Firefox for Android

Mozilla today is celebrating a pretty major release of its desktop Firefox browser. Android's not left out of the party, though, seeing a fairly major update of its own.

There are a number of under-the-hood improvements, but probably the biggest is the addition of Firefox Accounts for Firefox Sync. You're also now able to customize the swipeable history section (which also includes your top sites and bookmarks).

All in all, a good update for a continuously good browser. Be sure to check out this great walkthrough by Mozilla's Lucas Rocha.

Source: Mozilla; More: Full release notes

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sdreelin says:

I'm confused, how is Firefox Sync new? That's always been there and is super easy to pair devices.

The accounts are new, I believe?

sdreelin says:

I did notice the Firefox Sync account on my phone now says (depreciated). Maybe it's a new credential system. What would be nice is the ability to clean up the list of devices that no longer sync. It's confusing when you are trying to share a tab to Firefox on another device. Investigating more.....

Byzantium says:

Hey Phil, you pasted the wrong changelog. That is for Firefox Mobile version 28.

Version 29, which hasn't pushed out yet, but will today, is here.

sdreelin says:

OK. it is a new system and you have to unlink your devices/browsers from the current system in order to switch to the new system.

More details here:

hmmm says:

What a pain having to unlink all your old devices for the new sync...

This browser looks like it's trying to be a chrome clone. Give me at least a home button and an exit button and I might try it out.

DWR_31 says:

Laughing hysterically..!

Posted from CHROME MOBILE.

For the quit button, there are a few addons that provide it at least.

toddnbrown says:

Won't be installing Firefox ever again. I don't support the thought police bullying the CEO to resign.

Byzantium says:

It's not Mozilla who pushed him out, it's the social justice warriors who pressured Mozilla to push him out and then he volunteered to leave so he wouldn't hurt the company with all the bad PR.

Firefox is freedom and I continue to use it no matter what politically correct brigade of degenerates tries to harass their CEO for their private donations.

FiretrUCK2k says:

It doesn't matter. They caved. I removed Firefox and Thunderbird too. From all my systems. They won't be on my phone. Also, the OkCupid CEO is a hypocrite (he did the same thing that he called for the boycott over).

kamiller42 says:

"social justice warriors" More like social justice terrorists as they terrorized Mozilla and Eich to change or else. The warrriors provided the fuel. OkStupid was the match. Mitchell Baker, chairman of Mozilla, watched it all burn without lifting a finger.

People might recognize me as a Firefox and Mozilla evangelist on this site and Android Police. Firefox on desktop and Android are excellent products. But, I've been forced to use them no more. Can't stand an organization that claims to embrace diversity and privacy while respecting neither when push comes to shove.

Wollombi says:

Exactly. Quite honestly, in any other company, any employee who blasts the CEO so publicly would be canned before the day was out. Not sure why Mozilla didn't at least enforce some corporate discipline. They identified themselves as staff and in that capacity called him out, which is different than, say, stating one's personal opinion as a personal entity. They should be in the unemployment line, not Eich.

planoman says:

I had too many issues with it on my macbook so I deleted it. Safari is much improved on mavericks. Use IE on my desktop and WP and chrome on my androids.
Do not see a place for Firefox.
Sent from my Moto X!

Wollombi says:

No need for Firefox. Using Dolphin (which rocks!) and Chrome, both of which are faster.

Impulses says:

I keep meaning to try it out, was still using it on desktop until recently, the slick convenience of integrated Chrome history/searches/sessions across all devices kinda won me over in the interim... Is there anything in particular it does better on mobile? There's a couple desktop Add-ons I do miss on Chrome (Image Zoom and one that let me scroll tabs with mouse wheel).