Google Docs Mobile

It's taken half of forever, but we finally can edit Google Docs -- word files, that is -- in our Android browsers. (Spreadsheets have been editable for a while now.) Google just flipped the switch as says it should be active for those of us on Froyo over the coming days.

All you'll have to do is go to from your browser and choose the document you want to edit. Then hit the "edit" button to change over to the mobile editor. Finally. (And let's see how it handles multiple accounts.) There's video of it in action after the break. [Google Docs]

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All we need now is 1 to 1 Msoft Word compatibility!.....

Bujin#IM says:

Yee ha! Can't wait!

I am excited about this. . . ah the simple things in life :-)

chrisdogg says:

Now bring us a Google Docs App!

ybcthanerd says:

there is a APP its called gdocs its in tha market place

A app would be nice

No, that would just make too much sense. An App should have been on the damn G1 and perfected by now.

Smokexz says:

Lol Apple isn't doing this...

colin.mckean says:

Does this not work with Dolphin? I don't see an edit button when I head to the link.

GaryS#AC says:

So this only works only on Froyo and iOS 3/4.

Does anyone else find it amusing that my buddy with a iPhone 3G can now edit Google Docs, but my MUCH NEWER Moto Milestone (stuck on 2.1) cannot?

I thought not... cause I don't find it amusing at all.