Field Trip

New bottom bar makes switching between views simpler

Google's Field Trip app is receiving a bit of a facelift today with new navigation functions and more information on publisher sources. In the latest version (v1.20), you can now switch between the map, nearby, recent and favorite menus with a new bottom bar that can also be switched with swipes between them. A new hamburger menu in the top left of the app also offers quick settings for notifications and voice controls, along with the deeper app settings menu.

When viewing individual cards, you can continue to scroll when at the bottom of a particular article to move onto the next one in the list. You can also view information on the publisher of that card at the bottom of each, including all cards published by that establishment. From there, you can choose to see more or less content from that publisher.

Field Trip may still be a bit of a niche app for those who travel or are just interested in knowing more about the place they live, but these new changes are certainly improving the experience.


Reader comments

Field Trip adds new navigation layout, publisher info


Is this screaming "iOS" at anyone else? What the hell Google, abandoning holo in one of your own apps? This is a terrible example to set for third party devs.

Requisite #HOLOYOLO + "All hail Lord Duarte!"

It is a cross platform app, it should have design consistency among platforms. I don't see anything wrong with that.

Also, apps are allowed to have personality outside of Holo.

Posted via Android Central App

'Design consistency' makes sense within platforms only. You design to the UI guidelines of the each platform, which are quite different.

Heck, even within iOS you do a different layout for iPhone and iPad. There's no excuse for just copying the first thing you thought of everywhere... It's just layzness.

Sad to see a Google team doing such shoddy work.

Posted via Android Central App

Google has a set of design guidelines, not requirements. Holo is a set of guides and assets that can help you make apps that look and act a certain way, they are in no way a requirement of making a good app. This is hardly the first time that Google's own first-party apps have strayed from strict use of "holo" either.