonder if that bottom bar is a speaker

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I was thinking it looked like a Samsung product... So I'm right there with you.

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So are they going in reverse alphabet order? What next Moto C then Moto A? Lol i Love the Moto tho so keep em coming :)

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The dumbass is you for not realizing that there are actually poor people in the world that might like to afford a smartphone.

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The moto g is sexier. If the moto g is a budget phone this must be meant meant for 8 year olds. you can't cut much more out of the G without the phone being useless to make. Almost no market except maybe third world countries and kids

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Maybe you don't understand so I'll dumb it down for you: me wonders what point is to make phone this cheap. Me wonders what market moto can tap into that no one else hasn't already, to sell this phone. And lastly, me wonders why anyone would buy this phone for say $70 when you can get a moto g for $100. Simple enough for you?
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Where can you get the G for 100 besides verizon prepaid? Don't jump all over this guy.
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He "duh'ed" you because you deserved it 100-200 is still a lot of money in most of the world. Half the planet's wage earners make less than $1400/month. Not everyone lives in a self-entitled first world nation.

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Very much appreciate your unwarranted opinion. It's funny how the guy (and yes you too) leached off MY ORIGINAL comment on which I'll say what I please. Maybe you should, in order: stop trolling, post an original thought, get a life, find someone who cares what you think, and save your 2 cents for them.
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