Motorola Droid 2

The next 48 hours or so are going to drag by, but we're already getting more looks at the new Motorola Droid 2, just announced this morning. And this extreme close-up of the new keyboard comes to us courtesy of TheDream1003. We're still on the fence as to whether we prefer the angular design of the original Droid, but we'll have a better look soon enough. [TwitPic via @TheDream1003] Be sure to check out our Droid 2 forums.


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Extreme close-up of the Droid 2 keyboard


I got to have a hands on moment with a dummy handset last night, its really nice!! Can't wait to have the real thing on Thurs am. =D

That keyboard still looks pretty flat. Physical qwerty keyboards should have keys that are a bit raised and spaced apart so that the user can quickly feel for the keys. After all physical keyboards are meant for quick, convenient typing where user doesn't have to constantly erase due to pressing the wrong letter key.
LG makes good keyboards that Motorola should have

I have to agree. I have the original Droid and the keyboard is completely useless and the picture above doesn't look much better. My son has the LG Ally and that keyboard is much better. Maybe someone at Moto should take a look. That being said, I guess we (me included) should wait to actually try it before we bury it!

Form factor wise, I love my Droid "Prime" (Don't care for the Droid 1 moniker...) I don't use physical keyboards, so I can't comment on the subject - other than they are great for NESoid controls (and other games.) Nice to have the option...

That said, does anyone else think (in that aspect) the Droid Prime's opposite-sided D-pad will be missed???

(Little arrows VS. D-Pad - FIGHT!)

BTW, yes, it is still extremely flat, really no difference at all from the originals, the keys are just more spaced out

yes the picture looks very flat, but the keyboard feels 100x better than the original even though it LOOKS flat. also the layout is nicer...