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This is simultaneously the best and worst app we've ever seen, pretty much combining two of our three biggest fears. (The third involves forgetting pants.)

Fred's falling. Don't let him get sliced. Or diced. Or smashed. Or lasered. Or any of the 30 things that can separate his head (or other parts) from his body. And look at for the wall, too.

Download links are after the break. Hope you've had lunch already.


Reader comments

Falling Fred is one hell of a gory fun time


Its pretty laggy on my epic of all phones. Now I know the epic isnt dual core, but I wouldn't necessarily call the phone slow.

Allot of fun! Works great on the HTC Incredible and the Nook Color. I must say it looks FANTASTIC on the Nook Color Tablet!

What could be an original and fun game is utterly ruined by god awful ad implementation. What the screenshots and video don't show you are how incredibly invasive the ads are. They are big banners that alternate from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen. They are ever present never going away. They not only block your view of the game itself as you're playing but cover over the text of the menu and interface screen. Until they find a better way to implement ads or release a paid version I recommend you skip this.