Facebook for Android

A freshly updated version of Facebook for Android has now landed in the Google Play Store and is ready for download. Getting bumped to v1.9, this release fixes some old bugs and introduces some new features to the app as a whole:

  • Messenger and Camera - Shortcuts will now appear in your app tray after you update.
  • Messaging Features - Taking from the standalone app, v1.9 now offers Mobile/online status, contact sorting by frequency, adding to group chat on the fly.

Keep in mind the new features are not standalone apps, they're now integrated right into Facebook. Not sure what exactly that means for the Facebook Messenger app itself, but integration with the main app is nice and makes sense. You can hit the break for the download link.


Reader comments

Facebook for Android updated to v1.9 with improved performance, new messaging features, and shortcuts


I'm not interested in apps that add unnecessary icons to my app drawer. Especially when these are not separate apps. Unless it's optional or they can be removed, I'll stick with the previous version.

Guys, I do not know about you but from my experience with both ios and anroid think that the only thing that android lacks is the quality of the app in the play store.

I love android and think that it is way better than ios and has lots of features ios does not have but when it comes to the quality of apps, ios crushes android.

i am not talking about the numbers since it does not matter much but about the quality of the most used apps on both stores

I hope google would force the apps' developers to improve the integration of their apps with the android os

Most iOS apps just look a little prettier cause they're bubbly. The colors are still horrible. As for functionality there is very little difference in most cases and varies from app to app. The Facebook app in particular is just as good/bad on iOS as it is on android. I've had plenty of friends with iPhone complaining about the quality of the Facebook app. you could have made that argument a year or so ago and I would have listened but times have changed.

I must admit. This is a pretty sweet update. The app runs a lot smoother now and quickly.

The messenger app is questionable. I've always like it; but, never had it installed; and, wished they just integrated it into the app. They've done that now; but, now I still have that icon either way. At least it's not 2 apps installed though.

The camera "app" icon makes sense; however, it probably would have done better as an widget. Quick access if your into that stuff though. Not too bad.

I just put all 3 into a folder on my home screen. I rarely go into my app draw for it to bother me anyways.

messenger is still a viable option for those of us on third world countries. It consumes way fewer data than the complete facebook app, since the latter loads all images from the background and the small contact pictures as well, while the former only loads the contact pictures.

The app hasn't been integrated or replaced, rather it just added features to the main app.

Finally can uninstall that stupid standalone FB msg.

Hope this all-together-one will have better notification

Will this update stop sucking my battery? I uninstalled FB a couple of weeks ago and have had MUCH better battery life without it. The only thing I miss is the direct picture upload.

Everytime Facebook updates their app, they automatically reset a few of the specifications(one of the many annoying things about Facebook). Inside the app, tap your Menu button, Settings, Refresh interval, change to None and this will help out until they update again. And change Notifications to inactive as well.

Seems like everything is a bit faster and more fluid with this update. It was really laggy on my Nexus S 4G (CM9) but now it seems to be running smooth. Hardware Acceleration maybe?

I really don't like the new camera icon. I already have a camera icon and it looks cluttered now. The option is there to send to Facebook from the phone's camera app.

What would happen if Dropbox, Skype, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. all decided to put their own camera icon in my app drawer? This is a step in the wrong direction from the cleaner "Send Via" option in the gallery.

I'm actually really happy with the update. Tagging when you upload a picture never worked for me. Also when viewing who liked a picture all you could see is the people who commented - not who liked it. Also you weren't able to like a comment on a picture.. All that is resolved with this update.

this is always the only app I have to "force close" in task manager. I'm not one to use a task killer but every time you exit the app not only does it continually run like the old versions but it'll constantly use CPU cycles. This was on any of the older versions regardless of when I was on GB or ICS. I'm strongly considering just using the website m.facebook.com and ditching the app completely.

Not a fan. Plus no photo integration in sync on ICS yet...unbelievable. GO Launcher EX at least lets me hide icons so I won't see that ridiculous camera icon.

I uninstalled tje facebook app. It broke my camera app on my evo 3D. My camera started working uoon uninstalling the new fb. Now i have to fb via the dolphin browser.

I don't mind the update at all. At least they're trying. Like others have said if you don't like don't use it. Simple as that.

Now that I got that off my chest it seems that the integrated Messenger app isn't pushing notifications to my phone as the stand alone one did. I'll continue to experiment with it in the hopes that I can figure it out. I would like to see them add ability to change notification sounds for the messenger notification ala Google +.

While I am not a huge fan of the camera icon (yet) it doesn't take away from any functionality on my phone or the Facebook app so I could give two craps. I am looking at this with an open mind and am betting they are laying the groundwork for something better. For example the new camera icon along with the purchase of Instagram points to FB integrating it within FB so people can apply the same filters there and not have to have an Instagram account. I like that as an option. Just my two cents.

My messenger notifications are pushing to my phone without delay. I had to uninstall Facebook and reinstall it again. Everything was fine after that.

The addition of extra app icons to me is absolutely wrong, misleading to the user, like the Camera. Call it Facebook Camera, or something else, do not use the same name as a stock system app. I flagged it malware in the play store because of this.