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Not too much new here, but Sprint's giving its employees a few more instructions regarding the upcoming $10 increase to all smartphone plans. The main thing to take out of this is that if you're currently under contract, the tax "premium data add-on" won't go into effect just yet. But you will be subject to it if you:

  • Swap to another smartphone
  • Upgrade from a feature phone to a smartphone
  • Add a new line with a smartphone
  • Reactivate a smartphone

Sprint considers Android, Palm, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile to be smartphones, of course, along with its Samsung Instinct line.

Nobody likes seeing rate increases, of course. But if that's what Sprint has to do to keep the lights on, then so be it. But we'd rather Sprint swallow the pill and price its "Simply Everything" plan at $110, and not continue to artificially advertise it at $99 instead, with the "Premium data add-on" hiding the real cost. Thanks, Lovo!


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A few more details on Sprint's new 'premium data add-on'


The only problem I see in pricing the Simply Everything plan at $110 is that said plan is not just for smartphones. I don't think Sprint wants to scare away potential customers interested in said plan and something like a Rumor Touch, Seek or Lotus device.

Wait.... so let me get this straight. On TOP of the extra 10$ i pay for my EVO...if i re-up my contract my bill will be 10$ ON TOP OF THAT?

No the Evo already has this tax. It is now being added to all other smartphones carried b Sprint. Still it's better than the $30 Verizon charges for smartphones. Thats crazy

You're an idiotfor thinking that $30 for unlimited data with Verizon is crazy.....compares the plans...unlimited everything on Sprint will be $110 and Verizon is $120.

With free mobile calls only an idiot would get that plan. The cost savings for me is the Sprint Family plan. Verizon charges each line $30.00 for internet. Crazy

The reality is that people on Sprint a little something called ANY MOBILE, ANYTIME which allows then to call ANY CELLPHONE... UNLIMITED on any data plan.... by far the most popular plan on Sprint is the 69.99 plan which includes this.... so its far to compare 79.99 to 119.99... because in the real world people mostly call cellphones... sorry buddy VERIZON IS JUST TOO EXPENSIVE

I believe the Verizon pricing mentioned above does not include unlimited GPS/navigation like Sprint's plan does. And before someone comments- Sprint and Verizon share each other's towers, so the voice coverage area is identical (as is 1x data, although 3G/4G is different).

PLUS- most people don't opt for the expensive $99 Sprint plan. With free nights, weekends, and cell to cell, most people would choose the $69 Sprint 450 plan, saving yet another $30 every month. So most people will save at least $40 a month choosing Sprint over Verizon. That is a lot of money.

THEN throw in that Sprint has a better return policy (30 days vs. 14), and a better customer loyalty plan, now (since Verizon is dropping/restricting theirs).

Sprint isnt that much cheaper and yes I know because I was looking to switch from verizon. But then again compared to my friends who have sprint I will gladly pay a little more a month and have service wherever I go compared to sprint who you can say they share verizon towers but that doesnt mean they will have service there has been multiple times I have had service and my friends right next to me with sprint didnt.

No, but some carriers (Verizon) charge for using the navigation software. Of course, I assume they could just use Google Maps instead.

Sprint's only $10 cheaper because Verizon also offers a 450 min plan.

Sprint Nav?? It's garbage, and I know it because I have it. Plus Gooogle nav is free on all carriers.

As for the $10 diff, I say the better network coverage is worth it. That's why I'm moving to Verizon. Plus Verizon has a better selection of phones, and cheaper too I might add, because Sprint doesn't discount their top line phones. VzW does BOGO and reduces cost of their top end phones fairly quickly.

Let's look at the BOGO, never mind that you can phones like the Droid X for free.... That reduces a $200 phone to $100 so you've saved $100... that basically makes the difference to $5 a month and you still get better coverage.

On coverage, no carrier in the US compares to Verizon. Sprint may roam on Verizon, but it's only for voice and 1X data. Sprint also locks out large areas from roaming because you can get one bar of a Sprint signal, making Sprint useless in these areas. I run into this a lot on the Chesapeake bay. Sprint has no signal and Sprint has me locked out from roaming on Verizon... The guy next to me has 3-5 bars on Verizon...

See... with just the lower cost of the Verizon phone, the $10 price difference is pretty much gone.... Not much to no advantage in having Sprint for some...

sprint should just call it the way it is simply everything plan for $110, they still the better price around although it keep on getting closer to the others, sprint better be careful here they are walking a fine line, see the thing they had going for them self was pricing and if they keep on adding to it they mite just loose more customer, remember for some reason people still think that Verizon is a much better network than sprint, i do not agree with that sprint is just as good.

I wasn't happy with the premium data charge because my understanding was that it was for 4G which is sporadic at best in Atlanta. Any more price increases beyond this will have me carefully considering my options when my contract is up. Maybe Verizon should just buy Sprint and make one CDMA carrier with WiMax and LTE.

yea but if that happens we will be paying a lot more than what we are paying right now, Verizon is about how much they can make, they could care less about customers just like at&t, i hope that sprint brings better phone selection this time around, because Verizon is graving all of the goodies.

It certainly looked that way after CES. Verizon and AT&T got several new Android phones. All Sprint got was the EVO Shift.

If you didn't notice, Sprint was not interested in CES. Apple wasn't either, by the way. Sprint is introducing their new phones on a non-predictable time schedule. That doesn't mean they won't be having more phones soon.

Let's compare.....

Sprint: 69.99 + 10 = 79.99 smartphone add-on gets you unlimited text, web, navigation, tv, and unlimited calls to any mobile in America

Verizon: 69.99 (unlimited talk) + 20 (unlimited text) + 30 ('unlimited' web capped at 5gb) = $120

ATT: 69.99 (unlimited talk) + 20 ( unlimited text) + 25 (2gb of web) = $115

T-Mobile: 99.99 unlimited talk, text, and web

Sprint destroys the competition price wise plus gives you more value with FREE telenav, and FREE mobile tv... which are services that would together cost an extra 20 bucks more.

Anyway, I guess my point is I would rather pay '10 dollars more to Sprint' then pay '40 dollars more to Verizon' and get capped internet and less stuff.

Actually your math is wrong and so are some facts.

Sprint: $99 for simply everthing + $10 charge =110 +tax

Verizon = $120 + tax.

But verizon DOES NOT have a data cap, beleive me you can go way past 5gb, that cap is only for mobile broadband plans (the usb internet plugs for laptops). Also I get way better service wioth verizon that i am willing to pay a little more for. Sprint is really slow and spotty around where I live and verizon 3g is everywhere at great speeds.

The most popular plan for Sprint is 69.99 with anymobile anytime.... it includes unlimited calling to cellphones, people on Verizon DON'T GET THAT OPTION so they have to get 69.99 unlimited talk.....

Again dude, let's face it... most people in the u.s. have cellphones now... so yes, it is a fair comparison. Oh and also... even with simply everything Sprint still wins in price.... LOL, just thought id rub that in....

Actually, jbarajasp didn't say the simply everything plan was $69.99 + $10. He was referring to the everything 450 plan, which is the more popular deal (since they all have unlimited mobile-to-mobile). What it boils down to is this: if you have a good Sprint signal, they're the best deal price-wise. Otherwise, look elsewhere.

he was comparing the sprint mobile to mobile plan to the verizon unlimiited plan, verizon mobile to mobile (verizon phones) calling is free no matter what plan you have. If he wants to compare unlimited plans, don't put a a plan in the comparison chart that isn't unlimited!

Don't mislead people... Verizon mobile to mobile is between Verizon phones.... Sprint mobile to mobile is between Any cellphone regardless of carriers

Sprint has to make their mobile to mobile to everyone because they don't have a large enough user base. If it was limited to Sprint, you'd, me included, would only be getting free mobile to mobile to people on our own account plus a few friend we talked into getting Sprint.

Almost everyone I know, that doesn't have an iPhone has Verizon in my area...

Fair enough that you specified verizon phones in mobile to mobile, so we can disregard the accusation of being misleading, but please understand that the above posts explicitly did not mention sprint's plan as unlimited, and no matter how much you want to ignore the comparison, when sprint offers a plan that offers minutes that end up being limitless for 80%+ of the people on it, it is a valid comparison. It can be said that verizon m2m works similarly, but the gap between verizon m2m and unlimited to all mobiles is several times bigger that the gap from unlimited to mobiles and true unlimited for most people.

3g speed on sprint is way faster than verizon's, if you did not know Verizon 3g is not really 3g, they have the slowest 3g of all carrier if you did not know.

Yup these people don't know about the $69.99 Verizon plan that includes these:
-450 daytime min
-unl. 5 friends and family #'s
-unl. txt
-unl. data (uncapped)

Oh and for navigation, I use an android phone so you know what I use. With my discounts I end up paying $53 + tax.

Sprint: 69.99 + 10 = 79.99 smartphone add-on gets you unlimited text, web, navigation, tv, and unlimited calls to any mobile in America. Take that!

yeah but sprints coverage is so bad you can't even use half of those features as soon as you go out of any major metropolition area! I have verizon 3g everywhere and sprint has it almost no where.

Sprint's voice coverage is identical to Verizon's because they use each other's towers. Same with 1x data. 3G/4G is different, but I have RARELY been anywhere that Sprint's 3G data didn't work while someone else's non-Sprint phone did.

WRONG!! Sprint doesn't not allow you to roam if there is even a slight Sprint signal. A signal that might be useless. I can prove this to you too.

Hope on a boat and get on the Chesapeake Bay. On Verizon, you'll have coverage, on Sprint... You'll be looking at No Service. I see this in my county too. If I drive 2 miles down the street, there's 2-3 bars of signal w/3G on Verizon. On Sprint, I'm in a dead spot.

Yes they do, but it depends on the phone model. Unfortunately, the Evo is one of the phones that has "automatic" or "sprint only" options and no "roam only". It isn't usually a problem, but it has bitten me before.

And in your example, there wouldn't be "no service" for Sprint if there was for Verizon. Zero bars = roam = same signal as Verizon (at least for voice and 1x data).

All carriers have dead/weak spots that other carriers have better coverage. I know several where I get lots of bars on Sprint and my friend gets barely one on Verizon.

No, Sprint's overall coverage map is not as good as Verizon's, but for many people it is plenty good enough (and easily better than AT&T's).

Two things.

1. I travel, a lot. Out side of major areas and I rarely have a problem, and when I do I just move 3 feet and I'm fine. It does happen, but if you say Verizon doesn't have any problems your blind. Verizon is reported to have the best connection ratio, however you have to KNOW the facts before spouting them out and not just talking what you see on a commercial. Connection is just that, it does not refer to dropped calls or static calls or robot calls and more.. AND did you know the difference between the top three carriers is .3 per thousand? Yes 1/3 if 1%. Its better by numbers but the difference is minisquel.

2. I have seen it just the opposite as you discribed, have sprint and plenty of my verizon and att friends could not get connection. AND I have had plenty of times when I could get a connection with my sprint phone and friends with different sprint phones could not. It is what it is. The FACT is all cell companies suck

So you save on your bill but your phone doesn't work....I will pay a little more to use it when I need it..not when they want me to use it... just sayin...

??? What are you talking about? If my Sprint phones didn't work, rest assured nobody would be paying their bills.

figurative not the literal... sheesh... My verizon phone works in more places than your sprint phone...I know I have had both...HOWEVER, I am just stating facts...NOT trying to get anyone to leave their current provider...and with that...I'm done with that..

Wrong. Sprint's voice coverage is *identical* to Verizon's because they use each other's towers. Same with 1x data.

3G/4G is different, but I have RARELY been anywhere that Sprint's 3G data didn't work while someone else's non-Sprint phone did.

The argument that you pay less but the phone doesn't work is faulty. Sprint works everywhere that Verizon works because you can roam on Verizon (free) IF you need to. You just have to set your phone's roaming option to allow it. (People that have tried Sprint and complained that they didn't have coverage most likely didn't allow for this.)

With that said, I very seldom have to roam. I get great coverage with Sprint in all the places I travel. Your mileage can and will vary, but why pay more when you don't have to? Further, you get great value for your money with Sprint... especially when compared to Verizon & AT&T.

My understanding is that you can only roam if there is no Sprint signal available. So if you have a crappy Sprint signal you're SOL, even if the Verizon signal is awesome there.

It does depends on the phone. Some phones allow you to lock onto roam only. The Evo does not. It has only "Sprint" or "Automatic". So yes, with an Evo, if the Sprint signal is weak, it will not switch to a Verizon tower until the signal is lost. It is understandable that Sprint would not want their phones set to roam-only because the user will likely forget to put it back to Sprint. While roaming costs the user nothing, it might cost Sprint something. It would be nice if they added a "roam only for a while" setting, that would move it to roam-only for an hour or something, then revert back to Automatic or Sprint Only.

Verizon is the same.

For you to roam on verizon you would need to be in an area where there's absolutely no sprint service. If not, the sprint service just hangs in there on 1 bar w/ shitty service. Even then when you do roam, don't expect to get 3G data service, only 1X.

Sorry... roaming isn't that simple. Your Sprint phone will cling to any hint of a Sprint signal it can find. Only when there is absolutely no Sprint signal to be found will your Sprint phone use Verizon's network. This behavior is not exclusive to Sprint - the reverse is also true for Verizon customers.

In my area, there are too many areas where Sprint has no coverage, but Verizon does, leaving the phone clinging to an unusable Sprint signal far too often. In fact, after 9 months, Sprint politely asked me to leave, without ETF, due to excessive roaming.

Why so emotional in this thread, none of us owns these companies. What do you do most on your smartphone, web. Nobody talks much but they surf all day and download apps. That's what drives price up. Usage. Sprint or whomever knows this.

The last paragraph of this article is great - great points.

On the other hand, seems the Iphone fan-vibe is making its way to Verizon customers - defending a company that is slicing at your ankles every day. Verizon has NEVER stopped beating on their customers ever since they started upping the termination fee. Don't even bother debating me. The articles are well-covered on this site. Verizon - conditioning it's customers for Iphanboys - you've been warned.


Fact is, all carriers want nothing but your money, your spouses money, your kids money, and all the money under your car seat and couch cushions.

Find the cheapest one that works for you, then stop worrying about what others use and you'll be happier :)

All I know is in the northeast i've never had no service. So to me VZW is worth every penny. Especially when the Same can't be said for my friends that have att and sprint. You get what you pay for in my case.

It has nothing to do with "you get what you pay for" and everything to do with where you live/work/normally use service. Each wireless provider has areas that are weak and in which it is likely another provider has better coverage.

And those "areas" are not necessarily large geographical areas- they could be just a 1/2 mile from one another. There are many times I can open my phone and have 5 bars while my Verizon friend has 1 bar.... and vice-versa.

So if I activated a different phone (not renewing my contract) and then they charged me the extra $10, isn't that a breach of contract?

I was truly ready to call FOUL. I still haven't the slightest idea what the $10 premium data add-on for my EVO was all about. Like other people commenting here I thought it was for the 4G service I still don't have. The notion of another $10 add-on is a bit much. Why not just say - hey folks, it's costing us more to keep the doors open - employee salaries, rising cost of health benefits, utilities, etc - Dan Hesse's bonuses - stuff like that. I really don't want to pay $20 extra for a "premium" I don't get or understand so when I saw the comment that the EVO isn't about to get the new increase, which I hope is the case - otherwise Sprint needs to comes clean and just call it what it is - a price increase.

You are misunderstanding.... you don't pay it twice.... just once... the charge is for smartphone do to the full web browser..... evo users already pay this and will see no change

I sent my sister's husband to Verizon because he's a truck driver and there's no telling where he'll be. That means he needs Verizon's map. He also doesn't text or use data, so 3G isn't necessary, nor is a data plan. My sister is on a family plan with the same requirements, except she texts.

They pay less on Verizon than they used to on Nextel, and have better coverage too.

I know where I go (very very little of it is off Sprint's grid), I know most of my few calls are from cell phones (even my customers prefer texting), and I know I use data on a smart phone. Luckily, Sprint covers my needs.

My brother-in-law saves money over Sprint, but I would not because my needs are different.

Instead of defending or attacking companies entirely, you have to look at your specific requirements and go with the one that matches them as closely as possible. Saving money if you can doesn't hurt.

If you think 10 dollars for unlimited smartphone data is bad I guess you have never heard of verizons visual voicemail charge..... or their telenav charge, or their mobile tv charge....


Oh and by the way... crack your phones screen if you have Verizon... and watch as they rape u with a HUGE fee to replace it even with insurance.

Sprint recently started covering cracked screens FREE OF CHARGE for people with insurance and for $35 dollars to people without it. In a world where all smartphones have glass screens this is a HUGE BENEFIT.

It's nickeling and diming if you want everything.

If you don't want everything, it's customizing your plan.

No one can deny that Verizon has the bigger network. That comes at a price. If you do need that network, you at least have the ability to not pay for navigation, tv, etc if you don't want it.

Quite frankly, I don't find Sprint TV to be all that great. It's neat, but I wouldn't actually pay extra for it. Same goes for nav now that I'm on an Android device...it was more useful on my old BlackBerry.

Here is a better comparison
Sprint Family 1500 minutes, free mobile to mobile, nights begin at 7pm, navigation, sprint tv, visual voicemail
129.99 + 20.00 = 149.99

Verizon Family share 1500 minutes, 10 family and friend numbers, nights at 9pm
119.99 + 60.00 data = 179.99
* add navigation and TV to verizon and the price will be higher

+1. This is just as important as the 69vs79vs99 plans etc. As more people transition to "smartphones" as their standard as opposed to feature phones, so will families. This was what swung me when I was re-signing for 2 years with Sprint (well, the EVOs helped): strip out the TV, the navigation, and assume that both m2m for both plans gets you essentially unlimited minutes, data etc. You'll save 30 bucks a month. Period. If Sprint is even decent in your area, sometimes it really is just that simple.

I can't speak on Verizon's signal in Atlanta, but I can tell you that when I was with AT&T, my phone dropped calls in places that my Sprint EVO does not. As a matter of fact, I haven't had a dropped call at all since I switched to Sprint. Verizon was higher than what I wanted to pay for what I needed, and as others have mentioned, Sprint has options included in the Simply Everything plan that are extra for other carriers. Sprint should just go ahead and properly and honest advertise the Simply Everything plan as $110 rather than $99, but that isn't going to happen.

Regarding price plans... I had sprint, and paid $69.99 for the plan, the 4g tax, plus the hotspot fee. Total of about $110 a month plus taxes.

On verizon I pay $59.99 for 450 minutes, unlimited calling to any cell phone, and unlimited texting. I pay the $29.99 for the unlimited data, and $20 for the hotspot. That brings me to $110 on verizon. Sure I don't get visual voicemail or tv or navigation, but I use Google maps, voice and Youtube for that. And I have much better 3g coverage.

That's unlimited calling to other Verizon phones...not all mobile phones. Sprint is the one that's all mobile phones.

Maybe you are confusing unlimited mobile calls to verizon customers only. Like most people already said the real savings on Sprint is with a family plan. You are almost paying more than what I pay for two phones with 1500 minutes and unlimited mobile calling. You are getting much less services since nights on Verizon begin at 9pm and you only have free calls to other Verizon customers. With sprint it's almost impossible to go over the minutes because everyone calls cell phones these days. I don't even bother checking the minutes. Individual plans are such a rip off

As already mentioned, it all depends on what your needs are.
I was with Sprint for 7 years. Just ended my contract yesterday. They have great plans, but they will nickel and dime as well. After being with them for 6 years, they decided to slap a $5 per month charge on people that were on spending limits. Even though, my spending limit was at $1200.00, they still wouldn't remove it. Then, the Evo came along...and there's another $10/month. I gladly paid it and defended them for charging it, even though they had no clear explanation of what it was. All and all, I was very satisfied with Sprint. I had coverage everywhere I needed it, even here in Arkansas. The only times I had issues, were in fringe coverage areas where the phone wouldn't stay locked to Sprint, nor Verizon. It wanted to switch back and forth. I recently switched to Verizon, to be on a family plan. After taxes, additional fees, and 20% employer discount, I paid $80/month. On Verizon, I will only have to pay my portion, which is $30. The $10 for the add-a-line is waived for smartphones. So, just $30 for data. I have been using Google Voice for texting, so no need to add a text package. I am irritated at Sprint, and their slow rollout of 4G. That Clear situation is only getting worse. Verizon is already testing Lte in Central Arkansas, and it is being lit up in the next few months. This was another factor in my decision to switch. So, I'll use this Dinc until the ThunderBolt comes out next month, then swap it out at Best Buy. So, with Verizon, my bill is cut by more than half, and I'll be enjoying 4G. Win/win. I'll still be rooting for Sprint though. They are doing great things.

I think the more important question here is what will they classify as a smart phone? You have some phones that can still do what the EVO or Epic 4G can do but in a limited basis and a lot slower. At what level will the charge kick in? When tablets bet to be on the market more I will get one and dumb down my phone. Do I have to go all the way down to a basic flip phone to avoid the charge? Is a Blackberry considered a smart phone? It does a lotof what the top phones can do?

The biggest problem I see is they need to define smartphone and be realistic about it. Just because a phone can connect to the internet or play videos does not make it smart, just feature rich.

Looks like from the screen shot that it will include the android,bb,wm/wp7,webOS and instinct devices as rumored. Gotta say I'd be a little ticked if I started getting charged an extra 10 bucks a month for using an instict. If a user also had an older phone like an original bb curve or an older wm6, it would be kind of sad to see them levied 10 bucks when they probably shouldn't be levied more than 5. Of course that sounds kind of like tiering, and we all know how we feel about that.

I have three smartphone lines right now, two are evo. FOR a family this makes the price extra $30 a month over what I used to pay. I just looked at a 3 phone plan at AT&t for the Iphone and the plan would be $5 more a month. Sprint is now not nearly as good as a deal as it used to be or as good as all the comments suggest.

That's impossible. 1400 family talk with rollover 89.99 + 30.00 family text + 75.00 2GB data + 9.99 extra line = 204.99

Sprint 1500 minutes with free mobile calls 129.99 + 30.00 data + 20.00 extra line = 179.99

Now tell me how did you do your maths?

AT&T has a better discount available to me that brings it down to $174 for the 3 lines. Plus it has a better service in my area with way better 3g speeds. SO it is looking very good for me right now, and my wife and I have been Sprint customers for over 10 years.

What I want to know is...

I have a family plan with 4 phones. 3 are smartphones.
When I upgrade my primary line in May (once a year upgrade) will I get charged the extra $10 for the one phone that was upgraded? Or for all 3 smartphones?

I haven't seen that clarified anywhere. :/

Something that people need to realize, is that while T-Mobile and Sprint are the underdogs, all this improvement with their networks, adding more power and coverage costs them, so it's going to cost the End-Users of their service more money. Sprint and T-Mo used to be a whole lot cheaper than the big boys, AT&T/Verizon. Now with them making their networks better, bigger, and more reliable, they're going to have to start making up for the money they're spending on their network.

Its a business, they're not out there to make sure you get the best deal, they're there to make money for themselves.

It will be a $10 charge per upgrade. WHen you upgrade the line that one line gets the charge not all 3. The new charge only comes to the line when that line gets the upgrade.

I will still be paying less than I would on other carriers once all four of the family lines see the $10 increase. Maintaining and operating the infrastructure is not cheap so the fee increase doesn't seem that bad.

You can tell the author of this article is a Verizon Fanboy, or knows nothing about Sprint..

First, the Simply Everything Plan with the Unlimited Minutes on Sprint's network isn't just a smartphone plan...any customer can get that, even with feature phones. Therefore, advertising it as $99 is accurate.

Second, all of Sprint's other plans can't simply be bumped up the $10 for the same reason. Non-smartphone users can use the Everything Data plan, and will get a lot of benefit out of them. Mainly, the Everything Data plans are the only Plans with the Any mobile any time feature, and AMAT cannot be added a la carte to their Everything messaging plans(which have no data).

Simply increasing the rate plans would not be smart, as feature phone users would think their rates are going up, when they are not.

Lastly, that little crossing out of Tax bit is a little disingenuous, its a fee to keep plans unlimited and simple, and research has shown people are willing to spend more if they know there is no clock running..the past is prologue my friends..

Some things to remember: This site is called androidcentral, that means that most (if not all) readers are looking at a smartphone purchase. Read through articles with that lens. And it is a "tax" because you can't have a "simply everything" plan and then say "but if you want this phone, it's $10 more." They either need to change the name of the plan, or wrap the extra fee into that plan cost.

I can understand Sprint charging an extra $10 for 4G if it's working, but it's a lot harder to swallow when it's not. It's a separate charge from the main plan. Either make it work all the time like 3G or take the charge off for half baked 4G coverage.

I notice Sprint articles get the most hits.

We either have a lot of people who LOOOVE Sprint, or a lot of people who hate on Sprint because the company theyre with doesnt offer what Sprint does...

Hence always trying to over-qualify "said company" over Sprint.

Go Sprint!