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If you've picked up a Motorola Droid 3, and love to tinker with things, listen up -- files have surfaced that will allow you to restore your D3 to a "factory-like" state and, more important, recover a unit that won't boot up.  We have to be clear here -- this is not a standard stock .sbf file.  If you use these files, you will no longer be on Motorola's upgrade path.  This is for emergency use (or for hackers to fiddle with) only.

Now don't get scared off.  While nobody is 100 percent sure, it looks like this is a copy of the software that Droid 3 soak testers were using, and it was pulled back for some reason or another by Verizon and Motorola.  They aren't some files cooked in a random hackers basement, they are signed by Verizon with production keys.  The only known drawback to using them is that you'll not be likely to get a future OTA update because you're running the wrong version -- which beats the heck out of a bricked phone you can't use. 

Like all things Motorola, they might not be valid links forever.  If you love your Droid 3 enough to dig inside and try to break it, go grab them and squirrel them away for a rainy day.  Visit the source link and read all the details, and if the day comes when you need them, you're covered.

Source: XDA-Developers; Thanks, Stevie B!


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Files to unbrick your Droid 3 are now available; grab them while you can


I use to get these back in the RAZR days, I had a contact at Motorola that would leak encrypted versions to me, I'd remove the encryption, then FTP it back to him and leak a copy to the internet.

"Monster Flash" was the jargon for them in that era.

The article clearly says, in bold letters even, that this isn't a stock SBF. It's just a recovery method that is outside of the upgrade path.

The Droid 3 is the perfect phone for me, accept I'm on Sprint. Need a world phone with the same specs with a physical keyboard.

how are you supposed to flash something on a bricked phone? I think we got different definitions of "bricking" (when I bricked my first G1 it was bricked for good^^)