Android CentralThe official Facebook application for Android has received an update today, eliminating the much-maligned "Camera" and "Messenger" shortcuts within the app drawer. The apps were first bundled with Facebook in version 1.9, and have been criticized for potentially misleading users. An attempt was made in version 1.9.1 to remedy this with a small Facebook icons in the lower left corner, however now it seems the decision has been made to pull them entirely. No other changes seem to have been made in this latest version, and the Facebook Messenger app remains available as a separate download on the Google Play Store.

In addition, the changelog for the latest version 1.9.2 includes lists "bug fixes" as being included in the new build.

Hit the update button to grab the new version. Alternatively, we've got the usual Google Play links and QR codes after the break.

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dodgebusta says:

And the people rejoice.

Rukia#AC says:

So glad they sorted that out...

Mikey47 says:

Isn't it about time to stop the sophmoric strike out of the text "Android Market" in every article regarding the Google Play Store?

I dislike the name change as much as the next guy, but obviously a lot less than the staff at Android Central.

goliatham says:

I never really saw it as a dig against the change, but as a method to educate people who don't read android blogs daily.

commonplace says:

I'd "thumbs up" this, but I can't. :) But yes, it's beyond silly at this point.


adazamim says:

Great news,

Murph5150 says:

Glad Facebook got rid of their "bloatware."

BoJangles says:

It would be nice if they brought the search shortcut back.

CRKhead says:

I'm really surprised to see such a quick reaction from Facebook... Past history has shown that they sit on mobile bugs for months until they have enough items to build into a new release...

Jayshmay says:

Is the day ever, ever going to exist when the Fb app works faster? And the ability to "share" instead of just "like" or "comment"??? How bout some REAL improvements!!!!!!

Firespyer says:

Too bad that trying to post a picture still opens there stupid camera skin

jimijames says:

I could not agree more. 10 times out of 10 when I post a pic its from the gallery not a live pic. Give me the option to default to the gallery please.

Gekko says:

this attempt of Facebook to jam a Camera and Messenger icon down our throats was disgraceful! i had the EVO and it was jammed down my throat along with all of the other bloatware and crapware and associated app "updates". but that has all come to and end for me because i refuse to take it anymore. i've voted with my wallet. and i've bought a NEXUS. now they can take their damn uninstallable bloatware and crapware and jam it up their own asses!!!!!!!!!!!!

DirkBelig says:

Decaf. Try it.

Gekko says:

Now what fun would that be??????

Knyte says:

Actually having these was useful as I didn't have to download the Messenger App separately. The shortcut took me to FB messages quickly and easily.. the camera shortcut I didn't use so it was no big deal for that to be removed. I won't DL the stand alone messenger again.. I hope they put the shortcut back in as it really wasn't causing any issues to those who know their phone and the apps they have on it.

EeZeEpEe says:

I did like the messenger shortcut which is just like the one for Google+ messenger. But the standalone Facebook messenger app just got updated too and has features the Facebook app doesn't. For example, in a group message you can see who's read what. It's like Facebook is torn between the two. Personally the standalone FB messenger has been more reliable in notifications so I've reinstalled and still using it.

craigrn16 says:

That's the same thing I did. I liked the messenger icon and it saved me from having a stand alone app. So I just deleted the messenger app which I actually used. Didn't care much for the camera icon though. Its cool I just downloaded the Messenger back. Like the new features they added. Honestly though guys, you need to stop crying about bloatware. They had just added Icons thats it. The didn't make the FB app any bigger or smaller because of it. It was simple gateway to the app features thats it. People are so sensitive. Nobody is mad a Google+ for doing the something or at Google maps.

popartist says:

Wish they'd make up their mind...I had the standalone Messenger app but uninstalled it when I saw it came with the main FB app. Off to download it again...

3rdpig says:

People actually use the official facebook app? C'mon, there are a dozen better facebook apps and most are free.

I haven't found one non-FB app that works 100% with FB.

akhi216 says:

Zuckerburg got cocky and attempted to hop on an opportunity to bury Google+ by adding extra apps à la Google+. After realizing that they failed, they changed their strategy. Initially they tried to block people from porting their contacts to Google+. Adding the extra apps was reminiscent of Apple adding the notification bar in iOS 5; nothing but throwing a fit.

chase2hoop says:

Thank God! I was really tired of seing facebook taking up more and more space on my launcher..

deano malino says:

Annoyed they removed the Messenger icon and I don't really want to download the separate app. Luckily I found a way of getting the shortcut back though! :D

What is all the consternation about!?!?! I can't see what the 'Confusion' with the new icons was!!... are people really that stupid!..

And the software is FREE!!!... if you'd paid for it and got all these extra bits of bloat then that would be something to moan about!!, but it FREE!!.. if you don't like it use summut else!!..

Mikest says:

I would say the consternation is about downloading one app and getting three. I want facebook, but I didn't sign on for extra facebook attachments. Bundling unrequired software is always going to upset people. Its like downloading Yahoo messenger and finding out you have to install a yahoo tool bar for the browser at the same time.

EeZeEpEe says:

You realize the "Facebook attachments" are still in there. Messenger and the camera. All they did was remove the icons.

mtccnyc says:

I have version 1.9.2, I still have both working icons.

PensHockey says:

Just use Friendcaster. *problem solved*

FriendCaster might not let you see some people's posts based on their privacy settings. That's the whole problem with non-FB apps.

Problem not solved.

a1locjaw says:

Camera icon gone but when you try to post a pic, it still invokes the Facebook camera routine.

jungajuice says:

I tried this about 2 years ago with my application and had pretty massive user backlash as well. I thought it'd be useful to have shortcuts to reach popular points of the application. I ended up figuring out a solution to enable/disable it w/ a user settings, it'd be nice if Facebook could provide that option too. Thought most people hated the camera and messenger shortcuts, I'm sure quite a few found it very useful.

nathans77 says:

Hallelujah!! lol Of course I don't use the app anymore, it doesn't show my full feed. It cut things out like other Facebook apps. I just go to Facebook's mobile web site and I get it all.