Expensify for Android

Expensify is a must if you have to track and report your expenses, and it just got a pretty major update to Version 3.0. 

New in this version is the ability to view and edit all of your expenses, view scanned receipts and zoom in to see details, organizes expenses into reports, and the ability to create, rename and submit reports -- all from your phone.

If you haven't given Expensify a shot yet (fair warning: It's a free app, but some of the features will cost tad extra), it's absolutely worth a look. We've got download links after the break.


Reader comments

Expensify updates with greater on-device reporting, sharing features


Been meaning to look for something like this to track mileage because I always forget to write it down. Gonna try this out. Thanks for the post.

Expensify is a pretty app - but I really wasn't a fan of the back-end. If you use quickbooks, ExpenseCloud has far superior integration.

Also, if you're just looking for mileage tracking - check out aCar. It's a very specialized car stats app and can generate great excel spreadsheets for tax time.