Exploded Andy

Just look at that. Somebody's Android's gone and exploded all over this poster, spilling the heart and brain for all to see (and putting it in a convenient T-shirt and poster form and making it available for purchase). One thing's missing, though: The speed-demon Just-in-Time compiler. Maybe that'll be in Exploded Andy 2.2. [Exploded Andy via Gizmodo]


Reader comments

Exploded Andy shows Android's heart, brain (but where's the JIT?)


Andy lacks triple redundancy.

This is really just the architecture of the future human. We could live to 160 and function more efficiently if we chop our heads off, put it in a mechanical body with triple redundancy and just focus on the brain. Provide the brain with the nutrients/glucose it needs (triple redundancy here as well) and no need to worry about cancer/aging of the rest of our body parts. With a mechanical body, no issues with losing strength, maintenance is easier than taking care of bio body parts. If you just focus on the brain, it could probably live to 160.

Have been working on a design. It will be open source in the public domain when complete. Roadmap for Version 2.0 adds copying the human experience stored in the brain into the digital realm. V3.0 will allow to just become an entity within the galactic internets.