Firefox 4 RC

Mozilla has announced that a release candidate (RC) build of Firefox 4 is now available on the Android Market. The developer says the new build brings bug fixes, improved performance, particularly on Javascript-heavy pages, as well as reduced startup times and smoother scrolling.

Our first impressions are that while this latest RC doesn't quite match the Gingerbread browser in terms of raw speed, it's definitely a solid improvement on Mozilla's earlier betas. Firefox requires a device running Android 2.0 or better, 512MB of RAM and 17MB of internal or SD storage space. Join us after the jump for the market link and QR code.


Reader comments

Firefox 4 release candidate now available on Android Market


Everytime I try a new browser I always go back to stock. Can anyone tell me why I would not use the stock browser??

The stock browser is amazing, but with FF mobile working better, ive been using it more lately because i have it synced across my nook, phone and 2 computers. The only issue i have right now with it is i cant get my nook to show full webpages by default.

I've tried it out since Beta 3, and not until Beta4 was I impressed with the browser.

Tab browsing is awesome on this browser it's very easy to use, clean, and does not have the tab limit like the other browsers do.

FF is faster than the stock browser, I don't know why AC makes the reverse statement here. I've only noticed the speed differences on full PC based pages, on mobile pages stock browser seems faster.

Scrolling is still by far much better on the stock browser, FF in this RC is better but still choppy.

Page rendering on FF is by far the best, it's very accurate and renders just like the PC.

What it does lack is copy and paste and flash. But it handles downloading content( for instance books--PDF, MOBI, ePUB) better than the stock browser.

FF has become my default browser of choice, due to the better UI for Tabbed browsing, bookmarks, search. But I still use the stock browser on occasion.

There is no clear winner so having a few browsers to get around the limitations of the other is a nice option to have.


Been using Dolphin Browser Mini. Haven't had any issues with it so far. It's been absolutely phenomenal! And that to just over 1MB in size.

Sticking with stock then. I'm not going to launch a different browser when I need to go to a Flash site.

I like FF and all, but in order to unseat the previous champ, you need to do everything it already does PLUS some - not just do things a little bit differently while removing core functionality and hope people switch.

I used it for awhile last night. It's definitely a huge improvement and it's getting there. The initial startup is faster, and the page to page browsing is as well. There are pages that crash the stock browser that it has no trouble with. I'm not quite ready to completely ditch the stock browser yet, but there are some handy features in Firefox.

Won't work on my phone;(

Anyway as it happens, today Opera Mobile & Mini got new versions too and flash works with Opera Mobile, so try that out as an alternative to the stock browser, it's big at 12mb, but can be saved on the sd card.

I just tried out this version of FireFox. I'm not impressed with it compared to Dolphin. The way FF compiled pages and rescaled when zooming in was off.

Complete waste of time for me to try. They forgot to mention that you need an Arm6 or higher processor. The "newer" samsung intercept only has an Arm5, lame... Flash wont work also unless your processor supports it anyway, also a waste of annoying time.