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ASUS and AT&T just demonstrated the new Padfone X at CES 2014, and we've managed to snag a first eyes on look at the new device. Sadly, no hands-on – display units were locked in glass cases – but it was there for all to see. 

AT&T announced the new smartphone and tablet hybrid earlier on today at its own event, and we didn't learn any more in the way of pricing or availability. But, we got a few snaps of the new device, which you'll find after the break. 

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There are 8 comments

RaiderWill says:

$399.00 down and a 50 year commitment..

Bigtop305 says:

Ha! Let's hope not, I am no fan of AT&T nor on their service, but here is hoping that they can make a dent in the US, carrier side with the padfone.

I have been intrigued by it since first hearing about it years ago, really good to see it stateside finally!

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Great to see AT&T give this product the light of day.


cruz allen says:

Not the same as the euro model...disappointing.

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mvsmith says:

Please come to T-Mobile. With all the exclusives at&t gets like the Nokia lumia and moto x with moto maker (at first) they really only push iPhones.

And really this is like the 4th padfone model. Finally coming to America. Yay Asus!

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Petya19 says:

Screw you guy over the states. I think that padfone is awesome, for me at least then the European ones.

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MAC20 says:

i wonder if the radios will work on t-mobile like some att phones do.

Issemann says:

Would have liked to see beefier specs for RAM, CPU and GPU - especially since this is the fourth rev in the series.