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So Apple's finally invented the small form factor tablet, and the iPad mini is upon us. We're sure some of you will have been tempted by Apple's latest bundle of aluminum, silicon and glass. Maybe you're having second thoughts about that Nexus 7 you've been eyeing up. Perhaps you're considering parting company with an Android tablet and taking the plunge with the Mini, or even its big brother, the fourth-gen iPad.

We're not here to judge anyone, of course, but if any of you filthy turncoats want to explain yourselves, we'll leave the comments wide open for you to do just that.

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Fess up: Who's buying an iPad mini?


Why does everybody need a tablet at all? I like having only one mobile device, and a great Android smartphone does it for me. As far as Apple products are concerned, the only time I buy them is for other people.

That's great that you feel that one mobile device is enough for you. However, not everyone feels the same as you do. There are times I prefer a 10" tablet for some mobile device functions, and other times a 4.3" portable mobile device is perfect. And apparently, a whole bunch of other people feel the same way as well.

If I received an apple tablet for free, i would just sell it and get an android device with the money. EFF Apple and their crappy business ethics.

That's what Nexi (sp ?) are for. Kinda crappy they made a smaller tablet and not only shopped comparison pics against the Nexus but the screen isn't so "resolutionary" either and more along the lines of a mini Ipad 2. The Sheep will buy though.

I asked the same question before the first Asus tablet, at the price, it was worth trying. It's been around the world with me,and I'm not sure what I'd do without it now.

I'll probably get one of the iPad minis for my sister, I think she'll get a lot of use out of it.

Myself, I'm waiting for the nexus 10".

I have a gs3 and an og galaxy tab 10.1. My wife has a Kindle fire and an iphone 5. She liked the Kindle for the form factor but didn't like the amazon ecosystem. I can hardly blame her. I'm trying to decide between the note 10.1 and the upcoming nexus 10 but I bought her the iphone 5 and I'm probably gonna get her the ipad mini.

Btw. I rooted the Kindle with a jelly bean rom and filled it with kid games. My 2 year old loves it. First android tablet with newer software than most at 2!? Where was this shit when I was growing up?!

I used to feel that way. But after owning a few tablets, I have come to the conclusion that they are a great addition to the arsenal. But the one thing that turned me off was the price. It was always hard to justify paying 500 bucks for a device that would not get my full attention along side my fully capable android smartphone. Thanks to amazon and Google, those ridiculous prices have come down. Can't beat paying $200-$250. Which is why I can't believe apple still wants over 300 for their mini. I understand they can do that though. Plenty of folks will probably still buy it.

Apple did what Google did with the Nexus 7 and made them a little too late. Put more up to date hardware in both, please.

Although the Tegra 3 is pretty old, it's still really good. And the iPad Mini's specs are older than the Nexus 7's.

I'd say the Nexus 7 was right on time...especially when its specs still best the iPad mini. The only thing that's lacking is enough storage options. That appears to be something they are correcting in less than a week's time.

They also need to improve the horrendous FFC & include a back camera on the Nexus 7, then it will be worth buying in this day & age. As for the iPad mini, it's a total steaming POS. If I was paid I still wouldn't use It.
Currently have a work iPad forced on me just gathering dust.

I agree with the FFC camera, but not with adding a back camera. I have never once had the urge to use my nexus to take a picture, even if it had a back camera. It saves money not having it.

Hope you realize that some of us have no need whatsoever for a FFC, hell I don't even need a camera at all on any of my devices, to me and many in my Family the N7 is just about as perfect as you can get

As long as you realize that there are a dozen other functions for a camera than a picture. No one takes pictures with tablets, but some people do need to fax or scan documents, just as an example. Think outside the box a little

tbh, it is not ridiculous. Nexus 7 was prices at $200 to be more competitive and Google will follow the same pattern with Nexus 10.
It would be somewhere around $350 since Google will take up most of the marketing cost. it is possible.

God I hope you guys are right! I'd gladly pick up a Nexus 10 at that price. Already planning on grabbing a 32GB N7 when it comes out :)

Exactly. Just bought a used ipad 2 for $250 and it has 32 gb. Way to high a starting price. I would like a smaller tablet, but not for that price. $250 was the sweet spot. And only 16gb? Ridiculous. Memory is cheap enough for them to start upping it. 16gb is used up in just a few movies.

This. I was watching the live blog of the event and thinking, "If they drop this thing at $249, it's going to kill 75% of the Kindle Fire HD/Nexus 7 market in one fell swoop." Then they announced $329 and up and the danger passed.

What's really going to hurt is sales of full-size iPads. This will cannibalize more sales from people seeking to save on their status toys than entice people to spend even more than two bills for an Android-based tablet.

I mainly got my Nexus 7 as a throwaway cheap tablet, at $199 it was too hard to resist. My GS3 was bought off-contract at an insanely good price, these things depreciate so fast it's great to get them a few months later.

At $329 I'm not so sure how this will sell, I won't be picking one up. I don't support any platform, but I do like to get a good deal. Lets see how consumers take to this.

As someone who's manager electronics retail stores for years, it's going to sell like hotcakes. Prime time release for the holidays, at a reasonable price. (For Apple stuff) This will grab a lot of the undecided tablet buyers, and the ones who just couldn't afford an iPad. (Which was a ton of people who bought Kindle Fires last year.)

As much as we like to talk about the N7 being superior, it has nowhere near the name recognition to compete with the Mini, and I expect we'll see the numbers at the end of the holiday season that show exactly that.

please educate your customers. There are so many phones superior to the iPhone & tablets superior to the iPad.

The best product is the one that meets that customer's needs. For many people, that will be Apple's stuff. I don't put people into something just because I prefer it, I base what they get on what they need.

Please don't take your bias love for android and apply to a man's job where he has to suit his decisions based on the customers needs.

Sometimes, for a lot of consumers its better for them to just get an ipad.

For a more independent and more capable audience, the android suits this group well.

I wouldn't give my mom an android tablet unless it a) dirt cheap or b) it had things that she can use. I'm still better off getting her an Ipad mini.

I'm waiting to see what the nexus 10 can offer me.

I bought a Nexus 7 for my 70 year old mother. She loves it and uses it constantly. Of course she isn't doing much with it but email, facebook, calendar stuff. She is texting though through google voice which was a bit of a surprise.

It is much more useful than an ipad mini would be for her becuase I set it up nice so she has a big calendar widget, weather widget, slick little battery meter, etc, and shortcuts to everything she uses, with everything else tucked away in the app drawer.

The user interface set up like that is vastly better than an ipad mini. It really is slick.

Well, I agree that it will sell like hotcakes, but viewing the iFans that I know it may actually cannibalize some iPad sales from its larger brethren. Portability matters. I will say this though: I am actually having more and more friends & FBF ask me about the Nexus 7. It is starting to get mindshare, so if Google does launch a "Nexus 10" with out-of-the-park specs and at-cost pricing....Apple may have a problem. There are plenty of folks now who have bought into the Android ecosystem.

I kind of disagree because some of those undecided Tablet buyers will do their research and find that the Kindle, or even the Nexus 7 does what they need it to do for a lot cheaper. We are talking a $130 dollar difference for a 16GB and a whopping $180.00 difference for the 32 GB version. Price discrepancies like that make people think twice about their purchase. If Apple had so much brand loyalty then the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 would not have sold like they did. Apple is offering nothing but the fact it is an Apple device to justify the price premium. Yes they will sell alot but I don't think its going to make some huge dent in tablet market share like many Apple fans think it will.

True, but sad.
The ipad mini is really a horrible deal.
Hardware that is a year and a half old, with a substandard display for current tablets.
Plus they charge $130 more than competing tablets for this obsolete pos.

Sadly iSheep only look at the the outside of the package and assume since apple just released it, it's the best thing since sliced bread.
I foresee a lot of people who play games on their iPads ranting about slow performance after they've had them for a few weeks.

It's 2X slower than my iPad3 and 4X slower than the iPad4.
Even if it handles most games fairly well that are out now, it won't be long before that's not the case and I'm sure other apps and load times will be affected as well.

Why do you guys consistently post articles about iOS and Apple? Do you see Apple sites posting about Android? This is an Android site, not a general technology site. You and AndroidPolice are both doing it.

Well, considering half of the ipad mini event was about the nexus 7, it seems kind of fitting.

Half? They made like 1 reference directly against the Nexus 7 and one about Android tablet apps. This isn't the first time either. They did the same thing when the iPhone 5 came out.

My guess is because Apple directly referenced an Android product during their demo.

That being said, the Apple demo made me wonder why anyone would buy the Mini over the N7. The side by side tablet app comparison wasn't really compelling. At 10 inches Apple has a case, but not at 7.

I find the app comparison useless. What matters is the app that you need. Most apps are in both. If there is app that is a must have for you and it's only available on one, then that will dictate your choice. For me, I don't know of any app that I'm missing out by being on Android. The big ones as of late have been Instagram and Flipboard. The were on IOS before Android, but are now in both... personally, and YMMV, I have no interest in either.

I agree 100% with ayman07.

I come to android central instead of, etc etc in order to get the hell away from news and bullshit about Apple.
Oh, and before anyone bothers to say it, take your reasoning "know your competitor" crap and shove it.
There are too many other Android sites to justify my time coming here anymore.

Oh man! I want that bass!!!!!! I would sell my murderface signature bass for that! When is Gibson gonna sue apple? Bwahhhh.....

I too agree. I want to know about our community... not theres. They dont give a crap about us and think android is for the poor. I dont want to hear about there terrible products or from there dumb fanboys. Let them live in false hope and forget about the terrible company and there products.

Really? You mad bro? Android Central is part of Mobile Nations. They report any- and everything that affects the mobile space. They don't just talk about Android and iOS, they've even done small pieces on WebOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. The editors and writers for Android Central aren't even exclusive to this site. They routinely do pieces on their sister sites. Get over yourself, bro. You should be more open to technology in general, be it from Google or Apple. Heaven and Earth won't move just because you go to another Android site, just saying.

if you come to this site to get away from "bullshit about apple" why did you click on, read, and comment on.... the apple article ???

Apple is Android's primary competition. They only release new devices a few times a year, and each device they release competes directly against analogous Android devices. When Apple releases a new devices, it *is* Android news.

Are you kidding me? After I bought a "new iPad" after what seems like just a couple of months ago? No way. I love my Nexus 7.

No plans, at all I can safely say. But speaking of the Mini, is anyone else concerned about the (lack of) bezel on the side? I constantly tap the screen edges on my Kindle Fire when I hold it with one hand, this one looks like it'd be a disaster.

I like the idea. I like the competition. I don't like the small bezel. I don't like the size of the (ugly) icons. I don't like the fact that there is no app drawer. I don't like the price. I like the 32GB Nexus 7, if the Samsung Nexus 10 is too pricy. I like you, Android Central, do you like me? (Borat voice)

Pre-announcement I had considered it due to Android simply not having comparable tablet apps. I would not spend the money on an iPad so the iPad mini sounded like a good compromise and I generally prefer the portability. However portability is also a problem. I have barely touched my Nexus 7 because I do everything on my Galaxy S3 instead. My next phone will be bigger still. While I am open to an iPad mini to gain access to the ecosystem I think it is overpriced, notably in the UK, and I fear it will face a similar fate to the Nexus 7 I own. With that in mind it looks like I will be skipping tablets for now although I might look into a Surface Pro when it comes time to replace my laptop. /endramble

Agreed. I barely touch my Kindle Fire because I do everything on my Galaxy Nexus. My next device(s) will either be a Surface Pro (hybrids are "the next big thing" for me, where I can have portability AND be able to type as fast as I do on my laptop/desktop) and/or something like the Galaxy Note 2, with all its cool features, and the stylus.

Agreed, 7 inches is too small to really change the experience much from my 4.7 inch phone.
I do own an iPad3 and at that size it really makes a different experience.

I get for people used to 3.5 inches 7 inches is huge lol.

I'll fess up to the fact that I would have bought it if it had a retina display and at least the A5X @ the $329 price.

I have the iPad 2 so I think buying a little baby one at this point would just be kind of insane. Plus I was pretty disappointed by the price point, although I do kind of understand why they did so.

Not buying. But cannot wait to see how many people do. Someones gotta buy this icrap. But hey it just works the same exact way their old stuff does.

Same here - only Apple product I own is a 64GB iPod Touch - I would never waste money on any of their other overpriced overhyped products.

I consider myself a bit of a tech agnostic so while my current devices are all Android, I look forward to seeing what everyone else is doing. An iPad2 in a smaller body but still sold at a ridiculous premium? No thanks, another Apple product I'm very underwhelmed by. Very happy with my Nexus 7.

No way. I don't own anything Apple and don't intend on wasting money to start. Way too many nice Android options.

I'm getting me a Note2.

And by no one you apparently mean the 100 million ppl owning just iPads...


Not I. I'd rather get the Nexus 10...if I didn't already have a HP TouchPad (ported CM9) and a 7" Acer A100 already, and thinking of the $249 Chromebook. :p

Apple invented the concept behind the crappy device you are "enjoying".
Say thanks and move on :)

Apple finally has a screen bigger than the norm... and Im still not interested... Yawn. They should ask what consumers want and stop guessing... They are a joke.

There tablet is hardly better than the Nexus 7 at double the cost?? I dont see the point.

No thank you. I'd rather buy a Nexus 7 for that price. But I am holding out to see if I should buy a MS Surface tablet.

Also, good job on that filthy turncoat reference XD.

Nope. Not me. Waiting for the 32GB Nexus 7 and/or the release of the Nexus 10 by Samsung and Google next week.

I have a Nexus 7, never owned any Apple products (nothing against them) yet and I won't start now...I will be spending my money on the Note 2.

Did anyone else notice that the iPad Mini's 32GB model is $429? That means for those that have kids you can buy 2 16GB Nexus 7's at $200 and still save $29.

The thought of dealing with iTunes...shiver...nightmares.... And I don't want the shackles of the Apple walled garden.

I have a Kindle Fire. I'm thinking about a Nexus 7 to get out of Amazon's garden.

Buy last years technology for a price that would have been the norm last year? C'mon, do you see white earbuds hanging around my neck like a fashion accessory?

But people will buy them like hot cakes, and insist that they're the greatest thing ever.

Nexus 10 for $300 and you've got me hooked. (not going to happen)

If it's true that the 3rd Gen iPad with the 32 pin connector can be had for $370 (refurbished) then I will be picking up one of those.

Android has not proven that they can compete in the tablet space yet.

Apply fanboys will flock cause it's an Apple product. They will say the PPI is fine just as the 3.5 inch screen on the iPhone was fine until their master (Apple) released an iPhone with a bigger screen. Apple fanboys are so freaking blinded it sickening. Rant over..

Personally I like thin bezels but not on a tablet. You need a place to hold the device. Sure you can hold it across the back but those with smaller hands like to hold it from one side and that simply will not work well. The PPI is also VERY disappointing and actually funny! Apple makes such a big deal out of the Retina display on the both the iphone and ipad then they release this? What a joke!

Will be interesting to see what Google has up their sleeves with the nexus 10 next Monday. I have the original Asus Transformer and still works great. Planning to pick up a Nexus 7 for the girl friend for xmas as the TouchPad (w/CM10) died recently and I need something to use at her house... :)

It's not worth re-buying all my apps. Add to that the fact the nexus 7 runs pretty flawlessly and is like$100 cheaper...

I understand who would buy it. This is for people who want the iPad but either a) it's too expensive, or b) it's too big.

I get it. They didn't price it competitively to compete with the rest of the 7-ish inch market-they priced it for the the people above.

Will I be buying one? Absolutely not. For 200-ish bucks I can buy a plethora of well built 7-ish inch tablets. If it were priced competitively with the rest of the 7-ish inch tablet market, I would have considered it.

I already have a 16GB 3G enabled Galaxy Tab 8.9 that cost me less than $329. And, as Amazon has also noted, 8.9" is the perfect size for a Tablet.

I will do no such thing.

We all know Apple will try to sue anyone else that has a smaller tablet and say they invented it first.

I am. I'm sick of every android tablet I have gotten. First it was the Asus TF101 which became so glitchy and slow after the ICS update. Then the Asus TF201 was good but was nothing different of the TF101 so I returned it. And now I have a Nexus 7. I hate it, I'm in high school so I need something with tons of games to keep me busy during free time. The nexus 7 doesn't deliver. The Apple iPad and iPad mini have thousands of HD 3D games, that is way more than what I found on android. Bye android hope you get better.

>middle of school day
>free time

neither can exist together unless you aren't doing your work

I don't buy Apple anything.

Don't like the patent troll and won't put in money in it's pockets.

No thanks... Not one dime of my money has ever, nor will ever go to Apple.

Especially not for such an underwhelming product.

Fortunately enough, Apple is No1 company in the world even without your dimes!
Lucky us all!

I would buy it but not for myself. I'm too invested in the Android ecosystem to want an iDevice. No, I would buy this for my mom or dad who already have iPhones. My mom in particular doesn't like the bulky iPad, so I think this would suit her better than an Android tablet.

At $250 I might have, but not at $329.

The one reason I would consider it at a lesser price, say $250 or less, is the Amazon Video player. Amazon's video store kills Google's. Netflix is okay but it is missing a lot of the quality content that Amazon has (e.g. Game of Thrones,streamed 7 seasons of West Wing for free). I belong to both but Amazon's selection for recent television series and movies is better, especially with the Prime membership. If I had to give one up today, it would be Netflix.

But right now, to get the Amazon video store on a tablet, I have a choice of two mobile platforms - Amazon Kindle HD or an iPad. Nexus does not have Amazon video and the Chromebook looks like Amazon video doesn't play well on it either.

But the fact is that $329 is just too much for a movie player. Apple blew it big time with the pricing, and maybe the size is a bit too big. But make no mistake, this tablet will deal a bigger blow to the Nexus than it will to the Kindle.

Google has got to get a better movie/tv store before they are out of the game entirely.

I got the ipad 3 in march (or april, can't remember) and bough the samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 in September and I use the tab more than the ipad 3. I love my tab 7.0 and definitely won't be buying the ipad 3 mini. I'm glad i'm out of the apple world when it comes to books & magazines (kobo & zinio respectively).

I won't, since I just bought the "new" iPad 2 months ago which isn't so new anymore thanks to Apple.

After getting rid of my iPhone 4 for a Galaxy S3, think my next tablet will be an Android.

I'll consider it if someone gets Cyanogenmod 10 running on it :)

Given Apple's history with pretty strong locked bootloaders and proprietary parts though... doubt it.

At $250 I would have seriously considered it, since the selection and quality of iPad apps are head-and-shoulders above the Android ecosystem.

At $329, I'll suffer through another year of mediocre Android tablet apps and buy a Nexus 7.

The real question is how aggressive Google goes with the Nexus 10 pricing on Monday -- $349 would be a huge "screw you" to Apple, but I'd guess $399 is more likely, with $449 if we're really unlucky or Google has a slew of amazing developers waiting in the wings.

Not a chance, I have an iPad 3rd gen that I use every day at work, don't have a single use case for the 7.9" mini (and the pixel density is awful). I'll be skipping the 4th Gen full-size iPad as well (first iPad update I haven't bought). Hopefully by the 5th Gen they'll have removed that terrible home button (or the Android tablet apps will finally be good enough that I can go back to something like a Transformer Infinity or Padphone 2).

As a former owner of various Apple products (iPod, iPhone, mac mini) I have vowed that I will never, ever buy an Apple product - not a phone, not a tablet, not a laptop, not a desktop, nothing.

Never. Never, ever, ever, ever. My work just gave my an iPad 3 (or the new iPad or the iPad that never existed or whatever it's called now), which I couldn't sell fast enough and buy a Galaxy Note 10.1 instead. Sorry, but neither the iPad 4 or the iPad Mini have any appeal to me whatsoever. None. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. The end.

The fact that Apple wants to charge $100 for 16GB of memory is OUTRAGEOUS! If the iPad mini had been priced at $299, $349 and $399 for the wi-fi models, I might have taken the plunge. With Google releasing the 32GB N7 for $249, no brainer. I'll stick with Android.

Not buying it, I am getting a Nexus 7 (or Nexus 10 depending on what Google announces next week).

Even if I got a FREE iPad Mini I'd sell it and buy the rumored Nexus 10 or the 32GB Nexus 7 to replace my 16GB Nexus 7.


As much as everybody on her bitch and moans about being iSheep or teamapple, its the same here. I don't get it. How are you going to hate on somebody for buying an apple product when you are sitting here saying you will buy only a Google product, lol. Corny to say the least.

LMFAO. You gotta be kidding. Not a chance. Who wants a CRapple pad when there's a N7 and the upcoming N10.

iPad Mini > N7

and I'm a die hard Android fan.

Google just cant get the tablet market right and NEVER will it seems. Also as Apple pointed out, they have app specific builds for the iPad, while Google has stretched out phone apps, smh.

All media outlets are saying the iPad mini build quality is beyond anything else out there, including android tabs.

I have no use for any Fanboy device and I have an ASUS Android pad already so no Crapple devices allowed in this household.

Yeah well... iWont be buying.

This actually makes me salivate even more for that 32GB Nexus 7. And I still can't get over that stupid name... iPad? XD Just more of the same...

I won't buy one for myself. Maybe (MAYBE!!) for my wife, but not for me, no. I'm thinking I'll see about snagging an N7 in a bit.

Then again, I wasn't above entering a contest over at iMore for a free one. See, I wouldn't mind a FREE iMini. Paying for it? No.

Because my place looks like a Best Buy, I seriously thought about purchasing this to go along with my Nexus 7, but the price tag and specs are just wrong.

I still love my iPod 4G, and not even considering the newest iPod.

hahahah... no

This device makes absolutely no sense at those prices. I'm sure Apple will sell gobs of them, but I think it's a foolish purchase. This is why I own Apple stock, rather than Apple hardware.

Ehhh I thought about it but not sure if I like the price point for whats offered.. I do think android still has a long way to go in the tablet market. Its too much like the phone interphase which I love, but on my phone. Thinking about just getting the note 2 but im torn between that and the new nexus..

I won't even consider buying another Apple product until they stop all the pointless lawsuits. I don't want to feed their legal machine. Plus, the Nexus 7 is a better deal and a better device. IMHO..

No thank you. Happy with my Xoom and Nexus 7 for now. Will replace the Xoom with a larger form factor android tablet sometime next year but I'm good for now.

Apple can trot out third party apps that are tablet optimized for the iPad but you know what tablet apps aren't on iPad? Gmail & Google Maps, both of which are key apps for me. The rest will come, but Google apps are what will keep me with Android... that and my utter hatred of iTunes.

I'm seeing a lot of bias here. Tsk tsk tsk you guys, (to the ones with a level head, I commend you.) The way I see it there are 2 major options from me to choose from (quite a bit more if I were to include rumored devices and/or 10-inch models). These would be: The Nexus 7 and the IPad Mini. So putting the software aside, how do these two stack up against each other? 1.2GHz Quad-Core Tegra 3 vs. A5 SoC, well I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the clock speed of the dual-core A5 is going to be somewhere around 1Ghz. Which is already a severe disadvantage compared to the Tegra 3, and note the Nexus 7 has been successfully overclocked to 2GHz. Next there is the screens of both devices: Both are IPS (please correct me if I'm wrong) and have a 1280 x 800 pixel count. Okay so how could this tie be broken? Well the Nexus 7 has a higher ppi due to it's .9" smaller screen size, so I consider that the winner. Next I look at aesthetics, and in this case, I'm giving it to the IPad Mini, I feel it is much sleeker. And then there's memory, and I feel like they both lose here since neither come with a MicroSD card slot for my 32GB Class 10 MicroSD (Thanks WP Central gor pointing out that deal for me!) but I'd have to give this round to the Nexus 7 because of the availability of the same/better memory size for a much more reasonable price. Then there's price, Nexus 7 clearly wins in that department as I'm everyone can agree with.

SOFTWARE!!!! I guess this comes down to personal preference more than anything. But I, personally, would go with Android for several reasons: 1. There is so many tweaks that allow to make the Nexus 7 perform much better without the constant jailbreak and all of that hassle. 2. I'm used to Android, its a familiar interface that will not overwhelm me. 3. I know this is one of the larger Android Tablet grievances, but I honestly dont mind apps being scaled for the most part, as I play most games on my One X. I prefer apps be scaled and have room to customize my device with widgets among other things then have it be the other way around.

I think the Nexus 7 is better and I have explained why. But I feel that so many are banking on it runs Android or its made by Apple. I just don't understand it :/

P.S. I typed this on my cyan Nokia Lumia 900 :P Bring on the hate!

Just one thing regarding resolution

"Quoted from their web page"
The iPad mini display stands out in all the right ways. It has the same 1024-by-768 resolution as iPad 2.

Compared to the Nexus 7 1280 x 800

The iPad mini has 3 very compelling reasons why its better.

1. Weight most of all.
2. It's thin.
3. Small bezel.

Most will disagree on the bezel, and possibly even the thinness, but weight is very important.

I still won't buy one for myself.

No for me as well. It's not because it's Apple, either. It's the fact that .9" bigger is not a big deal to me. So then the iPad mini has only 162 ppi display vs. 216 ppi on Nexus 7, $80 higher price point than a Nexus 7 16GB (which will probably be upgraded to 32GB for the same price of $249 next week), 1GHz dual-core vs. 1.3GHz quad-core in the Nexus 7, 512 RAM vs. 1GB RAM in Nexus 7, and no GPS in WiFi only model iPad mini vs. GPS in the WiFi only model Nexus 7. So no reason at all for me to buy it. Also, I don't plan on taking photos with a rear camera on a tablet like an idiot (yes, all the people holding up a huge tablet to take a photo with a rear camera that is worse than most smartphone cameras, look like idiots) and both the iPad mini and Nexus 7 have a 1.2MP FFC, so that's all I require (though I wish Nexus 7 had 2MP FFC). It's simple.

You forgot to mention no NFC in the iPad Mini, not that NFC is widely used at the moment. That mobile wallet thing could have really taken off if not for U.S. carriers having their own agenda. But that's a whole different topic.

If that rear facing camera on the iPad Mini is the same found in the iPhone 5, then it is a darn good one. I'd probably still not want to be seen taking photos with a tablet though. It's just awkward.

Wow, I used to pay up to $600 for a Tegra 2 tablet when Android tablet were new, now people complains $350 is too much to pay for a 10". But I guess that a good thing prices are coming down, due to competition between Amazon and Google, which is why the iPad mini exist.

I do think one of the reason is also due to most tablets not being carrier locked or needed data plan or subsidized. I do like to see phone prices coming down too. But it doesn't look like Amazon will have a Kindle phone.

iPad Mini: iPad 2 in a smaller chassis. A "new" form factor "invented" by Apple. All jokes and insults aside, it's not really THAT bad. The deal breaker for me is the price and the OS. I just don't get iOS.

I'm more interested in the 32GB Nexus 7, and if there were a Nexus 10 to be unveiled on Oct 29. I'm an Android person, I guess.

I would consider any tablet but I can't find a spot for it because of my soon to be Note 2 and laptop. At home there's my desktop as well, so no room for the thing.

I love my current Android Phone (GNex). After I left Blackberry many years ago I went to android and I will never, ever get an apple phone. HOWEVER...I own an iPad 3 and love it. I had a rooted kindle fire and sold it to get the iPad. Android tablets will never be able to hang with iPads until android stops blowing up the mobile apps to tablet form, WE WANT TABLET CALIBER APPS FOR TABLETS! That being said the iPad is better than every android tablet in every way, hopefully android steps it up!

Yes, I'm planning to buy the iPad mini.......

If ASUS were to release the Nexus 7 in Singapore already' I would have brought it instead.

But NOPE! ASUS keeps on teasing and teasing the thing over and over again on its Singapore website......

Ipad mini does not have GPS. More of the same magical "black bars" when playing movies. Forcing the new connector too... No thanks.

I'll keep my Nexus-7. Love love love my Nexus 7. Thank you Google for listening to your customers.

-much love :)

Whats up with connector? why people start noticing diffrent connector so much after Lightning, after 10 years old the same custom conector? :p

The new connector only adds reversibility. Same digital functions as the previous connector. Other than that, they delete the analogue connections. That's it...

After 10+ years of getting top notch accessories based on the old iConnector, all aftermarket accessory vendors have to re-tool for the new interface. Now legacy docks need an adapter to still function, and the device will not physically mount onto the legacy dock when the adapter is used. Think of all the car docks and integrated automobile infotainment systems. Hundreds of vendors have grabbed onto the coattails of the iPod family. The only real positive thing is that the connector change will simplify compatibility development; where the next accessory developers will only to comply with iOS6 standards. This is standard "planned obsolescence" scheme from Apple. It works for them in the desktop space, it was only a matter of time.

I hope more accessory vendors push accessories with standard USB ports, allowing the customer to bring their own USB cable solution to the party.

I was actually planning to buy this, even though I hate apple. I've always found the 7" tablets too small and the 10" tablets too big, so I thought this would be perfect. Also, I've always been jealous of Apple's ecosystem.

Unfortunately, the screen and processor are too crappy on this for me to spend that type of money on it. I'll wait to see what Google has to offer but will likely be going with he 8.9" kind fire.

The big news is not the iPad Mini, but the iPad 3 price cuts. I bought two and I'm keeping my N7.

The N7 is a nice, portable tablet. But for productivity, Android can't touch iPad. That's why I bought two.

3 reasons why I can't chose the nexus 7 over the iPad regardless of price even though the nexus is the better tablet. 1 iPad has 4g options since I'm on the crippled sprint network I will need it as WiFi is not everywhere at least where I go. 2. The Google play market pales in comparison to ios as much as I hate to admit it. 3. Accessories are better and updates are on time.

Everybody here that says "no, ill buy an N7" or "im buying an N7" is not gonna buy one. Stop lying. You would have bought one already, and if not why does it take the competition (Apple in this case) to get off your ass to re-confess your love for a tablet made by Google... err Asus?

Like I said, you're not going to buy one, you are just picking your side... like all fanboys do.

I bought an N7 at launch

And today? I bought two iPad 3s.

For $329, I expect a retina display and A5X minimum.

Today's best deal was the iPad 3, not the iPad Mini.

Umm... Everybody's not lying. Some, maybe, but not everybody. Personally, I AM going to get a Nexus 7 and after glancing at the iPad mini (I forgot it was even being announced yesterday), it just reaffirmed that. I wasn't impressed (and, ahem, no I'm not lying about that either). I'm in school and don't have the ends to purchase gadgets galore. (There are more important things that come first.)

And so what if it takes a competitor's product to either reaffirm you want A over B, or if the announcement of B has swayed you from A? It's called comparison shopping. Nothing wrong with that. At all. It's a win/win situation for a customer to compare company's offerings before taking the monetary plunge. Plus any yahoo knows that the imminent release of a product can drive purchases of other similar offerings.

Dude, seriously... chill out. ¬_¬

I agree 01011000, and for the other 299 million people in the US that don't make up part of these forums, do ypu really think they care about every specific detail? I mean I do, but I'm a power user, and a lot of people aren't. So if it gets the job done, it gets the job done, for most there's not much more to it than that

I think that is the case for some, but a 17 year-old boy like myself its just a matter of getting $200 to spend on the Nexus 7. I will be buying one as soon as I'm able to get the money for it

I will ... never buy an apple product :)) lolz. I've seen my brother as an Isheep for 4+ years get stuck with his Iphone, Ipad and MacbookPro.

I laughed, he was shy. Now is not Isheep anymore, using Sony Xepria phone haha

Im getting one probably on launch day. im a 100 % android when it comes to smartphone but with tablets, ipad is the real deal. i prevously had the Nexus 7 and i actually loved it but the ipad offers better apps ,more optimized for tablets and better battery life. plus i dont root my tablets or anything, i mainly use it for web browsing, stream and watch movies. No need to be closed minded, i love using multiple platforms instead of just one. I'd rather spend my money on the better screen resolution, better portability, better processor, better maps, better voice search, better Google services, and CHEAPER, etc ., experience of the Nexus 7, than waste anywhere from $100 - $400 more on a lower spec'd ugly (yes, I think the wide fat shape and the dated bezel with it's home button and dated cartoony ios homescreen are ugly) hunk of "ah-lew-min-uh-mum."

It's the iPod Maxi.

As far as buying one, I'd rather perform my own vasectomy without anesthetic. With a butter knife. Standing up. In a boat. On rough seas.

I still don't see a need for a tablet. My phone's screen is plenty large, and my phone has the hardware capabilities to run any software that a tablet runs, provided the software is available in a resolution that my phone supports.

I can only think of specific cases when one would purchase a tablet:
To watch movies on a plane, for someone who travels a lot
To keep a child entertained
Specific work/education uses

For YouTube, email, texting, web browsing, music, etc, my phone is more than capable. For full-length movies/TV episodes, I'd much rather use my laptop or TV. I think most people buy tablets as an extra toy, not because it provides better/more functionality than a phone.

They missed the point of what a "Mini tablet" is supposed to be.

This can head either one of two ways:

1) Follow the trend of the remaining Apple products and sell a shit ton of units.

2) Fail to break through the glass ceiling because unlike every single Apple product, this isn't being marketed to the right market.

I don't want it to fail because if Apple fails to capitalize on a market, who knows when someone else might actually do it. At the same time, I want to see someone else claim the brass ring before Apple in a market.

I'm not buying an iPad Mini, or an iPad 4 for that matter. My current tablet does everything I need so there's no reason for me to switch.

Hmmm...old tech (iPad 2 specs) + high price. Gee, I wonder if I'll buy one.

(in case someone missed the sarcasm, that's a big no)


not me!

OK let me explain myself. For years I stayed away from tablets of any nature purely based on price and my needs.
With iPdas selling for what they were and then the likes of Motorola and HTC bringing out their tablets and charging in the region of £600 I said no way, especially as at the time laptops were available for around £300.

That plus I had no real need for a tablet with the smartphones I had (Nexus 1 and HTC Desire HD then GNEX)

However the game changed almost when the Kindle fire was initially released, but alas not readily available outside of the US. This was a pricepoint I was prepared to dabble at and Google picked up the gauntlet and produced not only a budget tablet but a near as fully featured one too with some high specs.

If I had been asked to recommend a tablet before the release of the Nexus 7, I would have had no qualms recommending the iPad 2 at the time or the Asus Transformer depending on the individuals ca[abilities to understand gadgets after all the iPads are not bad devices (not that I would own one)

So in answer to the OP no I am happy with my 16 gig Nexus 7 and at the rumoured price may even consider getting a 32g model. I prefer my Hi Res screen, poketability and practicality of the Nexus 7.

I might get one for my wife. She has an original iPad, and would love this thing for portability (Read: Smaller purse)issues. But I'm also trying to sell her on the Nexus 7. It'll all boil down to how well she likes Doubletwist, since she actually (cringe) enjoys iTunes. expensive for me and compared to competition. I know that Apple charges premiums so they can get a lot of profit like the business ideals they began with, but I don't see that premium idea applying as well with this iPad Mini.

I don't like Apple's reasoning of pricing it here either. "People bought are $399 iPad that is roughly 2x the price of a competitor over any other tablet, so $329 shouldn't be a problem."

The tablets are a total different form factor/size so the pricing should have no relation to their 9.7" models. The iPad Mini has a smaller screen, lower resolution (ppi), a SoC that is inferior compared to the A5X,A6,A6X. The price doesn't fit between the iPod Touch 5th Gen and the iPads. iPad Mini is only $70 cheaper then the cheapest iPad at this price. Why would someone who worries about the internal specs more then size buy it over the 10"

Even though there are a few or several people believe that the Mini is overpriced, thousands and maybe millions will purchase this. Why? 7-8" form factor is very comfortable and much more mobile compared to 10." It's Apple, has it's ecosystem,design,and the dumb explanation Apple makes that the new people to the tablet world will believe like vulnerable children.

IMO I think the physical design of the mini is ugly. People called the iPad an oversized iPhone, but this mini really looks like an oversized iPhone/iPod Touch.

Why? Buy it and a "newer, better" model comes out. Look how many times the original buyers have been insulted. How embarrassed are those with iphone 1's and ipad 1's?

Besides that, the constant updating with itunes is absolutely frustrating! Oh and we have to update that phone or tablet with itunes. :(

To think that someone in Japan got caught with malicious hype and sold his kidney for a new ipad, which will quickly become obsolete. And in a few years, there probably will be nothing left of him.

To be completely honest, I'm probably going to buy a Windows 8 Tablet. I feel like it would be more useful for school

No way.. The thought of dealing with itunes again makes me nauseated. I had a ipad for a whole 4 days a few weeks ago and I took it back to the store and never looked back. I love my nexus 7 16gb.. I will be buying the nexus 7 32gb when it comes out though. I also have a aser iconia pad but it is a 10 inch and harder to hold comfortably. I have tiny hands and the nexus 7 is perfect to hold on to for me.