Firefox beta 6

Firefox beta 6 is now available in the Android Market, marking Mozilla's latest release for Android. Beta 6 comes jam-packed with a slew of improvements, including faster start-up times, less memory usage, and tablet optimization, among many others. Like with any other beta release, you'll see some shiny new features, but you'll likely run into a few hiccups along the way too, so download with that in mind. You can grab beta 6 from the market after the break, or hit the source link for the complete changelog and release notes.

Source: Mozilla


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Firefox beta 6 available now in the Android Market


yea and maybe chrome should have stopped trying too since it sucked when it first came out. /s

this is the reason they should have either had a closed beta or named it an alpha. too many idiots wandering about downloading stuff that is obviously not complete yet and they bash it like it has a 0% chance of being good. this isn't a google beta app. it's an ACTUAL beta.

I think he is primarily speaking about the android version. If that is in fact what he is talking about, then I agree. They should give up.

As far as firefox for desktops, its ok. Chrome is my personal favorite. Chill man, its just a browser.

now if only they can get the pc version to work.. crashes 5 times in ten minutes now !!!! They totally released a crappy beta as a official version... disappointing...

Very sad.. but.. the PC version is not so awesome anymore... I have NEVER had a prob with Firefox till the last crappy PC build..

Pretty sure it's your "crappy" PC that's the problem. I use Aurora across 5 different machines ranging from an old single-core laptop to my i7 desktop and never see crashes.

Unless you have more than 10 TB.. I will reserve the right to use the word crappy... I have been building custom rigs since I was a teen.. The last Firefox has problems on some sites and crashes.. I did say that it has NEVER crashed until the last update... sheesh.. why do people get so uptight and protective about a piece of software...

I have given up on Firefox. Their mobile product never worked and the desktop version has gone to hell too. Google Chrome is the best now.

Er...the stock Android browser? It uses the same Webkit rendering engine and V8 JavaScript engine as Chrome (re-optimized for ARM, obviously).

their PC version sucks, and with hell knows how many times they still cant get the android version right. does anyone actually download this crap?

I can't understand why can't they make it right? Opera mobile made their browser a beast a long time ago while firefox can't make even make their mobile browser usable.

Have people tried this yet? While I'll admit that almost all versions thus far have sucked. I'm using it as we speak on my Asus Transformer and it's performing spectacularly

I think its ok. I am using it on my transformer as well with no issues. also no typing lag like the stock browser. not sure if it is related or not.
I also useit on my charge sometime without issues

I would use it if I were still a Firefox user. I've switched over to Chrome as my development and personal use browser since the 4.x beta.

Mozilla has really let Firefox go since 3.x. I've tried 4, 5, and I have 6 installed now - its like Mozilla honestly couldn't give a flip anymore. I dont expect to see any real improvements in the browser until 7, or 8, or until they start loosing marketshare - whichever comes first.

The problem is they lost any quality developers they had at its inception, and the current team pales in comparison. Quite embarrassing actually.

I use Firefox on my mac and its the best, over safari and chrome. Didn't like the mobile version. sticking with opera.

It's astonishing how Firefox for Android is so frickin huge in size. Its footprint and resource requirements are twice (or more) what the competition requires, and does the job half as well. Even the PC version has declined over the past year. If it weren't for the lack of a bookmarks sidebar on Chrome, I would have ditched Firefox on the PC quite some time ago.

Honestly, FF for Android is so much of an embarrassment, I can't believe they haven't scrapped it and started over.

I'm happy with Chrome for desktop... I must have the same crappy i7 as the other person has because its been crashing like crazy with the newest version... Dolphin HD for my EVO and I switch from Dolphin to stock browser, depending if I want desktop or mobile view on my iconia a500 tab... FF isn't doing for me on mobile

Latest version of Firefox for PC needs to be fixed. Never had it crash before latest version. I uninstalled the beta version because of this but updated when it came out of beta thinking they had fixed it. Not! Never have liked the mobile version.

I like Firefox for Android. I mean, it's not great... but when I need to view a desktop site, it does the trick (with phony if sites still see firefox mobile). It also syncs my bookmarks and passwords so it's pretty nice. It's still kind of clunky, and hopefully it'll be fixed. I alternate browsers because the stock browser is kind of ... lame in some features, but it's also simple for a small screen.
And I have never had any problems on desktop firefox, I don't get what any of you are complaining about.

I gave up on Firefox at home just last night, exclusively on chrome now. My 6 year old dell is running much better now. As for mobile, the browser in sense 3.0 is pretty sweet.

I only use firefox on my pc's no problems at all they work great never crash maybe you guys have shit computers. I also love the skins for firefox

I only use firefox on my pc's no problems at all they work great never crash maybe you guys have shit computers. I also love the skins for firefox

I set Dolphin HD as my standard browser, so any other browser would have to reach at least that level for my consideration. Firefox, albeit in its "beta," is far-far away from this standard.

That's what I use for mobile. The gestures alone make it better than any other browser I have used.

As far as PC goes I have used Chrome and Firefox. I can't tell a difference other than the UI so I stick with firefox. You people must be using Pentium II PC's or something if you can actually see a noticeable difference in speed.

While I love using Firefox on my desktop, the Android version has continued to be a bloated piece of crap.

It makes absolutely no sense that a "light," mobile version of the browser takes up as much space, if not more, than the desktop version, when mobile devices always have less space in terms orders of magnitude compared to the desktops/laptops, and there's no App-to-SD support.

I'm glad to hear that they've improved performance some, but the app's huge size and lack of Flash support means it can never be my main browser on my phone... so what's the point of installing it?

Mozilla, you've got a lot of work to do with your mobile version of Firefox.