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Gingerbread users out of luck in getting Facebook Home on their devices

Facebook Home -- the new app suite announced today by Mark Zuckerberg at the 'Facebook's New Home on Android' event -- has been confirmed in an after-event Q&A session to be compatible only with devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. That means any phones or tablets running an Android version older than 4.x are out of luck when it comes to using the upcoming Facebook software.

Right now the official list of phones that'll support Facebook Home at launch is as follows: HTC One, HTC One X, HTC One X+, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II, and of course the HTC First.

It is not known if compatibility will be opened up for older Android versions such as Gingerbread later -- unlikely as that is -- or if Facebook Home will only support ICS and up going forward. Heavy Facebook users might want to start checking out new phones, like the Facebook's own HTC First.

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Facebook Home coming to Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean only


Not surprised that Android phones with only Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean (currently) can actually use the new Facebook "Home". But that official list is a little small considering their are many more Android phones including the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 and more that are running Jelly Bean. Hopefully they add to it.

I do find it strange to whitelist a launcher, yes. A newer version of the OS required, sure. But to make a launcher only available to few phones running the OS? Strange.

So much for wanting fb home on every phone - lies and half truths. No thanks, I'm sticking with my current launcher.

No tablet support right out of the gate?

I can't wait for my Verizon contract to be up on 5/22 - heading right to TMo for a new no contract GS4. My crappy Droid Charge doesnt even show any pics in Facebook anymore. All I get is grey boxes where pics are supposed to be.

same here.. i'm so tired of one major version of apps per phone.. i just hope tMobile upgrades their network in my city. i'm still at 2G.. even thou every town within 50 mile radius is at 4g.. :(

I have some questions.

First off, does this mean they're never going to fix the freaking app?? If we want to use Facebook, are we going to have to install a whole new launcher and let Facebook put its grubby hands all over parts of my phone I don't want it to? What if I like NOVA launcher?? I mean, you can only use one launcher at a time.

Really, I just want them to fix the app and make a tablet version. Is that too much to ask?

This is exactly what I have been thinking. Is just fixing the app too much to ask? All I want is it to work and look good on my N10 and whatever my next phone is. I am sticking with either Stock android or ADW for my next launcher.

OK so i see they have the One X and X+ there but here in Australia they have the ONE XL which is the same as ONE X we just call in ONE XL here...so will this work on this at launch or we will have to play the waiting game

The name is horrible. HTC First? really.. Doesn't wow me at all. Didn't even talk about the specs during the event. Not even the display. For we know it could be a really low ppi and resolution, single or dual core?. Stupid idea. First to be the worst phone of 2013 of all time. Second place is Iphone 4/4S/5/5S.

I'm on the phone with a CS rep at AT&T to order the One and he said he just got an email about HTC. It was about the HTC First $99.99 on a two year contract

It would be real nice if this lead to Samsung, HTC, lg and the rest making their versions of android into launchers instead of tired into the framework. I know it's wishful thinking but I'm just saying.

Really, is it too much to ask for a good Facebook app? That the notifications work on. Noooo, we have to have this fancy new launcher to use Facebook. Hopefully, there's a way to use the new features without changing your launcher.

I doubt you will have to use the launcher to use Facebook. How could that be possible with a limited number of devices? They have to keep the app updated/fixed for all the others, so you don't have to use the launcher. I don't think I would ever use it myself, so no worries here that my GSII can't run it. Also even if it was available for all phones I don't think they can make you use the launcher to use Facebook. What would happen if Twitter came out with one? You would have to keep switching launchers to use their apps? That would be fun.

How is it out of luck not be forced to use the most retarded and overhyped launcher in the history of Android. Tell me there's a phone that can't access Facebook except through the browser, and that will be news!

**** BUYER BEWARE ****
I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Note 2. Even if I had no handset, I'd NOT be so ignorant and nieve to allow anything that I have to be associated with Mark Fu*kenberg's Farcebook. That obama-wannabe sells every bit of data on everyone that's stupid enough to associate with Farcebook, in any way, shape or form. And, forget about any privacy, whatsoever.
I'd not have this handset for free with lifetime free monthly service.
**** BUYER BEWARE ****