Heidi Klum and her fellow cohorts on Lifetime's "Project Runway" were spotted this week using the HTC Magic -- or better known as the myTouch 3G here in the U.S. We're not quite people of fashion here at Android Central, but maybe these fashionistas could consult with the always properly dressed, Ari Gold, and learn about the popular and never out of style -- Nexus One. Just saying ... Thanks, Andrew!


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Fashionistas use myTouch on 'Project Runway'


I think it was just one of the contestants talking to their kid using the speakerphone, but still cool to see nonetheless.

Hey, Andrew, don't be hating on the MyTouch. It may not be the latest, or the fastest, but some of us got them before the N1 was out, you know. (Not that I really have any respect for Heidi Klum or Project Runway, but using an Android device shows a few more brain cells than I attributed to that set...)

Everybody should realize that the episode was probably recorded several months ago. Back then the MT3G was still the best phone on T-Mobile.