EVO 3D on a Touchstone

One of the finest products to come out of Palm's (erm, HP's) WebOS era is the Touchstone inductive charger. In fact, the Touchstone is so great that it has attracted an active modding community itching to ensure that your Android smartphone gets to reap its wireless benefits. One such crafty modder is forum member Thrillhouse617, who has posted a detailed step-by-step on how to mod your EVO 3D to accept a Touchstone's charge. Fair warning: there's a soldering iron and an Xacto knife involved. If you've got the guts, hit the source link for the full walkthrough. 

Source: Android Central Forums


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EVO 3D undergoes surgery to charge on an HP Touchstone


I loved the touchstone when up had my Pre, I just don't understand why people don't use the Powermat instead of all this modding. It works great on my Evo.

Ummm.. Your setting it down cause it's dead.. So when you want to pick it up and play with it or so you can take a call, then it dies again.. id rather just plug it in IMHO.. cool to see mods like this.. I just don't think the touchstone mod is practical

I don't set mine down just because it's dead, but when it's dead setting on the powermat, I plug it into external speakers. So I use it as a speaker phone or use my bluetooth. Funny, I only use my bluetooth at home. I feel silly wearing it in public. Just keep it in my pocket at home and use as needed. I know plugging it in to the speakers takes a few seconds, but it works for me this way.

Are you not aware that preceding a comment with "Ummm..." is intended to connote condescension? Following condescension with a comment that is both wrong in its content and incorrectly spelled does not help your case.

I had a Pre with a Touchstone. I might have let the battery be completely depleted twice in the time I owned it. I used the Touchstone to easily top off the battery. There was no need to deal with the micro USB port, no need to select charge or data transfer, etc. It is very easy to use, saves wear on the port, and places the Pre at the perfect angle to serve as a clock; also, I tended to keep my device at peak charge more readily. This is a very practical mod.

You don't really realize how handy it is until u use it for a while and then go back to the plug in method. Any time u set it down, it charges. Simple & elegant. The magnet is a strong point too. I had one in my car & it kept the phone in place, charged and easily viewable for calls. I miss it so much that I'm considering the mod. Just not sure if it's worth the warranty void.

Look at the drinkwd40 channel on youtube for non-warranty-voiding mods with the Touchstone. You can also buy an OEM battery door for $12 on Ebay if you want to have a backup plan for sending it in later.

One good reason to use inductive charging, is why my EVO is down right now. I was always plugging it in and the micro USB port is now dead.