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Facebook steps up its design game and adds chat features at the same time

Facebook is rolling out an update to its dedicated Messenger app today that brings a fresh new interface and an improved experience for chatting with friends who aren't on the service. The latest version, which Facebook claims is rolling out to a limited number of users to start, ditches the kind of bland old interface for a new slick white and blue one that feels appropriately modern for an app released in late 2013.

You'll now have a clear indication on your friends list who is using Facebook Messenger, Facebook on the web or not using either one of the chat programs. If your friends aren't using them, you can easily invite them to chat over SMS with just a phone number. The new setup process after installing will also prompt you for a phone number (it doesn't seem to work with Google Voice just yet), moving the process along easily.

If you have been selected as one of the early users to receive the update, you'll find it at the Play Store link above.

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Facebook Messenger updated with a new look, improved phone number integration


I can't seem to get SMS to work, it now lacks any way of knowing if the message has been read, and you can't change the notification sounds. Reverting back to the older version.

How to revert back to the older version of the facebook messenger? im trying and its failed, please advice. Using Samsung S2. Thanks

I received this update and used it for about 10 minutes. Then I updated again and it was gone. Pretty bummed because it was so much better looking and easier to use.

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I read they were removing SMS support so imagine my surprise when it says here "enhanced SMS support"....someone is wrong.

I also received a Facebook Messenger update today but it's still the old style look.

The original source link that Android Central provides to Facebook talking about this new look says nothing about SMS so I'm wondering where AC is getting the info from?

Yo don't care about. Get it right

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

"There are also some front-end tweaks that makes the app faster — especially on Android, where the SMS texting feature, which let you text friends who don't have Facebook, has been removed. "We made a big deal about the SMS feature and it just didn't take off," said a Facebook spokesperson."

From the Verge, but you guys won't let me post a link.

"Didn't" kind of sounds like past tense to me, I am sure FB will clarify at some point soon.

According to Facebook:

"What about the people you text with who aren’t your Facebook friends? Now you just need a contact’s phone number to begin texting others using Messenger. To help people reach you, you’ll be asked to confirm your phone number."

Sounds like you can message other people who use the app without logging into Facebook, but not the same as SMS.

The Facebook app needs this new interface among other things. Mainly replying to comments and threading of comments/replies.

What's funny is that their Facebook Messenger app looks like they are following the Android guidelines when their main Facebook app completely ignores it.

Maybe I was wrong I don't care to sync Facebook contacts but the reason I said they didn't remove it was because when I updated I got a screen saying "text anyone in your phone" so I assumed that's what it meant. Can't post the screen shot here unfortunately. I'm sure that screen will lead to a lot of confusion though as it did me.

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I think they're aiming for a whatsapp type of functionality where if someone knows your number they can message you via Facebook even if you aren't 'friends'

They didn't explain it clearly with the release.

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Well got an update today but it sure isn't the new look.. Looks exactly the same as the old one for me.

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The beta version is 3.0.1 if you have it installed by sideloading then the play store will automatically downgrade you to 2.7.x unless you disable auto update or are part of the testing group.

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So yh it looks like they are removing sms support, looks like it will be time to uninstall Facebook messenger then, the only reason I used it was for chat heads with my sms but guess no point anymore.

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You should try Ninja Sms from the play store, great messaging app with function similar too 'chat heads'

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They remove SMS and hangouts rolls out SMS support.

Nothing to see here move along.

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i loved the chat heads feature and only used this because it had SMS integrated. Clearly FB has no idea what they are talking about when the demand for Hangouts to add SMS has been strong for months they go ahead and remove it. I would honestly consider using this over hangouts IF SMS was included. -1 FB

As far as i can tell each person has to have the FB app installed in order for "SMS" in FB terms to work, which is basically the same as any NON SMS messenger on the market such as whatsapps, BBM, etc.

Hey guys.! I've got a solution for ur problem.... (can't logout).... Itz a engineers way though....here r the steps:
1) settings
2) apps
3) messenger
4) clear data
Now open messenger ull get ur account logged out... ull hv to do it every time u want to log out....tats it.!
Hopefully it worked for me....hoping it works for u also.!