Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition

You can now pick up Samsung's latest big tablet in the U.K., but it'll cost you

It may be tough to get your hands on Samsung's latest Galaxy Note 10.1 if you live in the U.K., but Expansys is hoping to help you out with that. If you've just gotta have one and don't mind waiting for shipping, the online retailer will be happy to sell you a 16GB Wifi version for a cool £494.99.

When looking at it in terms of U.S. pricing that's a bit spendy, but it seems to be right on point with what other retailers are currently selling it for. The tablet is now in stock and ready to ship at the source link below — and you can pick any color you'd like, as long as it's white.

Source: Expansys


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Expansys now offering Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition for £495 in the U.K.


Been waiting for the Note 10.1 2014 in black to come down in price. I think $450 would get me to pull the trigger. $549 or even $600 for the 32gb here in the US is just too much. I can't imagine paying £500 for one.

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When it comes to tech you Americans have it good. That's almost $800 for us and believe me...we don't earn double what you do to compensate lol

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No note for me just splashed 600 on its little Bro note 3 and that broke my back! I've since put my laptop away instead of all ways been at my side.

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I have a note 2 with note 3 apps on it. Really want a note 8 with higher resolution and note 3 apps and better camera . Feel the 10.1 is just too big and heavy for me the carry around.

On Monday I Walked into pc world/currys and they were on display to play with and I could have bought one for 499 and walked out.

John Lewis have them in the shop too. My friend bought one last week.

In a later comment, I shall explain some of the reasoning behind our choices. Tremendous information here. I always enjoy viewing your blog posts. I truly have learned a vast amount from them.

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Why don't you poms just buy if from yank land??? B&H SELL IT FOR $599 US converted into the pound is 374 + freight. It's a no brainer. I just had to fork out $632 Aussie for it from the US and was happy to do so.